The Paddle Returns—Or Ouch!!

NaughtyNora is in my head!! Every time I look at the “Paddle”, I think of her. Of course you know the paddle I’m talking of–it’s highlighted in this post !  

And it was first mentioned in this post!  I had thought to give it a name, and suggested “Mark” to my Queen–because when it is used it leaves marks! But my Queen thought that was a weak name so then I suggested “The Punisher”, “The Terminator” and a few others. Also not accepted so I’m still trying to suggest a name that will be approved. So now we just call it THE PADDLE!! Emphasis intended.

Almost two weeks ago my Queen had a physical. I accompanied her and the Doctor was talking about shingles prevention. He suggested she get the first of two shots to inoculate herself against shingles. Then he said I should get it too. My Queen said great idea! I demurred. I’ll get it I said but not today! So my Queen had the needle. When we got home, she was angry that I had disobeyed her and refused the needle. For that she was going to give me 10 smacks with THE PADDLE! I told her I would go to a clinic and get the shot tomorrow but the punishment was set. The next day I was leaving to go to the clinic and she asked where I was going. I told her and she said she was really irritated with my stubbornness at the doctor’s and she was adding another 50 smacks to my punishment!

At any rate I went to the clinic and got the shot. I was kinda hoping that my late acquiescence to her wishes might save me some smacks–but that turned out not to be the case. Last weekend we were alone. On Sunday morning before our walk, she said that we might as well get some of those smacks out of the way. Dropping my drawers and bending over my bathroom sink, my Queen gave me 12 hard fast smacks with THE PADDLE! “Woo hoo,” she said, “now that’s a good shade of red!!”

We had a great day together and were about to play when she looked at my ass–“It’s not red enough” (now this was about 8 hours after the first spanking) “Let’s get rid of more of those smacks!”

So again I bared my backside and she gave me a quick hard 22 smacks. I was dancing when she finished as I could not stand still. She goes like a machine gun with no light touches or stroking during the spanking. The impact continues to build throughout the event. I was glad she only did the 22. I don’t think I could have withstood all 48 smacks at one time. In time I will get better at it, but …

Somehow her math suggests I still need 28 smacks. Since she is never wrong, I look forward (sic) to those at some time in the future–likely the next time we are alone.

I will say that as soon as she suggests THE PADDLE as a consequence I am immediately falling into line. I don’t like that form of punishment despite finding the idea of it vaguely exciting! Now caged lion has pointed out I haven’t a picture with this post.  In fact I do have a featured image, but for whatever reason, it isn’t showing where it is supposed to.  Therefore, I include a pic here:img_2335

Here it is contrasted with a typical wooden spoon.  As the size is clearly different, so the effects are also magnified–scout’s honour!

So there you have it. THE PADDLE is now in regular use in our house! Today I read a post by NaughtyNora that suggested a similar paddle might appear in her home–I hope not for your sake Nora!! lol. Or maybe I hope so… 😜


  1. Hi Michael:
    Thank you for sharing.
    I dont paddle my husband but Its wonderful you and your queen enjoy it. (well She does)
    The closest things I have done was when I first was molding my husband to follow my orders I would use a wooden kitchen spoon and rap him hard in the balls with it when he was naked and spread eagle for me.
    All I can say is this really got his attention..

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  2. Hi Michael. Thanks for the update. You are braver than me, lol. Hard wooden implements are the worst, I cannot get more than a few swats with a heavy wooden spoon before I try getting away, ouch!! I would have to be restrained to take a paddling like this. How long after spanking did the marks and the smarting persist? Any bruising afterwards?

    I very much like the idea of being physically disciplined by my Wife when I deserve it (She is less enthusiastic about it, but She can get wet from spanking me, so go figure…). I get spanked sometimes, but rarely for punishment and hard enough that I sincerely start begging Her to stop (which She does only when She wants). I have to assume a position with my ass sticking out and keep my legs open so that I am fully exposed and vulnerable the whole time, which can be especially difficult when my balls, cock or ass crack are also receiving the attention. I cannot stay still and quiet for long, I start kicking my legs a lot and sometimes She stuffs Her panties or socks in my mouth and sits on my back to pin me down. During our recent holiday I received several playful and not so playful whippings and spankings. It was quite painful and absolutely delicious…

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    • I admit to dancing in place while she goes at it. The marks do persist for a while. She has used the paddle on me perhaps 6 times. I’ve been bruised at least twice. Marks have lasted up to 5-6 days. But then I have trouble seeing my own ass…😂
      The idea is far more attractive than the actual! But it helps to drive my need to be submissive. So I’ll put up with the pain and do my best to serve her needs!
      I really appreciate your thought out comments. Thanks


    • The title picture in the post is the actual paddle. There are many out there—they use them to clean barbecue grills. Over time, the grills burn grooves into the wood. My link to the first post wasn’t working originally, but should be now. In that post I have a couple of pics (I think). They are made of hardwood and do a damn fine job of getting the message across!


    • Hi Lion
      I’ve gone back and added still another link and a picture of the paddle. I actually use that paddle for the barbecue but purchased another for spanking purposes. Haven’t yet found time to photograph that newest paddle. Thanks again. I always figured that the featured image would show when one opened a post. Seems to make sense, but…


  3. I also wanted to come back and comment on how good it made me feel when I saw my name in your post! I sure love you, Michael! You are one of my favorite WordPress friends and I hope you know how much you are adored!

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  4. My keyholder had me make her 4 different wood paddles. They hurt a lot. But, that is the point. I do yell out and squirm around during punishment. Average is around 40 swats when all is said and done. I do not know my limit yet but in the past year and a half since our caged male flr lifestyle started she has cared less about my discomfort and more about making her point.


  5. I hate needles as well and would probably be in the same boat as you… but may be rethinking my actions after the second round of swats.


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