When you Fall Off That Bike, Just Get Right Back on That Saddle!!

So last Sunday the stage was set! No kids in the house–or going to be until much much later! It had been sometime since my Queen and I had played. She had forced me to orgasm early in the month and then due to a confluence of negatives, we hadn’t had another chance since. I was back up to 23 days since orgasm but was recovering nicely from my surgery. I was horny and my beautiful Queen was getting irritable from horniness! Well we can’t have that now can we?

So the stars were in alignment and we got naked! I haven’t been recaged yet since the surgery so Angus quickly was able to show his appreciation for his owner. We lay together and caressed each other necking and doing the things that familiar lovers do to each other. My Queen was very excited–I allowed my fingers to brush against her pussy and felt the moisture-it was heavenly and I wanted to taste her. Obviously she wanted the same thing because she pushed my head down towards her delectable centre and I started to feast! She was very wet and I enjoyed her flavour as I teased her clit. It seemed to take almost no time before she grasped my head and pulled me right to her while squeezing with her thighs and she exploded on my tongue. As she squirted I tried to drink it all. It was fabulous! I grabbed our Palm Power Vibrator and held it against her close but not directly on her love button–she gets sensitive after an orgasm and I wanted to give her more!

Then I moved lower and began to tongue her anus. I love doing this, but am only allowed to do it occasionally. Still when she is being stimulated and I lick her here, she has tremendous orgasms. I could feel one building and I moved the vibrator directly over her clit. She came again while my tongue was buried in her ass and my face was wet with her fluids!

My Queen wanted penetration. Because of my surgery this isn’t as easy as it sounds. We went into the bathroom and my Queen perched at the edge of her vanity and Angus reacquainted himself with Kitty. I had to be careful–couldn’t be too vigorous but otherwise things were great! She had an orgasm like this and then because her ass was a bit sore, we used the edge of our bed. (It should be noted that our bed is unusually high off the floor.) With her legs on my shoulders and a towel underneath her and on the floor, we started again! This time I used the Palm Power while I pumped into her. As she orgasmed I pulled out and dropped to my knees to drink from her! I stayed down there and continued with my mouth and she came again. “I want you in me”, she gasped and I obliged and she had yet another orgasm this way. So once again Angus got wet! This time I tried to go slowly but as deep as I could. She looked at me and said, ” I want you to cum inside me and then lick it out!” I quizzed her to make sure that was what she wanted. “I want to feel you cum!” So dutiful person that I am, I set out to cum. Even though it was only 23 days, it is not my decision. As I came, my impending orgasm took my Queen past the edge and we came together. Pushing my head down, I knelt and started to lick her. As I was feasting on both our juices, she came again. “I am so satisfied but boy I needed that”, she said with a tired smile on her face!

Afterwards she talked about needing to feel and see me cum occasionally. So while I have no idea when next I’ll get the opportunity, it may not be as many days as we’ve gone in the past. I mean after all, I’ve cum twice this calendar year. Woo hoo!!

After a nice session of sex like that, everything else melts away. We are more connected and troubles always seem less significant.


  1. This may sound odd, but I love hearing her say she loves and NEEDS to see and feel you cum. I so understand that, but wonder how it works in the power exchange dynamic. What an awesome Sunday!

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  2. Wonderful and very hot, I am glad for both of you. It must have feeled fantastic to make your Queen cum so much.
    I had a very active sex weekend myself, several orgasms for my Wife and none for me, but not in a single session. I wish my Wife was a multiorgasmic squirter like yours! She cannot stand any direct stimulation immediately after her own orgasm, no matter how it is achieved.
    May I ask, how do you manage to keep your tongue inside Her asshole while She’s orgasming? I like eating my Wife’s ass too and do it frequently, but I get pushed out by Her pulsing anus everytime.
    Good luck with your recovery!

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  3. I have been following your blog for a while but notifications got messed up a big in there and I will be buggered if I know or can remember what surgery you had


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