A Typical Day!! Or It’s Not All Edging and Orgasms!

I’ve now been in a cage for quite some time–well over two years–it’s really amazing how fast time flies. Being in a cage is the norm. I actually feel a little strange when I’m out and Angus can erect at any time he wants! Though standing to pee is a nice bonus! lol

Still I thought I’d take you through a normal day. Unlike the fantasies that are so prevalent and that drive men to pursue this lifestyle, real life isn’t fantasy.

So this is a typical weekday for me and my Queen!! My day starts early! At 4:00 am, my alarm goes off. I will usually be out of bed in 3-4 minutes as I like to get to the gym by 4:40-4:45. I remove my cage and put on my gym clothing. The key is set out each night so that I don’t have to bother my Queen in the morning. As I don’t know where she keeps it and am not allowed to look for it, it’s just easier this way.

Sometimes my Queen will pull me back into bed and caress Angus!! Sometimes Angus is allowed into Kitty though it’s just for a little teasing! We both have to get going and there isn’t a lot of time. On days like these, I often leave for the gym with an erect Angus!

At any rate, when my Queen is finished with me I move downstairs and drink my pre workout beverage and take my supplements! While doing this I often check WordPress and will make comments on new posts that appeared overnight.

Gathering my work gear, briefcase, and gym bag, I’m out the door and on my way to the gym! Ideally this happens by 4:35 but hopefully no later than 4:45. The day has started!

I work out at the gym usually for about an hour fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. Then I take a steam, clean up and get dressed. Just before I leave the gym I head into a toilet stall and put the cage back on. I have no key so it’s on until my Queen removes it or I’m going to the gym the next day.

My Queen is usually at the gym when I’m leaving so I touch base with her giving her a kiss and we’ll wishes for her day!! Sometimes, depending on where we are, she’ll reach down to ensure Angus is in his cage. That’s always a turn on.

Not much happens while I’m at work on a normal day. We will often exchange texts and sometimes my Queen will send me dirty texts or messages. Rarely she will send me suggestive pics or racy selfies. I love that.

When I get home from work I will usually prepare dinner and afterwards share in or do the cleanup.

At that point we prepare our lunches and supplements for the next day. THEN, we get to sit down and relax. We will usually cuddle together on he couch. After a short time we’ll head upstairs and get ready for bed. Often before I’m allowed into bed, I will have to recite my mantra. Failure to do so correctly means corner time and then another try. She doesn’t have me recite the mantra every night–just when she feels like it. Then we’ll watch one of our shows and cuddle in bed. Before long, it’s lights out and we’re sleeping. This is usually around 10:00. On a good day we’ve been able to watch about an hours worth of TV. Usually it’s less than that.

One last thing that will occasionally happen during the week is punishment. I have sensitive nipples and almost every day at some point my Queen will squeeze and twist them in response to something she didn’t like me doing. It’s considered mild punishment but it is effective. Occasionally I will get some swats and more frequently she’ll zap me.

And that is a typical day. Sometimes (very infrequently) I might be edged. But edging usually tends to happen on weekends.

So there isn’t a ton of sex during the week. Occasionally in the morning my Queen will need an orgasm. Sometimes she wants one at night but those are the exceptions rather than the rule. And yet the cuddling, my mantra, the text teases, the pictures, the punishment and the occasional cage checks all add up to keeping me excited and focussed on my Queen. These things keep the FLR real and help keep me in the correct mindset. I’m living the fantasy, but my fantasy is real. What you typically read on the internet is fantasy and likely no one is living it!

Now weekends… mmmm mmmm


  1. Hi Michael:
    Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with us.
    Its good timing, after my last post I have been thinking a lot about normal life (I have a normal life).
    I got many wacked out comments that I did not post. It seems many men have a fantasy that a Femdom relationship is 24 hours a day. We are in a 24/7 relationship but we, like you and your queen, actually have a full life of what any other successful couple’s have except our Femdom piece.
    Sure overtones are felt thru out the day, some planned, some just part of being in a D/s relationship are felt by both of us, but for us, unless he is serving my friends and or sister is generally much less than 3 hours a day of direct submission. 21 hours left, lol
    Marriage is not just sex, its kind of a business with many fluid dynamics, now; throw in Children, grandchildren, health, etc. I believe you really need to commit in a D/s relationship to the long haul long term.
    It’s Just my opinion.

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