A Magnificent Sunday!

So last Sunday was a great day. My son was out for the day leaving my Queen and me all alone! This is always good as it lets us relax fully and spend some quality time together. As of Sunday, I hadn’t had an orgasm in 105 days–since mid November actually. So I’d gone three calendar months with nothing. My Queen had said in November that I had had too many orgasms in 2018 (13). She said I would only be allowed 12 in 2019. So between November 18th and Sunday, my Queen had 104 orgasms. This included 7 orgasms on Sunday. We had been having a wonderful time together and she had had five orgasms. Several had produced great gushes of fluid so the sheets were quite wet. I had tried unsuccessfully to drink all her squirting fluids but had been unsuccessful. In part this was due to Angus penetrating Kitty on a couple of squirting occasions and being told not to stop thrusting.

At any rate she told me to enter her from behind and to fuck her doggy style. So while I had Angus moving vigorously inside of her this way, she held our Palm Power vibrator against her clit. Then she said, “It really turns me on when you cum on my ass and then lick it clean–I want you to do that now! Right now!”

Those magic words brought me even closer to the edge. Then she said, “Make sure you cum in my crack!” Well that did it for me. I pulled out and released 105 days worth of cum all over the crack of her ass! As I started to lick her clean she grunted and started to orgasm yet again! My tongue playing on her rosebud always seems to help things along! Afterwards, she lay on her back and masturbated still once more while I caressed her breasts and told her dirty stories. It was wonderful.

So there you have it. My first orgasm of 2019 and first in 105 days. Over those 105 days my Queen had 104 orgasms–almost one per day! That’s always a goal of mine. Time will tell how many orgasms I will have this year!

But now I can say, I’ve had one!!


  1. That sounds amazing. I don’t think I could last that long (# of days or vigorous pumping from behind) I’m working on 14 days at a time 🙂

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  2. The deep and abiding love you have for your Queen shines through in this post. You take such pride in all you do and show your Queen the utmost respect. You seem blissfully happy. Through your posts I am understanding so much more of this dynamic and I feel honoured you share it with us. ❤

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