A Fantasy!

So in my journal I am supposed to share fantasies with my Queen. This is one I recently shared. This deals with a mmf threesome so be forewarned. It is also longish–my apologies!

We are at a resort down South. We shower and I finish first. My Queen is doing her hair so she tells me to put on the cage and lie on the bed. I’m surprised to be told to wear the cage, but I’m also turned on. Usually on holidays I’m cage free so that my Queen has instant access at any time! I get the cage on with some difficulty and then lie naked on the bed.

The shower stops and a naked Queen comes into the room. She moves around and then comes over to me. In her hands she has our cuffs and ropes. She positions me on my back with my head at the foot of the bed! Then she cuffs my wrists and ankles before tying me spread-eagled on the bed! There is no way for me to move from this spot now.

She straddles my face so her pussy is just over my mouth. I try to lick her, but she gets off and grabs a pillow. She places the pillow under my head and then straddles me again. It is easy now for me to make contact with her delightful kitty.

I’m really horny, but my Queen moves back into the bathroom to finish getting ready. After what seems like an eternity ( more likely 15 minutes), she returns to the room. She’s wearing some new lingerie that I’ve never seen and she looks fabulous!!

She comes over to me smiling seductively and from behind her back she pulls out a blindfold and covers my eyes! Then I feel her lie on the bed next to me. She strokes Angus through his cage and then climbs over me! She pushes her panty covered pussy against my mouth & I can smell her arousal. She stays like that for a few minutes while I try to access her pussy! Then she climbs off and tells me that regardless of what happens, for the next few hours I am to say nothing unless I’m asked a direct question. I hear her move across the room and then music begins to play. She comes back towards me and I feel her hands on my body. I’m hoping she’s going to free Angus when there is a knock on the door.

“Just a minute!” My Queen says and I lie there mute. “Oh Hi” I hear her say. “Come on in!”

I’m lying there naked and caged with Angus bulging in his cage and my Queen has invited someone into our room!! Come to think of it, she’s only wearing revealing lingerie!! I strain to listen but hear almost nothing–just a rustling as if clothes are dropping gently to the floor. Then I hear what appears to be mutual caresses!

Now earlier in the week my Queen and I had met a guy at the beach bar. He was very fit, about 6’1″ and black. He was from Western Canada and so was someone we would be unlikely to ever see again. My Queen had found him to be very attractive and when we returned to our room, we made love and she was soaking before we had even started.

After we were (she was) sated, we talked about him and fantasized about bringing him into our bed! Now while I was tied down and blindfolded, he arrived at our room. My Queen had invited him over!

As I lay there with these thoughts going through my head, the two of them were exploring each other just inside the door. He was running his hands all over her body while she was disrobing and exploring him! She slid his shirt off and started to play with his chest and arms. She could feel his excitement pushing against her belly and she reached for the waist band of his swimwear! Loosening it, his penis popped out erect and hard, long and thick! At almost the same time, he unclasped her bra and pulled her to him. My Queen reaches around and cupped his ass as his suit slid to the floor. Fully naked, his penis was impressive and my Queen fell to her knees taking it into her mouth!

She pulled back and I heard her say, “This is a monster!”, before she went back down on him. He bent over and pulled her up after a few minutes. They nuzzled and caressed each other and he took her nipples into his mouth. Then his hands slid down her body reaching her Kitty which he found soaking wet. After some time like this, my Queen wanted to get fucked!

Grabbing his cock, she pulled him over to the bed. Placing her knees on either side of my head, she moved over me and told me to start licking her. Dutifully I complied as he moved behind her.

I was licking her and Angus was trying to bust out of his cage when I felt his cock move between us. Suddenly it was his cock I was licking!!”

Her majesty reached down and pushed his cock into my mouth before pulling the “now wet” cock from my mouth and positioning it at the mouth of her Kitty!

“Fuck me!” She said “And keep licking!” We both had our instructions. He started to fuck her like a jackhammer. I was licking too–her clit and his cock as it postponed in and out of her. It didn’t take long before my Queen had a massive orgasm squirting all over my face. I drank as much as I could but the bedding was wet.

He flipped her over so that she was lying on me with her legs in the air. Now I could lick her beautiful asshole as he continued to fuck her. She came again! And then again as he played with her tits and clit!

Finally he was ready. He pulled out of her and came! Great ropes of cum flooded my face and mouth as well as her pussy. She took his deflating penis and pushed it into my mouth!

“Clean him and then you’re going to clean all his spunk!”

So I sucked on his penis tasting his cum mixed with my wife’s flavour! Next she scooped up the cum from my face and fed it to me. Finally she moved so I could lick her clean and she had still another orgasm.

Getting off of me, she hugged the guy and helped him dress. A few minutes later he left and I heard the door close.

Coming back to the bed, my Queen removed my blindfold. “Damn, I’m satisfied,” she said. “Let’s go to the nude beach–oh and you will continue to wear your cage!”

There you have it. A fantasy that my Queen enjoyed too! Afterwards she said, “Wow, Let’s do it!” But reality is so different from fantasy.

It is unlikely we will ever do something like this–though we can fantasize regularly!


  1. Well done, very hot. My wife has also agreed to play to my cuckold fantasy. She has a black bull named Reggie…he has his own email address and is in constant contact with her.

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  2. Hi Michael. A very hot fantasy. I have similar fantasies, It seems all of us submissive guys do. My Wife knows about it. We even discussed it a couple of times, but I don’t think we will ever act on it. She says it is crazy, but She didn’t say “absolutely not”, so….


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