CFnm Part 4

So as I start this I’m hoping it’s the last segment but who knows. At any rate, for anyone new, here are links to parts 1, 2, and 3.  So when we last left off, I was about to try and pair panties with the women I had gone down on–and also indicate whom I had had the pleasure of tasting…

“Should we take off his mask?” ddjennifer asked.

“I don’t think so; seeing the panties might give him too much of a hint!” responded Carly.

So I was seated on the floor and 6 pairs of panties were placed in my hand.  My job was to figure out who I had gone down on and also which pair of panties belonged to them.

“May I ask a question?” I was given permission, so I asked, “There appear to be only 6 pairs of panties here–I’m sure I went down on 7 of you!”

“True,” stated Nora, “but one of the women wasn’t wearing panties.”  If Angus wasn’t excited before, then he certainly was now!

So I started with the sniff test.  I drew each pair of panties up to my nose trying to match their odours to the women.  Honestly, it wasn’t really working, but it was fun to try!

So then I tried to determine which women I had gone down on and match their panties to them.


“Ok, here are my guesses.  Number one was Liz and these are her panties.  Number 2 was Lyn and these are hers,” I said as I held up a thong. “Number 3 was MM and I don’t think she was wearing panties.  Number 4 was Carly and these are hers; Number 5 was my Queen–no doubt!  And these are her panties!  Again no doubt!!”  I hear comments that indicate I am right at least about my Queen.  “I think number 6 was Tanesha and I’m guessing that these are her panties.  Finally I think number 7 was Dorinda and since these are the only panties left… they must be hers.”

“Well you weren’t totally wrong–nor totally right!” said Carly.  “Number 1 was Floss so that is two mistakes–those panties didn’t belong to Liz. That’s 20 zapps!

“And I was number two–so you got that right,” said Lyn. “But those weren’t my panties”

“That’s 30 zapps”, said Violet.

“You got me right too”, said MM.  “Totally, and it was a lucky guess that I wasn’t wearing panties.  So it’s still 30 zapps.”

“I was number 4 so you were wrong twice again.” said Tanesha “50 zapps now!”

“You were absolutely correct about me,” said my Queen.

“But totally wrong about me,” said Dorinda.  “I was number 6, not Tanesha, so another 20 zapps!”

“And you were also wrong about me,” laughed ddJennifer.  “So another 20 zapps!”

“hmmm 90 zapps total… let’s make it an even 100!” stated my Queen.  “And perhaps a wager?”  I gazed at her wondering what she was thinking.  “What about we make it double or nothing or something like that?”

Everyone looked at her and I started to answer, “But why am I asking you?” she asked.  “My decision is final.  Since the blindfold is still on, who would be willing to give Michael a drink of their golden nectar?”  Dorinda raised her hand.  After a few moments, Floss, MM, and Carly raised their hands.  “Ok Michael, there are four women who have indicated they will share some of their liquid with you.  Your job is to determine who’s liquid you are drinking.  Get everyone right and there will be only 100 zapps.  For everyone you get wrong, you will get an additional 100 zapps.  If you get me wrong, we’ll add a thousand zapps.  And to make it fair, I’ll even tell you who the four ladies besides me are!  They are Dorinda, MM, Floss, and Carly!”

While the 5 women gathered together to determine how they would feed me their champagne, the remainder gathered around me and started to pin clothespins on my scrotum.

“I wonder how many clothespins we can get on here,” said Liz.

“He seems to like it,” opines Violet.  “Do you like this Michael?”

I nod yes as each of the girls apply more and more clothespins.  My scrotum is beginning to look like a porcupine.

The other women come back.  “We have decided to pee into glasses and then have you drink.  That way there are no physical cues to tip you off and the girls who are a little more shy won’t have any issues about performing in front of a crowd.  By the way I like your scrotal jewelry!” my Queen laughed.

Five glasses were lined up on the counter.  Each one was numbered.  This was for everyone else’s benefit as I wouldn’t be able to see the glasses.  One by one the women left the room and came back with a glass at least half full of their nectar.  These were then given to me.  Dorinda was first and her glass was full.  As I started to drink it, a chant of “CHUG CHUG” started.  The second glass was just half full (Carly–she had been a bit pee shy).  I drank again to the chant.

