CFnm Fantasy Part 2

Now before I get going, I apologize in advance to any of my invitees if I go too far with my fantasy–or not far enough! 😜  When you involve real people whom you have met here in blogspace, you don’t want to offend them.  So please take this fantasy with a large grain of salt!

Part 2

There is a good variety of food available–a chicken dish, a pasta dish, a vegan dish and a fish dish.  The caterers give me a checklist and I return to the ladies to take their orders. I merely have to check off what each lady desires and then bring it to them.  Approaching each lady with my head down, I ask for their orders.  This is strangely exciting to me and Angus does try to rise to the occasion… but the jailbird does it’s job!


I return to the kitchen and hand the list to the caterers.  They begin to make up the plates while I attend to the beverages.  I take a tray of drinks out to the ladies and return to the kitchen.  The first meals of the day are ready and I start by taking two meals out to the first guests.  NaughtyNora is one of the ladies I must pass to deliver these two meals.  As I move past her, she slides her foot quickly into my path and achieves the desired result!  I fall and the meals go flying landing all over Floss and Liz–with a fair amount finding the floor.  I glance over at my Queen and see how unhappy she is.  I don’t believe she saw Nora trip me and I realize I will regret this fall at some point  this evening.  I tidy up quickly and take the ruined entrees back to the kitchen.

The caterer’s are unimpressed.  “No wonder you took so long!  You’ve ruined two entrees and according to what your Queen told us we are to punish you if your service is inferior!  Bend over this table!”  I do as requested and the head caterer hammers my ass with the wooden spoon.  For someone who has never thought of spanking a full grown man, she definitely has the knack!  “Don’t screw up again!” she demands as she hits me one last time particularly hard.  I hear a crack and then she laughs.

“Wow… they don’t make these very tough anymore!”  She holds up two pieces of the wooden spoon.  “I’ll have to get something else from your Queen.  Now get the rest of these meals on the table before they are cold!”

I continue to serve the meals.  When everyone is eating and has everything they need, I retire to the corner and sit with my eyes downward.  There I wait until someone needs a refill on their beverage.  While I wait there, the head caterer (Lyn) comes out to speak with my Queen.  Showing her the broken spoon, my Queen laughs and then turns to Carly.  Of course Carly has something else to use in spanking!  She leaves and returns with a wicked looking hair brush!  I notice and determine to myself to behave perfectly!!


As the meal draws to a close, I rise from the corner and start to clear away the dishes.  As Lyn, the head caterer is busy preparing the desserts, the second caterer (Tanesha) supervises my putting the dishes into the dishwasher.  She is a statuesque black girl and I know she wanted to spank me earlier and was a bit upset that Lyn did it without giving her a chance.  She is just itching to give me a spanking.

Luckily, she doesn’t find anything objectionable to my dishwasher loading techniques, and as I finish there, Lyn calls me to serve the desserts.  As I move past Tanesha, she slaps my ass with her hand.  But I know I’m good for now.

Once dessert has been served, eaten and cleaned up, I return to the main room.  The ladies were enjoying their after dinner drinks and relaxing in the family room.  Carly and my Queen disappear into the kitchen and return with the two caterers.  I guess they invited the two girls to stay for the rest of the proceedings.

Seeing everyone relaxing, MissusMistress said, “Hey let’s get this show on the road!!” Then she laughed and was joined by many of the others.

“Fair Enough,” said my Queen.  She moved over to a jar that I hadn’t noticed by the door.  Reaching into the jar, she pulled out a number of pieces of paper and started to read them.  “Hmmmm, this is interesting,” she mumbled.  “Okay, there are a few things listed here.  Michael,” she addressed me, “when the ladies arrived, I asked them to write down anything they wanted to see tonight.  Not sure if we can do everything here, but we can certainly try!  I can see the possibility of a few competitions and of course some spanking!  Ok… First things first. Several people wanted to see Michael spanked.  We have more than one implement here–a cane (courtesy of Nora), a heavy flogger that I brought from home, a wooden paddle brought by MissusMistress (MM), this hair brush of Carly’s and a horse whip brought by Jennifer.  Who would like to try one of these out?”

