So I’m well into part two of my CFnm story which is getting to be quite long. I may have to break it into three parts! Time will tell, but as it isn’t yet finished, I can’t say…

In the meantime a short update. Two weekends ago my Queen and I had some surprising time alone. My son informed us at the last minute that he was going to be away for the weekend. This left the two of us and we love our time alone. So that weekend was rabbit sex weekend. My Queen was horny and we had sex multiple times. She had numerous orgasms! At the start I was caged and so this is Angus trying to erect and erecting after being released! Angus shows the cage marks after he is released in the photo above. The sex was great and Angus was fortunate to get a blow job more than once–though he had no releases. In fact we had sex so often, that Angus was rubbed raw! The frenulum had a tiny sore that was oh so sensitive!! My Queen therefore allowed me to go without the cage for all of last week. In fact it was Monday of this week before I was recaged. I’m happy to say that Angus is completely healed and looking forward to this weekend (which should also be a rabbit sex weekend).

Last weekend my Queen surprised me. She decided to use clothespins on me. I made no suggestions so I have no idea where she got the idea from.

She only used four pins, but she did both nipples (I have extremely sensitive nipples) and she put two on my scrotum. I then made love to her this way. It is more challenging to do so as I had to try and avoid banging into them or knocking them off.

Still we had a great time. Yesterday she texted me hat she had a surprise for me. As we were getting into bed, I remembered and asked what the surprise was. She laughed and said I had to figure it out.

Nothing more need be said. I immediately thought it was something she did to her body. Realizing it was unlikely to be anything she had to have someone else do, I thought I had to check out her pubic area. And sure enough, she had shaved completely. Now I have been after her to do this since we first met. I have no idea what prompted her to do so and I have no idea how long she’ll keep it this way. But both Angus and I were turned on!! I wasn’t allowed to do anything more ham to gently stroke her mound but damn, Angus was cramped!!! I’m really looking forward to Saturday and the weekend. I will get a few good pics for sure (if she lets me😜).

On a last note, I reposted a post by Thumper at the end of July about a company in Germany that manufactures bracelets and other items. These bracelets lock on with a special “key” and are therefore not removable. I really liked the idea and spoke to my Queen. She agreed so I went and ordered one. It took 5-6 weeks to arrive, but I am wearing it now. It is a symbol of my devotion and respect of my Queen. It also says she has the last word. I am so wanting someone to ask about it. I’m sure someone will at some time.

The photo above shows the spot where the key is used to lock/unlock the bracelet. It hasn’t come off once since it went on. And since I don’t know where the key is, it may never come off!!


  1. Hi Michael:
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.
    OMG, what a wonderful weekend. I hope this upcoming one will be another great one for you both too.
    I have been thinking lately I guess due to some e-mail exchanges how Femdom Relationships bring together so much love and intimacy between the couple. Life is more then sex but beings a gift to us to use together. I feel we are closer to our partners, your post shows that to me, weird huh? It sure seems like it.
    Wow, it looks like angus was pretty swollen in his cage with the marks on your beautiful penis..
    I see why Queen decided to give you a blowjob, hopefully Her kind act helped it swell to such a state that the cage marks disappeared..

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  2. Wow Michael, great recount and photos. I am impressed by your ability to bring your Queen to orgasm many times with your cock without cumming yourself. I wish I could do that.

    I am curious; my nipples are extremely sensitive too (my Wife’s favorite target to “torture”), placing clothpins there makes me wince, jump up and down and moan with intensive pain/pleasure. It can trigger a ruined orgasm if I am riding the edge at the time. But I can barely feel clothpins placed on my scrotum (the skin, not the balls). They do almost nothing for me there. Is it the same with you?

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    • The nipples are definitely unpleasant. (I’ve actually “misplaced” our nipple clamps)… The two on my scrotum were definitely felt as well. Particularly if they were banged or touched. I was pleased to have all four removed though that isn’t a great feeling initially either! 😂


      • Thank you.
        I must admit that I enjoy the nipple play, it is the type of pain that realy turns me on, more than erotic spanking. When the endorphins run out it is a different story, but that is the price I pay. It can take several days before the bruising and the painful sensitivity is gone. But scrotal sack, almost nothing, unless somebody pulls on the clothpins. The same clothpins placed anywhere near or on the head of my cock – it really hurts…

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  3. Just discovered your blog from your comments on Dorina’s. Very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing. My Domme is more into spankings, CBT, piss. I would love for her to focus more on caging me and making me go weeks or months without orgasm but she is not yet to the point of doing this full time. It can be a lot of work on her but it is her call at this point and I can live vicariously through your posts:)

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