I Thought You Were Crazy!

So a few months ago my Queen suggested she wasn’t sure our FLR was working for her. I was being too well behaved and she didn’t like that I wasn’t showing my desire as much. In short I wasn’t mauling her enough! My stroking and attempted touching of her breasts and Kitty had diminished dramatically because it was against the rules. But the side effect of that was she wasn’t feeling desired or wanted. Nothing could be further from the truth. Another thing she indicated to me was that she felt like a nag looking for rules infractions. So we sat down and had a talk.

While I was enjoying how things were, it was important to me that my Queen also was enjoying the lifestyle. She said that sometimes she felt like looking for infractions and sometimes she didn’t. But she felt pressured to look for them all the time and she didn’t like feeling like my mother or nag.

So we made some changes. When she’s in the mood she looks/watches for infractions. I continue to try and obey the rules at all times. I also have let my hands wander again. I try and pay attention to her mood but I’m once again more of my touchy feely self. Of course this will sometimes result in punishment but honestly, it’s worth it! 😜

Still another thing that occurs less frequently is punishment. We may go a couple of weeks between punishment sessions! This can mean that my number is very high and that the punishments are intense. But if this works for my Queen then who am I to complain. With this in mind, remember I purchased a barbecue shovel for punishment purposes on my Queen’s order. Truly this is a nasty device. So we keep a separate number just for that implement. When we returned from Mexico, she had given me quite a few additions to that number and we had the opportunity to use it shortly afterwards. It was an unexpected opportunity and I hadn’t the time to psych myself up for the swats. She wanted to use the bathroom to spank me because she could watch my face in the mirror. We were joking when she paddles me once. My reaction caused her to start laughing. And then despite the stinging sensation in my ass I was laughing too. After a moment she paddled the other ass cheek. And we burst out laughing again. This delayed the third strike and when my Queen was under control, she examined my ass. Already I had a bruise on both cheeks–from one blow each!! She stopped right then, saying she wasn’t going to permanently hurt me. Since then she has only used that paddle once–and only for a couple of smacks. So I’m not sure what will happen with this in the future. I hate the paddling but like the idea of it and also feel proud afterwards for taking it. At some point we will likely have a talk about using it!

However since that first talk a few months ago, things have been much better.

Last weekend, out of the blue, she told me,”I thought you were crazy when you wanted to try this FLR thing. But I’m really enjoying it. I’m not sure I could go back to the way things were before!” This made me feel good. Because she is appreciating how things are and what I’m doing. It made Angus cramp his cage–and that is never a bad thing!! 😜


  1. It’s great that you both are having fun. Laughing is fine. Punishment isn’t any less painful because it causes laughter. I’m pretty sure that if she continued, she might still laugh, but you wouldn’t. I had a couple of thoughts:

    You may want to get a punishment paddle designed for spanking. They are less likely to bruise, and if they do, the bruises fade quickly. Mrs. Lion’s favorite is this one (https://secure.leatherwerks.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=ST-13641) 1/2″ thick in oak. It’s very effective and hurts like hell. I’ve had two of these for many years.

    My other thought is to consider simplifying the way you earn punishment. Unless your wife enjoys keeping track of demerits, some do, it is easier to just get punished any time there is an infraction. That’s how it works with us. Mrs. Lion may be less severe for a minor offense, but is more likely than not going to treat all equally. The idea is to make things as easy as possible. If she isn’t in the mood, she’ll delay punishment until she is, or she might decide to forgive me without a beating.

    Of course, whatever works for you is what you should do. I would suggest getting tools designed for spanking. For example, your grill shovel probably has sharp corners. The edges are what probably bruises you so easily. Now that you both are committed to your FLRD, it may be worth the investment to get tools designed for tanning your hide.

    Have fun!

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    • Thanks for the response. With children still in the home, punishment happens when they are not around. So timely punishment suffers. And my Queen seems to like keeping track of the numbers. It’s the system she suggested.


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