An Ever Changing Relationship—Growth Means Change!

So we have been living an FLR for about 10 months. It’s been largely great but there have been some hiccups. For a couple of months (March, April?) my Queen wasn’t really assigning punishments etc. I was still living following the rules but it isn’t realistic for me to go months without adding to my punishment number. I mean, I’m good, but not that good! Finally on my birthday she told me to orgasm (written about in Here I Cum!!! Or Thar He Blows!!! ). She had originally told me I wouldn’t orgasm until mid January 2019 and when she told me this I was in disbelief. I was also disappointed. Weird though that may seem. I’d gone 485 days without an orgasm and psychologically was ready to do the last 200+ days to get where I was going. Now I was being told to cum. So I orgasmed. It was great though I did feel regret afterwards. The great adventure was over and I really didn’t want to start from scratch again.  Since then I’ve actually cum two more times (also written about in and also in Another Cream Pie–or Are You Hungry Dear?? ), and I was beginning to worry about how things were going.

So we sat down and talked–actually we went for a 5 km walk to talk.  Yeah, I know… Communication–go figure!  Turns out my beloved Queen was feeling like a nag and a bitch.  She was feeling like a Mommy and she didn’t like it!  So we talked things over and came to an understanding.  I was to follow the rules all the time without exception.  When she is in the mood to assign punishments and discipline, it will happen, but she needed worry about doing it all the time.  So really it means I have to keep on my toes, as any mistake by me could mean punishment and we are now in possession of a scary paddle ( Baseball Anyone?? Or Did I Really Want This??  ).  We have some other implements that are also unpleasant, but this paddle makes the others pale.

At the same time, my Queen likes to see and feel me cum.  At times she likes to taste me.  When I wasn’t orgasming, she felt further away from me.  So while I was feeling closer to her, she was feeling more distant to me and that isn’t a good thing.  So after some thought, she decided she’ll not let me go as long again without orgasm.  She likes to watch me lick my cum off or out of her too!  So while I don’t know how often, I do know I will be cumming far more frequently.  Currently I’m at 20 days since orgasm.  We will see if this becomes the norm!  lol

Since our conversation, we’ve had many chances to play.  My Queen has orgasmed and has denied me the same benefit.  I’m loving it though I never know if she will take me all the way or not.  In the same time frame, she has teased and edged me numerous times and again I never know what exactly will happen.  This uncertainty helps to keep me horny and I admit to loving that state.  Additionally without the pressure to watch me and discipline me constantly, I’m finding she is doing more of it.  My punishment number is once again a moving dynamic and she has been much more involved with locking Angus up.  So this is also a good thing.  The passion for the FLR seems to have returned to her!

A picture from this morning–with my Queen in what has become one of my favourite shirts.  We were snuggling and the view was spectacular–at least for me!! lol

One thing that came up in our conversation was the Mantra! It’s been months since she’s asked me to say it. I had stopped trying to say it as it was irritating her. However she suggested on her own that I would have to say it again. So I had better do some practicing–I’ve forgotten the exact wording–and the mantra has to be exact!! Otherwise I might end up earning punishment for making errors in my delivery of it. Frankly that would please me. Because saying the mantra was a good thing for me. Helps to keep me in a submissive mindset.


  1. If she loves for you to cum, and she loves for you to stay horny…maybe ruined orgasms is the answer. For my wife, it’s the best of both worlds.


  2. I with you on this. It’s hard to do your best all the time without some kind of corrective actions. At some point I justify cutting corners and when i get away with it I rationalize that it is something she doesn’t care that much about. Then I do less somewhere else and it becomes a vicious cycle. Ultimately I think just as I find it hard to complete all my chores perfectly, she finds it hard to stay on top of me.
    I also try to reinforce for her that I like her being picky and demanding things. It gets me excited having her control me like that. I think that helps her continue because she is not like that normally… but she does like putting her foot down and having me do things – no questions asked 🙂


  3. Hi Michael. Thanks for sharing, it is very insightful. I can recognize my way of thinking in most of what you say. Your FLR is more developed and complex than mine will ever be (most likely), but there are similarities. I also never know when my next orgasm will happen, it is entirely up to my Wife to decide. I get denied a lot but if She wants to see me ejaculate, I have to do it, period. Like in your case. That’s how it should be. Not having any control of how and when or if at all my penis will be used is such a turn-on.
    I am curious about your punishments, what are they?
    BTW, lovely photo. Isn’t that cage a bit tight for Angus? How did you choose the size or was it your Wife’s choice?


    • The cage was tighter than usual because Angus was a wee bit aroused. I followed Mature Metals measuring guidelines along with the use of their sizing rings. I also had an “off the rack” steel cage that fit pretty well. All things considered, the jailbird fits pretty well (most of the time 😂). Thanks
      Oh and punishments include spanking, zapping, and the application of icy hot. Occasionally there are other things used—cold showers, going into the pool just before closing when the water is in the very low 50’s and doing lengths, sleeping on the floor, and corner time. That’s all that comes to mind at the moment. Stay well!


      • Thanks. I find metal cages (with the cock “behind the bars” looks, like yours) much more visually appealing than any other version. I have never tried wearing any cock cage. I suggested to my Wife to try locking me up several times, since She doesn’t like me touching myself erotically at any time (unless ordered to do so in Her presence) and I am sometimes unable to resist the temptation to stroke myself, even though I do obey Her strict no ejaculation without permission rules most of the time. But so far She has always rejected it.


      • I did my measuring when she wasn’t around and then ordered the device. I unveiled it after it had arrived. After my unveiling of it, it was a little while before we actually talked about chastity. And then she said we would try it! 🙂


  4. Hi Michael! Glad to hear that you two are talking it all out (and getting exercise while you do it!) and figuring out what works best for both of you. You two have such a healthy dynamic. I know this is naughty (and a bit evil!) of me, but looking forward to hearing about your next date with that new paddle 🙂


  5. Hi Michael:
    Thank you for posting
    I can totally understand your queens position. Not that it maters but I would not want to tell my husband constantly what to do. I mention it and he does it.
    I can also understand her wanting to taste you,
    I also like to taste his cum from time to time. I actually love it but for the D/s part I forgo it for him to swallow and clean up most of the time. Also I understand Her wanting to feel you throb and pulse inside her as you let go of your load in her. It is a Women thing but that is as close as we can get at that moment when he lets go and I feel his throbbing then as its getting less and less until I have milked him of all his stress and semen..
    I am happy you guys are figuring out how to make each other happy.


  6. A very good post. We constantly seek a balance in terms of the effort required for Mrs. Lion. It takes time and in our case, both of us going outside our comfort zones. My most significant lesson learned is that most of all we need balance. Mrs. Lion sets the sexual rhythm for me. I keep track of orgasms and waits, but I work very hard not to offer input as to how often I get to ejaculate. If she wants me to have more orgasms, then I will. If she wants me to have fewer, I may whine a little, but I try to be a good sport. It’s always her call.


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