Another Day in Paradise!

So my beautiful Queen and I are in Mexico for two weeks. We arrived Sunday and leave the 26th. Every day I think how lucky I am to have her in my life!! We’ve had a good start to our holiday–sex every day with 11 orgasms so far for my Queen and even one for me (after 71 days). She bought some new bikinis and damn she looks fine in them! I’m not as lean or muscular as I would like, but then I’ve had a bunch of surgeries since Christmas and haven’t been able to workout properly until the beginning of July! But I’m starting to get stronger again. It will come!! Here’s a short video segment from Monday:

I have earned a lot of punishment so far down here! We didn’t bring our portable speaker and that is my fault (or so I’m told)–every time my Queen thinks about it, she gets irritated and adds 40 to my number! That speaker has liked caused my number to swell by almost 400 and it will continue over the next week and a half! I only brought the zapper so yesterday she was thinking about possible spanking implements! I hope she figures something out before we head home because she is beginning to really like THE PADDLE!! She likes how red I become and how big a deterrent it is. She merely mentions it and I immediately fall into line!

We have spoken a little about my ownership tattoo. I’m hoping what I’m going to get will be settled by the time we get home. I have settled on an idea myself but my Queen needs to see it and approve of it. She doesn’t get the picture from my description so I’m trying to draw a reasonable facsimile so she has a better idea! This really excites me and I can’t wait to have it done! I want to wear her mark! I am naked in gym change rooms often. But I don’t care! I want to be marked for and by her!!

Yesterday she wore a sheath of a dress when we went out for dinner! It was skin tight and had a plunging neckline and only came down to mid thigh (maybe)! Man she looked so f$@&##€ hot!! An added bonus–she only wore the dress! No panties or bra!! Damn that’s hot and always a fantasy of mine!! The dress was black with a tasteful pattern of light flowers and style wise was similar to this:

She had me go commando too (no cage) and I was finding Angus kept popping up!! She could easily have reached down and pulled me along by Angus! When we returned to our room, she let me strip her down and then kiss Kitty for about 10 minutes! No licking, just kissing! And no sex last night–😢. Still yesterday morning she had a massive orgasm and flooded the bed!

Sorry this post is so disjointed and rambling! But I am on holiday and trying to relax!! I’m also trying to pamper my Queen and help her have the best holiday possible! The free internet here is not the best and I refuse to pay $100 for the good internet! So at times it is difficult to access posts or make comments! Trust me that I am making efforts to catch up to your posts whenever it is possible!


  1. YAY!!! Vacation!!! Sounds like you two are having a lovely time. I love what you wrote about what your Queen has learned about “The Paddle”…true deterrents work!!! Better behave yourself, Michael 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous and demanding Wife, holiday resort, hungry engorged Angus – what more could a man want?:-D nice one, Michael, you two look great, enjoy it man!
    And BTW, wouldn’t it be easier to just buy a new speaker? Yeah, I know, you are being naughty on purpose, but you might get more out of it than you bargained for. I wouldn’t want my ass to be in place of yours. Or maybe I would. No, definitely not, LOL 😉

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    • Our speaker cost over $400. It’s a high quality speaker—better than Bose or Sony offerings! Finding something similar would be difficult down here! And I’m never bad on purpose!! Legitimately I forgot—or figured she would bring her speaker. I figured wrong!! Oh well. But you are right in that I have everything I could ever want!!


      • I know I’ll receive something for each number. Sometimes it’s Icy Hot or flogging—usually I receive zapps at maximum (not fun but more tolerable than THE PADDLE). Now she’s talking about just using THE PADDLE for all of that. I’m seriously hoping she’s joking! It’s unlikely that it will all occur in a single session—usually happens over the course of several days!

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      • Oh boy, 500 with THAT paddle. I cannot stand 10 serious swats with a large wooden spoon (the most painful implement my Wife ever used on my ass and thighs – I have never been caned hard) without yelling and trying to hide my behind. I am a spanko, but quite a wus taking a real punishment spanking.

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  3. Had to share the crazy dream that I had last night! No joke…this is truly what I dreamed…..

    In my dream, Daddy and I were house sitting for you and your Queen while you are away. The entire time, I was snooping through your house trying to find your Queen’s huge paddle. On the last day, I find a locked cabinet by your bed and I pick the lock and got the cabinet open…there were all of your sex toys, naked pictures of your Queen, and that paddle. Daddy comes in and finds me snooping, and takes me to the kitchen where he bends me over one of the high backed chairs. You and your Queen walk in right as he is taking my panties down for a session with your paddle. He tells you what I did and you both agree that I deserve a spanking….

    Then I woke up….

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    • Me too. This position (cowgirl style) is how we have sex most of the time, when my Wife lets or wants me to penetrate Her with my cock. This used to be by far the easiest way for Her to have an orgasm with me.
      We don’t fuck like this as often any more, I have to earn access to Her pussy with my penis, most of the time it is a long oral session followed by fucking Her with a large dildo/vibrator and me tonguing Her ass until She cums. I love it and so does She, It excites me to see how much She enjoys cumming from being penetrated and stretched with a dildo a lot bigger than my cock and yet it doesn’t seem to influence how She cums when I fuck Her.

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      • My Wife also prefers the “real thing”, but over the recent few years She really developed a taste for vibrators and dildos. Big toys! It started with the first vibrator I bought Her. Before that She had been against sex toys, now She loves some and even asks for something new every now and there. But She never uses them to pleasure Herself, it’s my duty to do it and I love doing it. When I pleasure Her with just the toys and my tongue and my genitals are not involved directly I can observe (see, hear, taste, smell, feel) more closely how She reacts and responds, it is fascinating and absolutely arousing for me to witness Her gradually climb and finally explode in a shattering orgasm. The greatest show on Earth! So it is a great addition to sex where I use my own cock to fuck Her when She asks or demands it.

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      • Oh, I get plenty of pussy (and ass) to lick and eat, it is just my penis that has a more restricted access.
        Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Of course I like to fuck just like the next guy, but giving oral sex to a Woman has always been my prefered form of sex. I would pick oral over penetration 9 out of 10 times if given the choice of only one. It’s my Wife who decides when I can enter Her and when She wants to feel my cock.

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