The Fountain of Youth—hmm, or Soda Anyone?

Today we once again had mind blowing sex! To be honest, I never think we have anything but… Still today the faucets were really turned on! We woke up to a fresh amount of snow! It always looks so lovely just after a snowstorm. Our son had decided yesterday to visit his biological father so we were looking forward to a day alone. It’s been a while as our son shovels people’s driveways and has regular clients. It seems every weekend since Christmas, snow has been forecast, so he has chosen to stay home rather than go to his father’s. when I looked out today I thought he might want to return early so I texted him to say we would do the two driveways where his clients are elderly and unable to shovel. However a little later he responded asking if he could come home early. Turns out all his clients had texted him asking when he would be around. So he caught the next train and we resigned ourselves to a short time alone! Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be! (Sung in my best Doris Day voice)

Once his return had been established we knew we only had about 2.5 hours of alone time remaining. So a quick wash up and we started to snuggle and allowed our hands to ramble. In a little while both of us were quite excited! It’s always easy to see that I am excited but I rely on other cues for my Queen. I let my mouth move lower on her body and as I reached the area around Kitty her body language told me it was time. In a short moment after my tongue got busy, she had her first orgasm and gushed all over my face. I then entered her with Angus and after some thrusting that built in intensity she had another orgasm–just from penetration alone! I love that! At any rate it was on! Every orgasm she had produced fluid! I drank as much as I could, but it’s difficult to get it all! We had two huge wet spots on the bed, when she said, “Let’s go to the bathroom!”

Well above you can see the remnants of a couple of orgasms on that side of the bathroom! Then we went to the other side and finally back to bed! After her final orgasm she shut us down. Angus was still looking to play some more, but it’s not up to him–or me! 😜

So it was a day of squirting and enjoyment! We always are so much closer after one of these sessions. I always have so much fun. No I didn’t have an orgasm! But that’s ok, because it’s not about me!

Today is the 70th day since my last orgasm–and I’m loving the ride! I feel so fortunate to have found my Queen! It’s like the gold at the end of the rainbow but I prefer to think of her as the fountain of youth! And I love to drink my soda straight from the source!!

The cover pic is from Pinterest. It was like that today in our bedroom!!


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