Things That Make You Think.

I think most of the guys who wear cages spend a great deal of time thinking about how things are working and how we might be able to make it better.  I know I do. I think about changing my cage–perhaps making it shorter. I think about changing the size of the ring–again making it a little bit smaller. I think about trying different manufacturers and designs.

The Jailbird is an open cage. It is comfortable and makes maintaining one’s hygiene very simple and easy.

Still I have curiosity about other designs. I wonder how a solid cage would feel and wear like. Would a solid cage do a better job of preventing Angus from erecting? Would urination be easier? How about cleanliness?

I also wonder about the ring. A smaller ring would slip less when Angus tried to exert his strength, but might cause more difficulties than not. The ring I have now makes for a very tight cock ring when Angus erects. Sometimes my Queen will excite me and then decide to use Angus. While the cage can come off, at that time it is impossible to remove the ring so it stays on and does duty as a cock ring. It is very tight and making it smaller might be very uncomfortable. I do like the marks left on Angus when the cage comes off though!

It does take a moment for Angus to reach full size after being released from the cage. I think this is because blood is slowed from entering and exiting the penis. I also have to rotate the ring so the stub is below the boys!

So while I have questions I’m not sure I’ll ever try anything else. I believe a custom cage is the way to go. My jailbird is my 5th cage. I tried the others “off the shelf”. Then I ordered the sizing rings from Mature Metal. Using the four previous cages, the sizing rings and Mature Metal’s instructions I determined a size and sent away for it. Custom cages aren’t cheap. But I have been very happy with this cage. It’s virtually unnoticeable under my clothing unless I wear thin skin tight stuff–and since I don’t, people have no idea. I have to sit to pee but so does half the world’s population. It’s slower but not usually a problem. I sleep in it without issue too. On holidays and many weekends I am free as my Queen likes easy access!

Still I wonder… if I win a lottery I will try other things. I’ll need my Queen’s permission but money won’t be an issue then. There are lots of manufacturers out there and lots of cages! If I have the freedom to try anything I want I may find a cage I like better than my Jailbird. Mature Metal makes other cages that could be fun to try and I might like to play with the size of Jailbird I wear. It just costs money to do so.

I guess I just have to improve my skill at picking lottery tickets! Yup. That’s all!!

Incidentally it has been 62 days since my last orgasm. It begins to look like 12 orgasms for me is highly likely this year (at most)!


  1. I did wonder what having a cage felt like, personally I’d like to put a chastity belt on gem, we’ll have to investigate in the future.

    I think we all have a mental list of things we’d buy with our lottery winnings. So many naughty things we could buy!

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  2. I’ve often wondered what those that are caged thought about their hardware. Also, about the iterations that they go through in finding the ‘right one’, since there are so many choices out there to deal with, measuring, whether or not it will survive the shower, outdoor activities, urine and all the other little things one doesn’t really consider when they’re either poring through a catalog (old school) or perusing a website (new school).

    Thanks for your postings, they’ve been very interesting!

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  3. Thank you for posting these naughty images! Nothing like the sight of a very handsome cock in a cage with my morning coffee 🙂

    I would love to try a chastity belt some day…I imagine it would make me feel very sexy….

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  4. We have never really entertained the idea of a cage as we have a lot of sex but as the year turned over a cage came up as a punishment for having an unauthorized orgasm. It’s still just being kicked around but my wife never even knew what one looked like. How her wheels are spinning 🙂
    Not sure I could get to only 12 in a year but the way I am being graded, it dosent look like I’ll be getting the 52 I could potentially earn.

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