Quickies—Or The Tie That Binds!!

So there was a lot of snow promised for this weekend. My son canceled his trip to his biological father so that he could shovel his customers’ properties and make money. He does make a lot of money. His bank account is far healthier than his mother’s or mine!

At any rate he was out shovelling for a bit and his mother (my beloved Queen) and I decided to shower and make use of his time away. We didn’t spend a lot of time together as he could return at any time and we didn’t want to be caught in bed. lol. However once he’s out of the house, my Queen can relax. Relaxation is key for her to enjoy herself and experience orgasm.

We only spent about 30 minutes together–maybe 40, but that was enough for her to experience 6 orgasms and for me to be highly excited and agitated. Today was not a day for me to cum. If our son comes back to eat before finishing all his customers, we may squeeze another session in later today. That is up to my Queen–I just have to be ready.

These quickie sessions are very important. Sex brings couples together. The intimacy and vulnerability combined with the giving of each other to each other strengthens relationships and builds the resilience needed when tough times happen. And every couple will experience tough times. Unfortunately today far too many couples just give up when it gets tough. They end up missing the incredible relationships that make all of life special.

My Queen is my best friend. We spend a lot of time together. Sometimes just watching tv or doing the groceries. We clean house together. While I do most of the cooking sometimes we cook together and often we clean up together. When we go out it is usually just the two of us. Occasionally we spend time with friends but honestly most of the time it is just us two. We have experienced highs together and also some tremendous lows. And yet the key is we have done it together. Sex helps us stay focussed on each other! Quickies are like the quick connect or the glue that keeps us focussed on each other and keeps us strong!

The act of giving of oneself is endearing. It shows the other partner just how important they are to you. This cannot be trivialized. It is crucial to a happy and healthy relationship.

My Queen is my life! I have given myself to her and look forward to growing old with her. We laugh together and do what we can to keep the other happy. Do we fight? Occasionally and unfortunately! Though we haven’t fought in a long time. I think only once since we entered this FLR. I don’t sleep well when we are fighting. Life seems drab and listless! But when we are living in peace, life just doesn’t get any better. Especially when we settle the fight with a quickie! 😜

I found this picture on Pinterest when looking for a cover photo and found it amusing.

While we may have quickies with a good pump and polish, my rod almost never is completely polished… I always seem to have to go back for more polishing!

Chastity notes: Today is 63 days since my last orgasm! I was hopeful but it wasn’t to be! Still I had a lot of fun and it pleases me greatly to give my Queen orgasms!


  1. Nicely put Michael, I wholeheartedly agree. You are lucky to be in such a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Correction, I know it is not luck, you and your Queen built it and are still building it. You reap what you sow. I know how good giving oneself unconditionally feels like. I could work on spending more time with my dear Wife and Mistress though (and less at work).
    I just cannot understand how after two months of chastity you manage not to cum while satisfying your Wife. Or is it not through intercourse? I could never pull it off. I wish I had more control like you do.

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    • My Queen loves and wants penetration. I prepare in advance whenever I think she might get both the urge and the opportunity! Because she only wants the real Angus!
      I use “stud 100” and other delay creams. Though I haven’t used extensions in well over a year, I also have used them in the past—they remove some sensation and help.
      I also will go vigorously and then pull out and use my mouth for a while. But I do get very close! It is actually my mind that causes the most problems. If I start to fantasize the wrong way I will rapidly approach orgasm. So sometimes how/what she speaks brings me to the edge. Or what I’m thinking…😜.
      The delay creams are necessary because we sometimes have two hour sessions. And even yesterday I was inside her for at least 20 minutes. Couldn’t do it without the help. lol

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      • Thanks, that makes it more “of this world”, LOL, but still very impressive. I was always a “quick shooter”, about 5 minutes of vigorous fucking max at the best of times. Good enough for quickies but not for long love making. That is why I usually bring my Woman close enough to orgasm by other means first when She wants to cum from my penis.

        Numbing creams are unfortunately not for me. I tend to have problems maintaining full erections for long periods. I was diagnosed with mild venous leakage two years ago. Very frustrating. 😦 Erection pills work wonders, but I avoid using them as much as possible.

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      • Well, I do use erection pills, but not regularly. Side effects, stuffed nose and dyspepsia after repetitive use are the main reasons. Not show stoppers, but annoying enough. Plus my Wife doesn’t like me taking them.

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