Reader Writers—Or There’s More to Them Than Just A Blog!

Some interesting things. As I start to write this post, it is January 4th. Already I have more views than I had in 2016. I started this blog on July 24, 2016. For the remainder of that year I had under 6000 views. As of January 4th, only 4 days into 2019 I’m already well past 6000 views! So my thanks to all of you!! It’s quite remarkable really.

I have many readers who I also follow. And over the course of time I have become friends with them and found out a little about their lives. I mean we are largely anonymous, but we are sharing things about our lives at the same time. This sharing and vulnerability fosters the friendships and helps make blogging so worthwhile!

Some of the people who follow me are writers! This is an endeavour that many try and few succeed at. It requires great dedication and a willingness to look very critically at their own work to make it the very best that they can! You have to be disciplined and have great initiative to be a writer. Then there is the research required! Unless everything in the novel is well known to the writer, they must do research: venues, procedures, weather patterns etc. The small details can make or break a story. It’s a tough occupation! When I was much younger I tried to write a novel. I didn’t have the dedication or discipline though and I never got much past chapter one.

I read a lot! Mostly thrillers with some historical fiction thrown in. I also read historical nonfiction. On rare occasions I will read fantasy works. I have read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings as well as all The Narnian Chronicles more times than I can count. I also will read erotica related to my kinks. When I was much younger this “dirty writing” was responsible for many masturbatory orgasms on my part! Now it just helps my level of horniness as I haven’t masturbated in quite a long time.

All that being equal, I am moving away from books and into electronic books. I have a Kobo machine–my second one actually. I like it a lot. I took 70 books (and could have taken many more) with me on holiday this year and together they are small, lightweight and compact. I can also very easily buy English books no matter where I am in this world.

Recently I decided to try and get a book by each of my writer followers. They are Carly Quinn, Liz Durano, and most recently Pia Monroe! Each of them has their own blog and I invite you to visit them.

So as I said I went looking to get something from each of them. I picked up a book by Liz just before Christmas. Haven’t had a chance yet to read it, but based on all I have read by Liz, I’m sure I will be pulled into her story–it’s a romance and not usually my cup of tea, but I am a sucker for sentimental movies (ie chick flicks) so I’m sure I’ll like it.

Carly has a book I’d like to read, but it isn’t available on Kobo. So my choices are to perhaps purchase a paper copy of one of her other books or hope that she gets onto the Kobo sales list.

I read a short story by Pia that is really a serialized story. I read part one. It was erotica–I think that is virtually all she writes. I really enjoyed this. A powerful woman is convinced to go to a fetish party that is held in the home of two rich and powerful brothers. While there she wanders the house and encounters one of the brothers. It wouldn’t be fair to say much else at this point but she tells the story from both their viewpoints. This was intriguing and I loved the details. I’m a detail guy. I guess it’s one of the reasons I loved James Clavell & Herman Wouk and tend to like novels that are greater than 500 pages!

So I invite you to check out these three authors. I want to give my last post some time in the spotlight, so I’ll wait a few days before posting this. Maybe in that time I’ll find a copy of one of Carly’s works.


  1. Nice! I follow Liz as well, but will check out the others. Thank you for the recommendations.

    You’re right. The discipline for writing is the challenge!!

    And congratulations on growing your blog so spectacularly in just under three years! 🎉

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  2. E-books… I have like a couple of thousand of them. I wear out my Kindle app making use of my $9.99 subscription to Kindle Unlimited and maybe read like four or five books a month, sometimes more. I’ll look for the authors you mentioned!

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