Finally. Caught up!!

It’s taken a while but I’ve finally caught up with those I follow. Yes I have read all your posts! I had surgery on Friday and that has given me lots of time to read–and sleep.

We’ve had a bit of a rough run recently. My Queen had her work week shortened to 4 days a week. Her bosses didn’t want to lay people off so this was their solution. All employees went to a four day work week with pay dropping to 80% of what it was. For us that is a difference of over $900 in take home pay. So we’ve had to make some changes and tighten our belts. I traded in my car and got something that costs less per month. With the added stress, our FLR has taken a bit of a backseat. I’m still caged but my Queen has been taking it easy. I just keep following the company line and living the way I was before. I expect she’ll return once she feels confident that we are ok financially! Till then I’ll focus on my recovery!

Oh and hopefully my last surgery for a while is in two weeks. At that point I will have had 5 surgical procedures this year. Nothing super serious though twice under general anesthetic!

For those of you wondering, it’s 15 days since my last orgasm.


  1. I do hope you feel better and that your final surgery goes well. I’ve got my appointment to see the consultant so I’m hoping that I get the go ahead for the full procedure then…

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  2. Sending hugs and positive thoughts to you and your Queen!!! I hope your recovery is quick and that you aren’t in too much discomfort. And, I hope that things pick up at your Queen’s workplace so that you guys are more comfortable. While a four day work week is nice, the cut in pay is not! I totally get how the FLR and D/s takes a back seat when life starts throwing lemons…it sucks while it is happening, especially for us submissives who need that kind of thing in our life. Keeping you in my thoughts ❤

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  3. The 4 day work week sucks. Our company did that a few years ago because the owner didnt have the guts to get rid of someone. It just made everyone slow down and not care as much.
    On another note… funny you fell behind just as I caught up with your posts. 🙂 … and I haven’t cum in 20 days – a rare time where I’m ahead of you 🙂 (actually, the first time since Iv’e been reading you blog)

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