Catch Up. No Part 2 Yet! 😜

So for the first time in four vacations, I had an orgasm. In fact I had more than one!! We just returned from two weeks in Mexico. These holidays are always like honeymoons for us. We eat, sleep and fuck like rabbits!! We dress up to go to dinner and enjoy the evening. My Queen brings a great many sexy dresses. Add to the fact that she always buys a couple when we come to Mexico, it really is unnecessary for her to wear the same dress twice. We went to two resorts though so she was willing to wear my faves at each resort!

She looked fabulous each evening and garnered quite a bit of attention from both males and females. Several times she was hit on–usually I was using the facilities but twice I was sitting near by. At least the hits were polite and not rude or crass. One guy even told me that I was one “lucky son of a b$@ch”. There was no argument from me!

Over the two weeks, my Queen had 37 orgasms! The sex was fabulous–but then it always is. I arrived in Mexico 71 days after my last orgasm. I wasn’t sure if that streak would continue or whether she would have me cum. And on that first night she had me orgasm starting in her and finishing on her ass. I then had to clean her ass and lick her to another orgasm while cleaning her Kitty!

7 days later she had me cum again. Totally inside Kitty and once again she had me clean her out. Another 4 days and another orgasm before I had my last one just before we left. So four in two weeks for me!! That’s a lot of orgasms for me. She had me clean each “mess” up with my mouth and emphasized that I didn’t have orgasms. Rather she could have them with her body or with mine–but all orgasms were hers.

We’ve been back for the better part of a week now. She doesn’t seem anxious to allow Angus another orgasm soon but I’m always the last to know!

We’ve been discussing the “ownership” tattoo on this holiday. So far nothing I’ve come up with appeals to her. So I’ll keep trying. I’d like to get it done as soon as possible but obviously I will need her approval. So I keep searching for ideas. If you have any please send them my way.

Finally a hysterectomy is in the near future for my Queen. She wanted to wait till our holidays were over, so we saw the surgeon on Monday. Papers were signed and now we are waiting for news on when this will happen. We are both concerned but hoping that things will be better post surgery than they are now.


  1. First of all wishing your Queen the best of luck with arranging and going through her hysterectomy. Fingers crossed it is a positive move for her. Second of all … ’emphasized that I didn’t have orgasms. Rather she could have them with her body or with mine–but all orgasms were hers.’ This is the best thing ever. I have never worded things quite like this but going forward I will. Damn sexy! Thank you both x

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  2. Hi Michael. Sounds like one hell of a holiday, I am glad for both of you. And I am sorry to hear about the forthcoming surgery, I hope it works out for the best for your Wife. Stay well both of you.

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  3. Hi Michael:
    Thank you for sharing with us some of your vacation highlights.
    I think you are an awesome man, you are always so mindful of your wife’s needs. You seem to always selflessly take care of Her desires and provide Her Pleasure when She needs it.
    One way you and my husband are alike is that he also cleans up after I allow him to orgasm; I think this is a testament to your submission to Her.
    I have had this procedure long ago and it was not easy for a while afterwards, but it was needed. One of the things I remember was while at home recovering having to go to the bathroom was very painful. Just being there patiently and lovingly as She recovers will be a huge help.

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  4. A vacation isn’t a vacation without rabbit sex 🙂
    I can see why you were allowed 3 orgasms. I think it adds to their excitement to control our release and then have us clean it up.

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