Here I Cum!!! Or Thar He Blows!!

We’ve had quite a busy and tumultuous month. I started a post and may even finish it at some point. I’m days behind in keeping up with those I follow and I apologize for that. But I recently celebrated a significant birthday. Just a few days ago in fact! And last weekend my Queen and I were surprised to have the place to ourselves. It had been over a month since we enjoyed that lovely situation! 😉.

Sex is always better when we are alone and don’t have to worry about nosy children. lol

We worked all Saturday doing errands and things around the house. Saturday night we were mostly comatose and ended up going to bed without any play. But Sunday morning…

Now remember that when we’re alone, my Queen usually wants me uncaged. I’m usually zapped up but don’t wear the cage. Sunday I awoke with an erection. Angus was ready for business. I prepared myself and waited for my Queen to awaken.

Finally she stirred and gently I cuddled with her. When she was fully awake, she took Angus into Kitty and we had a lovely session! Then we got up and went out for a walk. We walked a little over 4 miles. It was a pleasant morning–sunny with little wind and not too hot or cool. We just enjoyed our time together–the conversation and the weather. Returning home we made breakfast and then returned to the bedroom. More fun was had! My Queen was satisfied when we went to watch some television. Relaxing like this is very unusual for us–we always seem so driven to accomplish so many jobs/activities. So we watched a movie on Netflix–a steamy movie. Didn’t like the plot because it involved a man who was cheating on his wife, but the tone of the sex scenes were having an effect! When the movie ended we started to neck and pet each other! Then once again we went upstairs (but not before my Queen had an orgasm on the new love-seat)! Once again we started to have sex. I am insatiable when it comes to my Queen–I just can’t get enough of her. She wanted to suck on Angus and positioned me exactly as she wanted before starting to pleasure me with her mouth. It had been 486 days since my last orgasm.

She looked up at me and pulled away from Angus. “I’m going to make you cum for your birthday,” she said. “Where do you want to cum? On my tits? My ass? In my pussy, or my mouth? You tell me”. I was of mixed feelings about this, but she indicated that it was her choice and I was going to orgasm. It had been so long that I couldn’t really decide where or how I wanted to cum. So I left it up to her!

She teased me over and over! Using her hands and her mouth, Angus didn’t know if he was coming or going! I was still fighting not to cum. The pleasure was exquisite though for the past 16 months I have experienced it over and over again. It was nothing new and yet the sheer relentless pursuit of my orgasm was different. Each time I got really close I would fight to get away and she would allow Angus to escape her mouth and grip only to recapture me a moment later and pulled me back into her mouth! I’m not sure of the noises I was making but I’m certain I was far from quiet. Ultimately she decided I would cum in her mouth. It had been a long time since I had given her a taste and she decided she would change that. After more than 40 minutes of edging and teasing, I decided to let go! It was epic!! Beyond epic actually!!

I flooded her mouth and then her face as she luxuriated in my semen. I was leaning against the bed and actually felt light headed. It was a long orgasm too–just seemed to go on and on. The only interesting observation was that the semen was very watery. Or so it appeared to me! She seemed to enjoy it though! I did too–very much! lol. However she drank it all down. I was expecting to being made to drink my own cum, but I think she was so starved for it that she didn’t want to share.

We moved back to the bed and cuddled while watching television. Later we cuddled and teased each other some more before I had to get up and pick up our son. He was arriving home on the train. Over the day my Queen only had four orgasms but the kicker is that I had one!😁.

I thought she was going to make me wait another 200 plus days and now I have no real idea when next I will cum. If we return to he schedule she set, I have another 249 days to go. But after 486 days, that sounds easy!!!

Now the pics are supposed to be symbolic! Not that I’m shy… lol (as regular readers will attest) but they indicate the buildup and then the eruption. New personal record–486 days between orgasms!

An apology to all I follow. I have been so busy and have fallen 4-5 days behind in my reading. Might be a while until I catch up! ☺️


  1. Goodness gracious! I’m glad I missed reading the title or it would have been a spoiler. I was waiting with bated breath! So happy to hear you orgasmed. Thar she blows indeed and quite the image that represents the event!

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  2. I know what you mean about not knowing how you want to cum and I dont go nearly as long as you. There are just too may options and I dont want to miss out on one but I can only pick one. It’s easier if you are just told – “Your cuming on my ass and then cleaning it up” 🙂
    Also agree about sex being better when children aren’t around. Nothing worse than getting started and hearing them come up the steps and wondering if they will be knocking on your door 🙂

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  3. Oh my goodness. I can’t believe that you wave waited so long but am so pleased that you had such a fantastic time. Congratulations on your birthday and the rest. Am in awe 😊

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  4. I was only behind ONE! A rather vital one, as it turns out. Happy Birthday! I love the present you got. I LOVE that she told you what you were getting. The whole telling was awesome! Letting you fight it, knowing it was pointless in the end….mmmm mmmmm!

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