A Year End Review! Or Let’s Do This Again!

As the year comes to an end, I am grateful for my Queen and all she is to me! We laugh together and face all of life’s ups and downs as a united front. She forgives me my faults and imperfections! She gives my life meaning!

I also want to thank those of you who read my every post making comments! Some of you have become true friends and I appreciate your friendship. There are many wonderful folk here on WordPress! I feel honoured to know a few of them.

This year has been full of ups and downs as are most years. My job has been going well though it has been extremely busy! My Queen has suffered a change in her job which resulted in a change in our household income–about $1000 less income each month. We have adjusted and though things are tight, we are surviving. There will be no holiday away from home this year though.

There have been a couple of deaths to contend with this past fall and our clothes washer died two days before Christmas! In addition over the Christmas break I have lost over two thousand dollars in fish. The fish loss is a result of my failing to clean my tank regularly because of the deaths and my business. It’s my own fault. I will not let life intrude on my duties there again. The good news is my tank is recovering. The water is slowly changing back to a liveable environment. At some point soon I will start to restock the tank.

On the chastity front, it’s now been three years since Angus has been caged! Our latest contract ends in June. I’m hopeful that before then we might extend it for another lengthy period of time. I love living this FLR life.

This past calendar year my Queen has had 260 orgasms and there is a slight chance I can raise that number today. Meanwhile I had 13 orgasms as well as one ruined. Currently it is 43 days since my last orgasm. The way my Queen is talking, it is likely I will have only 12 orgasms next year. Regardless of the number I’m looking forward to another year with my lady. There is nothing better than waking beside her!

Her orgasm totals would have been higher but I had 5 surgeries this past year. So I was down for portions of the year. The surgeries weren’t major, but three required general anesthesia and slowed me down (at least temporarily).

There have been many posts lately about the power of eyes! I so enjoy gazing at my Queen’s eyes. They tell the tale of how she is feeling with honesty and with openness. At times her eyes sparkle like moonlight on a dark sea. That very sight gets my blood moving and Angus feels cramped.

I am visual. I love to see my Queen naked. It’s a feast I never tire of. There are times she blindfolds me and then my other senses take over. I relish her touch and scent. At those times I don’t want to see as I’m enjoying the sensations far too much. Not knowing exactly what is to happen adds a thrill to the experience!

Still most of the time I can see my Queen. and that’s how I like it. My heart flutters and my breath changes when I see her and think of what we have. It’s not everyone who can share their life with their soulmate!


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts this year. But also thank you for commenting so much on our posts, we really appreciate the time you take to do that. Wishing you all the best for 2019 ☺

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  2. Synchronistic parallels are… frightening. I have suffered the loss of assured income. I work casually rather than contractually now… far out. There is much to think about, and I end up stressing myself because I fear I have no one who… understands this burden the way I do…
    You are a kind and loyal lover to your queen. Seeing that display of devotion and dedication makes this queen (of bloodied hearts) smile. 🙂 have a wonderful 2019, it’s gonna be a blast xx

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  3. Wow! 13 orgasms – that’s incredible! I can’t even imagine the strength and discipline that requires. You’re very lucky to have someone to explore that with and to push you further. I’m very sorry to hear about your fish! It seems like the pendulum is set to swing in the other direction for 2019, so Happy New Year!

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    • To be honest I was disappointed to have so many orgasms. Originally I wasn’t supposed to have any orgasms in 2018. But after 485 days my Queen decided she liked seeing and feeling me orgasm some of the time. So she changed things. But after working so hard for 485 days that orgasm was bitter sweet. It was awesome but… Still I gave her Angus and control of our sex life (including orgasm control for me), so I will not complain. I’ll just enjoy the ride.

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      • I’m not sure it becomes easier but it does start to become a point of pride. When you’re brought to the edge there is always that desire to cum, but then there’s the knowledge that it’s against the rules and the pride that you’ll be a “good boy” for not cumming. That does mean a lot.

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