Baseball Anyone?? Or Did I Really Want This??

Some time ago I posted about a new barbecue implement I purchased called a barbecue shovel.  It was called Barbecue Anyone? and featured a new implement that I had purchased for use on my gas barbecue.  Well the other day my Queen suggested I should go out and purchase another shovel with the purpose having nothing to do with actual barbecues–though it would indeed make things red!! and HOT!!!

Dutifully, I went looking for another shovel yesterday.  Of course the Home Depot where I purchased the first one didn’t have any left.  So I went to our resident Canadian Tire store and discovered that they had one–and for less money at that!  It was slightly different in design, but similar in size to the one I was using on the barbecue.  Made of solid hardwood, it is an impressive implement.  Particularly when you look at it as an implement of spanking.

I returned home and left it on her vanity.  About 8:00, my Queen arrived home from work.  She was tired and hungry and most appreciative of the meal I had prepared for her.  As she set about eating, I worked on clean up.  When she was finished and had thanked me for the meal, she went upstairs to change so that we could go for our customary post meal walk.  At this time, she noticed the new “paddle”, but when she returned downstairs, she didn’t say a thing about it.  Rather we put on our shoes and went out for our walk.  It was such a wonderful evening.  We did a shorted walk than usual–only about 3 km–because we were both tired and it was getting late (we do get up at 4:00 am).  When we returned home, we went upstairs to get ready for bed.  I went into the bathroom and my Queen was brushing her teeth.  She paused for a moment and told me to take off my pants.  She wanted to test the newest toy!  So I complied with her wishes and took off my pants and underwear.  Angus started to push on his cage.  I was a little uneasy because she had a really impish expression on her face with a subtle yet devious smile.  “Take off your shirt too!  Now lean over your sink with your ass sticking out!”  I did as asked but could see everything in the mirror in front of me.  She grasped the shovel like a baseball bat and pulled back.  She then went for a home run!! Yowza!   I straightened straight up.  This was no tentative strike.  My Queen went for it!!  My ass immediately changed colour.

I admit to being very surprised. She paused to admire the colour coming to my cheeks and then indicated she didn’t think it was red enough. I got into the position again. Please keep in mind that my wife is very strong. She works out 6 days a week for two hours each day. She is one of the few women I know who can bench more than 100 pounds. So when she uses all her force it is nothing to trifle about.

At any rate she grasped her paddle again like a baseball bat. In the mirror I could see her smiling face but I didn’t want to look. SMACK!!

I was stood up again and it was really amazing how two smacks could add so much colour to my ass!  Who would have thought it??  It’s an interesting sensation.  Initially, there is almost no pain–almost a numbing sensation and then as you wait it starts to sting more and more. I think that’s because the impact drives the blood out in a violent and forceful manner.  Then as you recover, the blood rushes back into your ass and the pain is felt.  I’m no expert, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This morning she asked if my ass was tender.  Honestly it wasn’t but there were two very noticeable marks (bruises??) on my cheeks.  They were pretty big marks too!  My Queen has suggested that they are only the beginning…

As to chastity–since my last orgasm, we have had sex a number of times.  I have been denied each time and I’m loving the frustration and the horniness.  So I’m back up to 11 days since orgasm.  In the same period of time, my Queen has had orgasms in the double digits!  But we all know that that is what should be happening!!


  1. Ouch ouch!!!
    I cannot imagine the pain after getting spanked full force with that devious looking and heavy implement. Can you even maintain the position after getting hit? There are some interesting times in store for you and your butt… 😀

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      • Well, She told you to get it, probably not because it is a nice addition to the furniture 🙂 You better behave.
        My last hard spanking with a heavy hairbrush took place nearly a year ago; She had to pin me down by sitting on my back. I had her panties stuffed in my mouth so I couldn’t beg. Boy did it hurt! I had tough time sitting down afterwards. Some bruising remained visible for days. I totally deserved it of course, and while she was blistering my behind and thighs I didn’t feel erotic at all.

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