Another Fantasy About CFnm (Part One) and An Update!!

So some days ago it rained!! We got stuck down at the beach under a grass roofed hutch! It only lasted about 50 minutes but there wasn’t much to do! At any rate I read a lot of blog posts! One that I read had a question that sparked an idea in me. And honestly I can’t remember which blogger it was–I’d like to give them a shout out but… hard to do when you can’t remember! And I can’t remember the exact question either as my question is different (theirs sparked an idea)!

So my vastly modified question is: which bloggers would you invite to a CFnm event??

Now those I would invite are certainly not all dominant: some are, some are switches, some are littles, but all have become friends on here! (In truth, I would have an open invitation to all my WordPress female friends but if I had to keep the group small…). Further all my invitees would be on the clothes or female side of the spectrum, but if they invited folk to a similar event they could very well do the opposite or even a mixture…😜

Before the invites, what is a CFnm event?? These are events where all the males are naked and the women clothed. I have been to two in my life. The first was organized by the first girlfriend I had after my first marriage had failed. It likely deserves a post some day. The second also occurred sometime around then but was advertised on fetlife. I applied to be one of the males and was accepted. At this event there were about 40 males and likely about 25-30 females. Perhaps I’ll include this one in a post too.

So the invitees: these are in no particular order and are people I seem to have a good connection with here on WordPress–lots of comments back and forth. I’m on vacation, but when I return home I will provide links to their blogs. Difficult to do here with the spotty internet and only my phone to work with. I’m limiting my invitees to 10, though as a pervy exhibitionist, I’d like to just throw open the doors!! 😜😂

NaughtyNora: NaughtyNora is one of my oldest WordPress friends. Just realized I said oldest–what I mean to say is she has been one of my friends here on WordPress for a long time! She is a younger vibrant and intelligent woman who is also a sub. She loves being spanked amongst other things. One of these days it would be nice to meet her and her Daddy. Likely will never happen, but I think they could be good friends to my Queen and I.

Carly Quinn: Carly is another of my longer time friends here on WordPress! Another intelligent person (truthfully all my friends on here are intelligent–so let’s not go there anymore), Carly has a wonderful sense of humour and has dominant tendencies!! And she has a great smile!!

MissusMistress: MissusMistress is a switch of sorts. She doms her husband but occasionally feels the need to submit and has a Dom that provides that for her. When she submits, she will drop into little space.

Liz Durano: Liz is a writer of romance and also steamy romance. You can find her published books on most ebook platforms! Beyond that she just is a good person.

Submissy: Missy lives across the “pond”. Married, she is living as a sub to her husband. Missy writes very thoroughly thought out posts that often involve deep personal introspection. It is a joy to watch how her relationship has progressed, and to read her posts is to stimulate thought.

Sweetgirl: Sweetgirl is also across the “pond”. She also is a submissive to her husband. Again I find the dynamic exciting as it unfurls in her blog.

Ddjennifer: Ddjennifer is a sub to her husband as well but she lives in America. She is one of the few bloggers that I follow where I have gone back and read every post she has written.

Dorinda: Dorinda is a femdom. Married, her husband dotes on her and follows her instructions so that she is pampered and pleased exactly as she desires. I believe I’ve read everyone of Dorinda’s posts too.

Life of Violet: Violet is a blogger who is just discovering the world of D/s. She is also hoping to be a writer and will be starting a master’s program in writing soon.

Floss: Floss has recently discovered her dominant side (for about a year?). She blogs and also has a podcast that is very good–it is called ProudtobeKinky!

So this is my invitee list. I follow many others who I’d love to invite but I have to keep this list small.

My Queen doesn’t want to host this event so fortunately the lovely Carly steps up and provides her home.

My Queen and I arrive early. We want to set things up and Carly shouldn’t have to work as she is hosting. In the end, Carly and my Queen end up relaxing while I do all the grunt work. Periodically I inquire if there is anything they need. I bring them drinks and snacks as they desire. At one point my Queen tells me that I’m overdressed. As I will be naked when everyone arrives I might as well be naked now. I strip down to my cage and folding go to put my clothes in the corner. Carly suggests that wouldn’t be a good spot to leave them and my Queen concurs. She tells me to go and put them into the car. Naked I check outside before hurrying to the car and depositing my clothes in the back seat before rushing back to the house. Of course the door is locked!! I’m made to wait several minutes before my Queen lets me in and scolds me for wasting so much time. I go back to preparing the hors d’oeuvres and snacks for our guests.

