Another Cream Pie—or Are You Hungry Dear??

So after 485 days (16 months) without orgasm, I’ve had three orgasms in one month. It’s quite the turn around in many respects. The orgasms I’ve had are for my Queen! She has missed the experience of me cumming for her and has determined that I WILL cum whenever she needs it. I do doubt the frequency will remain this high, but what I think or want doesn’t matter.

Last Sunday we were alone as our son had popped out for some reason and we knew he wouldn’t be back for awhile. Almost immediately my Queen decided to shower and had me do the same. Calling me from the bedroom, I found her naked on her back with her legs opened wide for me.

We lay together and caressed each other. We kissed and nibbled at each other. But my Queen was horny and she quickly started to push my head down towards her Kitty. I needed no other invitation and quickly started to please her orally! Damn I love that! It didn’t take long before she had an orgasm!

We continued to play and she had several orgasms–some with my tongue, some with the vibrator, and some with Angus throbbing inside of her. I had good control and wasn’t worried about an unauthorized orgasm. Then after she’d had 6 orgasms, she said “I’m done”, and I reluctantly started to remove Angus from Kitty. However she grabbed my hips, and pulled me back inside her and said, “You WILL cum on my pussy and then lick it all off!!” I started to suggest it was only 7 days but she cut me off and said, “Do it!!”

So dutiful hubby that I am, I stated to work harder with the intent of orgasming all over her Kitty. My vigour seemed to be taking her towards another orgasm and when I was ready I pulled out of her and came all over Kitty. Lots of semen coated her and then she reached towards my head and pulled me downwards. I started to lick up my juices and she shuddered and had yet another orgasm.

Now I do like denial–you wouldn’t go 485 days if you didn’t–but she decides when I orgasm. The last two of my orgasms were for her. I just was lucky enough to get pleasure out of them.

Will I be having orgasms this frequently from now on?? I have no idea. Honestly I hope not. I really like the power exchange when she denies me and the build-up of horniness that waiting does for me. But what I want is secondary. It’s all about my Queen!!


    • Well so far no orgasms for me. We just made love—an extended quickie really and she had 4 orgasms while she did not allow me to cum. That works so much better for me. Now I’m really horny and I like that state of being!!

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  1. Sounds wonderful Michael. Both of you are very lucky to have each other. Kitty and Angus, what a lovely couple :-). I admire your control of your own orgasms while giving it to your Queen. I have never really mastered it, with all the excitement that comes from witnessing my Wife’s orgasms I can never last very long. I totally understand your preference for denial and your profound desire to please your Queen. But like you said, it’s for our Women to decide when and how we get to cum (or not).


  2. I love when my wife is very forceful in what she wants. Having your Queen order you to cum on her and then clean it up shows that kind of control. Very sexy.


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