The third glass was also full.  I was certain it was my Queen’s.  The fourth and fifth glasses were almost full and in order were from Floss and MM.  But of course I knew nothing of the order and was beginning to feel the clothespins on my balls.

When I made my guesses I was only correct for my Queen and also for Carly.

“Fantastic,” exclaimed Nora, “Michael now has 400 zapps coming!  I’ve been wanting to see this zapper thing at work!”

“Aw let’s make it an even 500!” stated my Queen.  Inwardly I groaned.

“The evening is getting late” Carly suggested.  “The last things on the list are to watch him orgasm and then clean it up!”

“And taking off the clothespins,” added Violet.

“Where will we have him cum?” asked Lyn.

Tanesha pondered for a moment and then, “How about on my ass?  Then he can lick my ass clean! We can take the clothespins off as he masturbates.”

We moved into the kitchen.  Carly thought it would be easier to clean the tiled floor if I happened to miss Tanesha’s ass!

I started to masturbate and several women spit on Angus to provide lubrication.  Then Carly went and came back with some real lube.   My Queen stopped me and gathered all the women around her!  I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

As the women once again resumed their positions around me, my Queen put the zapper on me and Lyn reached out to take hold of Angus.  She started to stroke me.  Gradually everyone there took a turn.  When I got close, my Queen would stop the stroking and one of the ladies would start to zap me.  Each woman would give me 40-50 zapps making me jump and groan.  Most used the maximum of 15 to zap me at as that was my Queen’s recommendation.  After the zapps and after I quieted, she would let someone else resume the stroking.  The zapps did a great job of extending my duration!

Finally I got so very close to the edge.  All the zapps were done and my Queen stopped all the stroking and Tanesha placed her bum in front of my cock.  I desperately tried to fight the orgasm but suddenly my Queen gave me a three second maximum zap and I started to leak all over Tanesha’s ass and crack!  I was having a ruined orgasm… shit!  Then my Queen milked Angus to squeeze all the cum out of him and onto that beautiful black ass.  As she finished that, she pushed my face down to Tanesha’s ass and told me to clean up my mess!  I tongued Tanesha’s anus and crack as well as her cheeks where my spunk had dropped.  I was still so horny and Angus was still hard but it was clearly over.  Carly moved to the freezer and grabbed some ice to use on Angus.  When he had shrunk enough, my Queen put the cage back on.  My night of debauchery was over.  But it was fun!


So ends my fantasy.  Honestly I hope no one I included in this story was offended by anything.  That wasn’t my intention.  I also didn’t intend for this to go on for so long!






  1. I agree that if it’s your fantasy you should include it. There’s no point writing what you think others will want in a personal blog. You have so much detail on your fantasies which I found fascinating 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m with missusmistress, how did I miss the first 3 of these. It’s getting late, so now I have to debate sleep or reading the first 3 tonight.

    I’m with you on the details, that’s the fun part for me when I’m writing. When I can’t get into the details, I can’t get into the story at all.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You’re quite a writer Michael, good work, hot stuff. I wish I was there to help you entertain the Ladies, do you think there was enough of you there for all of them? 😛

    I know what you mean by the importance of the details. Details are everithing in a story like this, especially about the reactions and feelings of the main protagonist. If anything I wish you could provide more of them. But I realize how time-consuming the writing was..

    I look forward to the next sequel :), you know there will be one 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Michael:
    I loved this, I feel special that you included me in it.
    I wish in some ways I could live out this fantasy with several other woman and a captive man. That it would be safe for all. I especially enjoyed all the Doms coming together to make you cum, and that you were a good man cleaning up your mess.. I love using clothespins too.
    You know my favorite part is when the 5 of us made you drink our glasses of champagne; your story here made me twinge and start to moisten up. I immediately thought of my husband and putting him in this position, so far for him it has only been two at once.
    Thank you for your Fantasy..

    Liked by 1 person

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