CFnm Part 3!

Handing my leash to Tanesha, my Queen indicated that she should take me out of the room because the ladies had to discuss what would happen the rest of the evening.  While I was out of the room and unable to hear what was being said, the ladies discussed how the evening would go and who would participate as opposed to being strict voyeurs.

Meanwhile Tanesha was taking turns stroking my body and then slapping my ass with her hand.  After the spanking I had already endured, I was feeling her hand.  At the same time her hand stroking me had Angus trying to bust out of his cage.  Lyn came into the room and grabbed my leash from Tanesha pulling me back into Carly’s living room.

Carly was standing in the centre with some black thing in her hand.  My Queen nodded at her indicating she had the floor.

“Well Michael, we have a few things we want to do to you tonight.  The first two contests require you to wear this hood.”  She held up the black object which was revealed as a hood with an opening for my mouth and covers over the eyes.  “In this way, you will have to use your other senses to determine who we are asking about.”

“In our first contest, some of the women here have agreed to have you perform orally on them.  You have two jobs:  first, to tell which of the women you taste is your Queen, and second, with only five minutes, give as many of the women an orgasm as is possible.  With that limited time, we realize that may be an impossible task.”  And with that she approached me and put the hood over my head.  Instantly sounds were muted dramatically and I was unable to see.  This was going to be a big challenge.


Most of our guests had worn dresses or skirts–this would prove to be an advantage for this event.  My leash was pulled by someone, and led by Angus, I was taken to a spot on the opposite side of the room.  Someone pushed down on my head and I sank to my knees.  I was then pulled forward by my neck and suddenly my mouth was against a lovely and warm pussy.  Knowing my task, I immediately started to feel out the woman in front of me.  I ran my tongue over her clitoris and then down her lips on one side and up the other.  Whomever it was, she was excited.  She seemed to have a thin landing strip on her mons so I knew she wasn’t my Queen.   She was leaking–a delightful and tasty liquid that I decided to enjoy.  I ran my tongue deep into her vagina and finished at the apex.  She shivered and I started to play with her clit.  I could tell she was receptive, so I started to play with her in earnest!  I couldn’t figure out who she might be, but I could hear her breathing changing and their thighs started to squeeze against my head.  I bore down wanting to give her an orgasm if at all possible and then she shivered and let out a loud moan.  I kept at her till she pushed me away.  One down and more to go…

Another woman sat in front of me and pulled me forward.  Damn I was enjoying this.  Again I was certain that this wasn’t my Queen.  The aroma was wrong though they were clean shaven like my Queen.  I proceeded to tease this girl.  I knew my teases were starting to work, but I ran out of time before she had an orgasm.  While neither of us wanted me to stop, rules were rules.

And so it continued. Fully seven women pulled me to their groins. Four had orgasms including my Queen–she was the fifth woman–I was certain. She actually had two orgasms and flooded my mouth with her juices! She was so excited that she came almost immediately when my mouth touched her Kitty.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end and this delightful episode was over. I was pulled back to my feet and Carly pulled the hood from my face. Standing in front of the women, Angus straining at his cage, I saw a small pile of panties.

“I had a sudden idea,” said Floss. “Why don’t we see if Michael can determine who’s panties are here? He’ll know who he was kneeling before, but it could be another fun game”

“First though, he needs to tell us who he was in front of and which one was his Queen!” said Violet.

“What about a punishment for any errors he makes? Perhaps using the zapper?” asked Missy.

Jennifer thought and suggested, “Maybe 10 zapps per error?”

“And if he doesn’t get his Queen correct, perhaps he should get 50 zapps!” mused Dorinda.

“Great idea. Can I do some of the zapps?” Nora looked around the room.

Several of the women indicated they also wanted to play with the zapper. My Queen nodded and said, “These are great ideas but first we must remove the cage and have Michael put on the zapper!”

“I’d like to do that. I have been trying to get s to wear one, but we only have a mass produced cage at home. I’d like to see how a custom one fits.” MissusMistress looked over at my Queen and was given a nod. My Queen reaches around her neck and removed the key. She handed it to MissusMistress. Everyone gathered round as MissusMistress unlocked the cage. She removed the padlock and slowly pulled off the cage. Angus was excited and the cage was snug but she had success.

“The ring is impossible to remove at this time. He needs to be flaccid for that to happen.” stated my Queen. She handed me the zapper and I put it on. Angus was erect and showed cage marks as he had been trying to break the cage for hours. Tanesha reached forward and stroked Angus making me jump.

“This is so cool!” She stated.

Well I wanted to finish this in three parts but again I am way too wordy. So I’ll have to have a part four. Sorry about that. I do have a few more ideas that I’ve indicated. But like my friend Liz (the wonderful author) suggests, sometimes things take you where you hadn’t planned to go.


  1. Hi Michael:
    This is a wonderful story. It gives me a great idea for my husband.
    I think I could share his oral service with very close friends if he did not know who he was servicing. I wonder if there is such a hood that is of good quality to be sure he doesn’t know who he is down on.

    Liked by 1 person


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