Christmas is Coming, But Not Me! Stats!

The year end approaches in the past two years I have had 14 orgasms. And between January 7, 2017 and May 7, 2018 I didn’t cum once–485 days! However since May 7th, my Queen has had me cum 13 times (the last 31 days ago). I have also had one ruined orgasm since May. Last week my Queen suggested I had cum too often this year. She suggested I would have to wait till January or even February! But she can change her mind at any time so I will just continue to try and please her. My Queen has orgasmed 177 times since May 7th. That is over a 228 day span. So I’m not at a one orgasm a day clip for her in these past few months.

Now for each of these orgasms (except one) that I’ve had, I have been made to clean my mess. It seems cream pies are my norm now.

So the video above was taken two orgasms (for me) ago. The next video shows me doing my cleanup duty. I have tried editing but have been limited with what I can do.

So this is the iMovie version. I actually bought some software for editing videos but have been unable to access my videos through the software. Frustrating but I’ll keep trying and hopefully eventually have success. It would be a pain to make a purchase and then be unable to actually use the program.

I hope to find time over the next few weeks to finish my CFnm fantasy. And I’m looking forward to a fabulous new year! 2019 will be great–at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. My Queen says I’ll be lucky to have 12 orgasms next year. That sounds like an abundance of orgasms really. After going 485 days, having to wait a maximum of maybe 60 days would be easy! There’s something delicious about being frustrated over and over again! But I don’t expect many would understand.

So I wish all my WordPress friends the best of this holiday season. Merry Christmas!!


  1. Wishing a very merry Christmas to you and your Queen. I have enjoyed following your blog and reading about your incredible journey. May 2019 bring you both just the right number of orgasms 😊

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  2. Wow, great video…thanks for sharing, I’ve had 2 full blown orgasms this year, but many ruined orgasms, and I always get to do my clean up duty. Wish I could get it on video.

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  3. Good for You Michael and hot videos. Believe me, I do understand what you mean by delicious frustrations. I am not far behind you, over this year my Wife brought my orgasms down from 1-2 per week to about the same number per month. I love/hate this regimen, but mostly love it. She doesn’t cum as often as your Queen and I would love Her to. But She’s the Boss calling all the shots in our sexual activities.
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you, your Wife and everybody else.

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  4. Wow Michael!! Very hot! What a treat to watch the two of you together. I love that you did clean up as well. Now I know what to ask about for Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to more juicy stories in 2019!

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  5. Read this on my phone just before the holidays and realized I never got around to comment! I can’t watch your videos yet because of the kiddo lol but I’ll watch them later. May 2019 bring you more orgasms!

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  6. And watching you clean up…wow. I’ve only had that experience once (it was erotic, but not for me)! But watching you and having read your blog over the years, I understand where that fella was coming from, now. I think I’ve been with men who wanted an flr with me, but didn’t know how to get their needs met. What would be your advice for men to ask for this? I would’ve tried it but I never had a clear signal (or I missed it).

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    • I really think the best thing is to simply ask and speak about it with the woman. It is difficult to do, but I lived a life where I kept my desires from my wife. I won’t ever do that again.


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