Recovery—or Angus wants to Play!

So a week ago I had surgery. I’m due to see the surgeon again today to have my bandages changed and the incision looked at but there appears to be no issues. My wife is surprised at how quickly I seem to be healing and I’m hoping the doctor verifies that fact later. For the time being I’m uncaged as the surgery is close to Angus and it has been necessary to stand to pee! Coughing and sneezing (laughing too) are unpleasant–very but movement is getting easier each day. Sleep is getting easier too.

I’m even doing simple things around the house. I’ve cooked dinner the past three nights starting with something very simple and quick three nights ago and moving to something a lot more time consuming last night. But I’m able to stand for longer periods of time without issue now. I even did the dishes and clean up last night. So I’m on the mend!! 😜

Yesterday I found myself thinking many dirty thoughts about my Queen! I almost sent her some but managed to refrain–barely! Angus stood, relaxed, and repeated that cycle many times as I had my thoughts and fantasies over the course of the day. Being free and alone, I could have masturbated–but I didn’t. It’s against the rules! Actually when my Queen returned home last night and I told her about my day she asked if I had taken things into my own hands. She was pleased to hear I hadn’t.

It’s already 20 days since my orgasm! And perhaps 235 more till my next! That depends on my Queen and of course she has the prerogative to change her mind–which she exercised three weeks ago!

Of course at the moment and for several more weeks penetrative sex will be difficult if not impossible but I would really love to be able to use my mouth on her! It excites me to give her pleasure! Performing orally on her is perhaps my favourite thing! I’m ready at any time. Of course she is also free to masturbate if she wishes–she needn’t suffer want because of me! I am not allowed to masturbate but she can whenever she likes–she makes the rules and interprets them as she desires–so masturbation is an option for her. Still now that I am again able to please her, I would hope she would allow me that pleasure!

Our son has announced he may go away this weekend. If he does I will hopefully get to drink from my Queen! In addition to pleasing her orally! That would make it a perfect weekend for me! And hopefully for her!! 😜

Thanks to Pinterest for the pics!


  1. I’m glad you’re recovering well… just make sure u don’t do too much too soon….healing on the outside doesn’t mean you’re healed on the inside 😊

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  2. I am so glad to see this update and hear that your recovery is going well!!! I do hope your Queen locks you up again soon…for her pleasure & yours (you know you love it!!!). Take good care, my friend!

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  3. Are you looking at the same Pinterest pages I see? Lol, I think I need to take some keyword lessons from you! That beauty parlor pic is priceless!
    I’m sad your out of commission! Probably not as sad as another Lady! I love 💗 that you’re willing even wishing to please her while Angus is sidelined! Warms my heart😘!

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