It’s Been Ages—or Is Collaredmichael Still Alive?

It has been so long since I posted. I usually write four to five posts a month and it’s been over a month now since I posted. Wow. There have been some posts I wanted to do and I need to finish my CFnm story. But I’ve been so busy.

Life always intrudes. We have work that can get in the way, families, health, so many potential drains on our time.

I’ve had two orgasms in the past 6 weeks! The last was 19 days ago. One of them I filmed and then was filmed cleaning up my cream pie. My Queen gets off on having me do this so it’s become the standard in our home. She loves to see me cum too so my waits are shorter. She has told me that there will be no more year plus waits for me–unless she changes her mind! lol

But before I share these videos, I need to edit them and that means I need to get some new software. Months ago my computer died in epic fashion. My old software was on it and I haven’t gotten around to looking for new software for the new computing beast. But it is coming (cumming) lol.

We’ve moved my father into his new home. He seems to be managing ok. But he is far from a young man and he can be stubborn. So we will see how it goes.

I organized and ran a Terry Fox event trying to raise money to fight cancer. It was very successful so I was pleased. But it’s a lot of work and takes time to do.

My job has been busier than usual requiring more time–as a salaried employee, your hours are not fixed and at certain times of the year you just have long weeks!

I am also coaching a sports team of young men 17-19 years old. Between practices and games I spend so many of my excess hours each week with them that they are almost like my family.

In addition over the last two months, I’ve had to attend three funerals. Two close friends and a member of my extended family. Two of the three were in November.

I do hope to finish my fantasy soon. I do hope to start blogging regularly again as well.

As we enter the Christmas season, I am glad to have so many friends here on WordPress! I have managed to keep up with all of you, though at times I’m days late reading your posts!


  1. I’m so sorry for your losses. Did your queen have her operation and if so I really hope she is recovering well. I think autumn is busy for us all but it sounds like you have been extra busy. I hope you’re all well 😊

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  2. All the squeaky wheels get the grease. It’s good to hear that you’re well, you’ve been busy with so many good things. I look forward to seeing the video. iMovie is free and easy to use for video editing if you have an iPhone or iPad. Wishing you all the best of the season!

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  3. Your life sounds very hectic. I do hope that you’ll be able to post as regularly as you would like soon.

    I am sorry for recent losses. Your work to raise money for cancer is very worthwhile. It affects so many, so thank you for your efforts.

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  4. Great to see an update from you, Michael! I am sorry you have suffered so many losses lately, but applaud your upbeat and happy attitude. Love hearing that your sex life is still smokin’ hot as ever, and what I wouldn’t give to see one of those videos… 🙂

    All my love to you and your Queen this holiday season! Naughty or nice…naughty is more fun 🙂

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