At that moment, Floss interrupted, “You suggested that Michael be spanked for any misbehaviours.  Shouldn’t he be spanked for spilling the food over me and Liz?”  Everyone nodded agreement when Liz added,

“Nora should also be spanked!  She tripped Michael causing the spill.  While I agree that Michael should have been more careful, Nora definitely misbehaved.”  Again there was a room full of agreement.  Floss and MM took control at that point.   My Queen was content to sit back and watch.  Nora was positioned over the Lazyboy chair while I was positioned bent over the couch.  We were both restrained in those positions.

Suddenly, Sweetgirl piped up, “Michael is dressed appropriately, but Nora is wearing a lot of clothing for a spanking.”

“I agree,” said Floss and she moved over and quickly yanked Nora’s clothing exposing her delicious derriere to the eyes of everyone.  “Now who’s first?”

Obviously not a shrinking flower, Tanesha stepped forward.  “I will spank Michael and I’ll use the paddle.”

Carly said she would start with Nora and picked the cane.  Nora and I were going to have very red asses in short order.

With that, people moved around to get good views but also being careful not to get in the way of those spanking.  Tanesha had obviously never spanked anyone before, but what she lacked in knowledge, she more than made up for in enthusiasm.  She started going hard and didn’t hesitate to spank with multiple strikes and no pause between them.

On the other hand, Carly started a little softer and between each stroke, she soothed and stroked Nora’s ass.  Still it wasn’t very long before she was using a great deal of force too.

The air was filled with sounds–my grunts that followed Tanesha’s paddle smacks and Nora’s short little hiccups of pain that followed Carly’s cane thwacks! And in the background the noise of conversation and laughter!

I felt my ass cheeks heating up and knew that Nora was feeling the same. I could see the lines showing on her delicious ass. I could also see Dorinda hefting the flogger. I knew Dorinda didn’t use corporal punishment in her home but it appeared she was curious about it.

MM broke in–“Anyone else want to give it a try?” Dorinda indicated she’d try the flogger out on me while Floss said she’d use the hair brush on Nora! I knew my ass was becoming very red and I wondered if it was as red as Nora’s! In between smacks from Dorinda, I watched Floss as she gave smacks to Nora. She would vary the strength and rhythm of them and also pause periodically to stroke and gently rub Nora’s ass. Meanwhile Carly and others helped Dorinda get the hang of flogging me.

After some time my Queen stood up. “Did everyone have a chance to put an idea in the jar?  If not, feel free to write down things you might like to see or try while we are all here! Keep the sheets anonymous if you like and place them in this container. I’ll go through them and we’ll see what is suggested.

As the spankers changed again–Missy using the cane on me and Sweetgirl using the paddle on Nora, the other women wrote their ideas down, folded and put them into the container! I was amazed at how hard Missy struck me. I was not enjoying this spanking and knew I was getting welts on my ass. I did find it interesting to see what a sensual spanking Sweetgirl was giving Nora! After every blow, she caressed Nora’s ass and I could see Nora responding as her face became more and more flushed! Finally my Queen suggested that the spankers should change one last time. Liz and Violet volunteered with Violet using the flogger on Nora. Liz decided to use her hand on me. The sounds changed as the flogger made its heavy thud against Nora’s ass and Liz punctuated that with rapid slaps on me. She would give 3-4 Hard rapid smacks and then pause briefly before delivering 1-2 maximal smacks and then stroking me gently. I can’t speak for Nora but my ass was on fire! Finally my Queen stopped the spankings. Nora and I had been spanked for close to 35 minutes.

“I’ve had a look through your papers, and we have some intriguing suggestions.

I would love to finish this off, but a third part is required. Please remember that this is fantasy and all actions ascribed to my fellow bloggers are only happening in my twisted mind! 😜


  1. Hi Michael:
    Wow, you have very good writing skills. I felt my self at the party eating and drinking with many of the same people you follow. Its interesting how we take away a little more perceived knowledge of them with each post and comment they leave on WordPress.
    You are right that I practice it but in your party setting with other D/s friends, if my juices are flowing anything could happen. If ever at a party with this guest list I do believe my juices would actually be flowing.
    I would be perfect in part 3 as an edger and strap-on queen, two of my three favorite activities I use on my husband.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The CFNM has been more and more on my mind lately. Maybe because my wife as kept her clothes on several times recently while she is teasing me and when I beg to fuck her she declines. I am finding it exciting to be nude in front of a room of women who know I am controlled by my wife.
    Loved your story but wouldn’t want to be there getting spanked with you 😉

    Liked by 2 people

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