Cum Sunday or Cum Here! And Here…And Here!!

Hmmm. I had some weird dreams last night. And as I woke what little I remembered seemed to spark a blog post! How do we play with cum? Well as I am in an FLR, I play with it however my Queen likes. lol

In my dream, a female neighbour came to the door with a friend of hers asking about the cum sundaes she had heard about. She won’t believe our denials and we eventually filled her in! Though my Queen suggested we were no longer doing them as I wasn’t cumming very often anymore. In fact she didn’t plan on allowing me to cum until sometime in April. Dream over!

However, we explained our process. Now the human male will only produce about a teaspoon of ejaculate per orgasm. Frequent orgasms will cause this amount to diminish while taking a break of a few days may increase this slightly.

So we told her how we collected our cum–it basically involved me masturbating daily for a month or two. Each time I came I would cum into a shot glass. About twenty orgasms were required to fill the shot glass! After each orgasm the shot glass would go into a zip lock bag and then into the freezer. When we had one or two shot glasses worth, my Queen would make me an ice cream sundae!

Above two shot glasses of my cum!

My Queen pouring my cum to make my sundae! We since decided that dark coloured ice cream was best (chocolate–showed off the cum better)!

The finished product with the spoon resting in my cum!

So our neighbour left to try making her own?? I don’t really know as the dream didn’t include that salient fact. Does make some sense though–at least in the land of the waking.

Nowadays, I don’t cum often. As of today it’s 92 days since I last orgasmed. Additionally, I no longer masturbate–it’s been years since I practiced any type of self pleasure. It is against the rules and most of the time I’m caged. So filling a shot glass would take a very long time! I’m still responsible for cleaning up any mess I make though. Between May and November last year I came 13 times. In all but one of them I was required to clean up my mess. I came wherever I was told–this included my Queen’s breasts, her ass, her pussy, inside her pussy and once in her mouth. Whenever I cum in her mouth, she feeds my cum back to me by spitting it into my mouth in sloppy kisses. I have been asked to cum on her feet in the past, but as neither of us are big into foot worship, this doesn’t happen often!

Pinterest supplied this pic which could be after some male has orgasmed over these pretty feet…

I always am excited to be told to cum and then clean up my mess–sometimes those words are the last thing I need to push me over the edge. And like most men on here, once I cum, I lose that interest in cleaning up. Still, I do it to please my Queen. My doing it turns her on and can help bring her to orgasm yet again. And regardless of how I feel in the moment, looking forward to this or remembering it is always a turn on. It is similar to spanking. In the moment I don’t really like it but prior to and afterwards, Angus responds.

Still how else can you play with a man’s cum?? In my pre-cage past, my Queen would have me cum on my food just before eating. So my breakfast cereal might have a dose of cum. My hamburger might have my own special sauce or mayo! Lol. We might make ice cubes of cum for use in my drinks! We even used a cum ice cube once to roll over my Queen’s nipples with me licking them clean afterwards. Cum melts much quicker than simple ice.

Now I’m not sure when next I will be allowed to cum. In November my Queen suggested 13 times in one year was at least one time too many. She told me then that I wouldn’t cum again until at least January. Now we are approaching the end of February with no orgasm in sight. At some point she’ll want to see me cum. And the only thing I know is wherever or however she decides, I will be cleaning up! That’s what happens in this FLR household!!

With apologies to Jimmy Buffet for the title.


  1. Well, we are on the same page again 🙂 We have also discovered the visual of cum on ice cream works better with chocolate… and looking at that picture of your sundae brings back the memory that it was not at all appetizing to eat.
    It’s funny that you have gone through all of this. We are just starting to have fun with having my wife make me cum on food she then makes me eat.
    She has talked about having me make myself an omelet while watching and making me cum on it in the frying pan. She had me do a dry run to see if it was manageable… it is 😉

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  2. What astonishes me is how well you remember your dreams Michael. And your resolve to store and accumulate all that cum. At my current rate of orgasms it would take me 10 years to fill those shot glasses.

    The pretty cum-covered feet look delicious and incredibly hot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks but my dream was only a small portion of this blog. It stimulated the blog but really was only the second paragraph! I had a very fitful night of sleep that night and honestly it seemed I kept dreaming the same dream. At my current rate of orgasm, I might also take ten years to fill those glasses. lol

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