Finally at around seven everything is ready. I’ve cleaned and set up the tables and chairs. Plates and silver is set out and desserts are cut and plated. Cheese is cut as are the veggies. Hors d’oeuvres are ready and he games for the evening are set aside. All we need now is for the catered dinner to arrive–and the guests.

At about 7:30, the first two guests arrive (NaughtyNora and Liz). I greet them at he door with a deep bow and then escort them to the room where Carly and my Queen wait. Introductions are made and I hasten to get each woman the drink of her choice. Over the next 15 minutes I greet each guest and repeat those two simple tasks. Angus is struggling to erect but the cage is doing its job! My Queen suggests that later she might remove it but she isn’t certain yet. As everyone gets to know each other, the doorbell rings again. I’m told to go and let the caterers in. Naked but for my cage I open the door–sure enough it is the caterers (thankfully female) and after a double take, they begin to bring in the food. As they make themselves comfortable in the kitchen, I announce to the ladies that food will shortly be served.

My Queen speaks to the caterers explaining what is happening and she gives them a wooden spoon to use if I don’t meet their standards of service. There are two girls with the catering company and they look a little shocked but my Queen has me bend over and gives me a solid smack before encouraging both girls to give it a try! I had a feeling this was going to be a sore night and that I’d have one very red ass by morning!

At that point my Queen attached a leash to my jailbird and leading me by the leash (Angus) took me into the dining room for my formal introduction to the ladies. In it, she indicated that should I fail in any small way I should be punished and that any infractions must not be overlooked.

After the introduction, I was told to keep the end of the leash in my mouth and to start serving dinner.

End part one! This is becoming quite long so I’ll finish in my next post. I will also provide links when I return home and can access my computer.

Miscellaneous catch up news. After 71 days without an orgasm, my Queen had me do so on the first night we were away. Then she had me cum again a week later–this time she had me cum on her ass and lick it up. So I currently am only 3 days since orgasm. I’ve ordered a bracelet from Germany that will lock on to me and only my Queen will have the special key to remove it. We discussed this and she wanted me to do it. I of course love the idea of another thing reminding me of her status and power. It should be waiting for us when we get back home.


  1. Lol, I was like ‘oooh CFNM I’m totally into that … ‘*clicks link* … read, reading, reading … ‘hey, that’s me’ *big grin* very flattered to be mentioned. I’m sure this would be a delightful event *wicked grin* x

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  2. You rock, Michael! Best post ever!!! 🙂 I already know what I am wearing to the party… my red & black corset, black leather panties, thigh high stockings, and this adorable little black hat that I bought in Vegas last year. Hoping that is “clothing” enough for invited submissives 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. And…I totally hope we can meet some day….maybe on vacation at the beach? Probably just a fantasy, but I know it would be amazing. I have a feeling that my Daddy and your Queen could have a lot of fun with two submissives at their disposal 🙂

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  4. I love it. I have recently found it to be very stimulating to have my wife clothed and me naked. I think it adds to my submissive position.

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  5. I 💗 this post! And everyone’s at my house too!! And you cleaned it for me! 😂 How delightful!! I live in a Cul de sac…luckily not with any home owner association guidelines…I told her we could leave you on the front step longer! I think it was the thunder that cut you some slack lol. Are you to be the only unclothed male at the party?

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you, Michael! It’s been up and down…on my side, not his. He’s trying….I’m just struggling to believe what he says and trust again. I feel like part of myself has closed off and it feels terrible. Anyhow, we just started couples counseling and had a great first session. Hoping it will help. Sorry to dump all this onto your super sexy post! Love to you and your Queen…stay fabulous! Love, nora

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m pleased to hear you are going to therapy. It will help. An older couple once told me their life story. They had just celebrated their 54th anniversary. Apparently after 9 years they almost broke up. But the times dictated that divorce was not acceptable. So they stuck it out and went to counselling. After 54 years they were in such a positive place. They deeply loved each other and neither would change anything they had experienced. Forgiveness is possible and moving onward towards that special love is most definitely a reachable goal. As always I wish you only the best. And you need never apologize for making any comment on my posts. I truly love your heart and thoughts. If you don’t share, I won’t know how you are doing.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you, Michael! You are so kind and so supportive…honestly, I wish I knew you in real life because I could use that kind of friend right now. But alas…then we most likely couldn’t talk about kink so freely! Your experience with the couple who had been married 54 years gives me hope. We are both determined to make our marriage work…but getting through this tough time (on top of going through a remodel) has been trying to say the least. We have our next therapy appointment on Tuesday, and we’ve both been busy with our “homework”. I am grateful that my husband is putting 100% into this, and that he understands the reason for my mood swings right now. Anyhow…you take good care! I’ll be on the look out for part 4 🙂

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