Orgasms—Tell me About Prompt

So missy and His Lordship put out a prompt about orgasms. This is my take… Strangely I had some difficulty posting some of this.

I’m not sure exactly when I first discovered orgasms, but I think I was about 12 years old. It was definitely before I became a teenager. My family had an older boy living with us (16) and he told me that if you rubbed your penis, it would spurt white milk. Now this was very intriguing to me. He also said it felt good. So I diligently started stroking myself to see if I could produce this “milk”.

It actually didn’t take that many tries to succeed. Probably only a week or so later I had my first orgasm! And then I was hooked! I became a chronic masturbator. I did it at least once every day. Most days more than once. I started looking for material that would help me reach my orgasm goal. I found nudie magazines in people’s garbage that I rescued and used. I was always a prolific reader and I discovered some authors that wrote sexy scenes. Harold Robbins comes to mind though I found others that were even more explicit. I even started to buy penthouse and penthouse forum when I was only a few years older.

I masturbated so often that there were days when I would finally have a dry orgasm–no ejaculate at all! These were days when I would have masturbated 10 or more times to orgasm. Admittedly I almost always produced some form of ejaculate but occasionally…

I even tasted my own cum. I didn’t like the taste, but the excitement was in the dirty nature of the task. I was more flexible when I was younger and I found ways to actually suck my own penis. Unfortunately I couldn’t get much more than the head into my mouth, but I would sometimes cum into my waiting mouth. Ironically, my Queen has made me cum this way a few times. The difference is that now I am less flexible and Angus, while close, is still inches from my mouth. The visual does excite my Queen though and doing it for her excites me.

Nowadays I cum infrequently. I have only orgasmed 14 times in the last 26 months. My Queen likes to see me cum so really long periods of chastity are unlikely but 50-100 days between orgasms seems to be very possible. While I still don’t enjoy the flavour of my cum, it also seems more than likely that each time I cum I will be asked to clean it up. For 13 of those 14 orgasms I have had to drink my cum. Even if my Queen has me cum in her mouth, she saves it for me and returns it to me by kissing me right afterwards. She does enjoy my flavour and this way gets to enjoy the taste while forcing me to drink it. And again the weird thing is that I like being forced to drink it. It is the power exchange that really turns me on.

Nowadays I don’t masturbate. Much of the time I’m caged and it isn’t possible. It is also against her rules. She actually was very upset when I tried to do it several years ago. At that point she threatened to stop our chastity experience. So the only time I stroke myself is in her presence when she commands me to do so. Otherwise it’s hands off. My main goal is pleasing her! If masturbation hurts her then I can’t do it. But I needn’t orgasm to please her!

I get real pleasure from giving her orgasms. Feeling as horny as I usually do is a close second. Feeling her control helps me to feel horny and the cage is a big part of that. Ultimately we are happy together. We have explored many fantasies and have an awesome sex life. I orgasm infrequently but they are always mind blowing. She orgasms often and they satiate her completely. This gives me a sense of pride and also makes me even hornier!

While there are aspects of our FLR that are in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment, our sex life and her control are constant.

Another aspect of orgasms is the way they bring us together. We might have a very busy week where we are almost like ships passing in the night! But then we have some time together and it brings us closer together! It takes away her anxieties and strengthens our bond! It is the magic of orgasm!

Speaking of which, I had a ruined orgasm this morning. The results of which were fed to me… my Queen had five orgasms. She was riding me in pursuit of her fifth when I approached orgasm myself. She chose to keep going until she had hers, and then popped off of me. Moments later cum oozed out of Angus as she had ridden Angus a wee bit too long. Then using her fingers, she scooped up the semen and fed it to me! After all, my consequence for cumming is to eat my spunk!



  1. Not gonna lie. This was sexy. Male masturbation is one of my turn-ons. FLR are kinda fascinating as well. Also, I remember my first orgasm at 14. Got it exercising. Leg lifts. Oh boy did that sensation ever surprise me. I have been a huge fan of leg lifts ever since and sometimes still do them to climax for old times’ sake.

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  2. I think my first orgasm was during recess in 6th grade. I was climbing a fireman-type pole and it started feeling really good. When I reached the top I kept pulling myself up and and lowering repeatedly until I climaxed.
    Did your cock ever get puffy (swollen) from masturbating too much?

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      • You have to do it from a computer and select ‘set up inlinkz account’ from the ‘add ‘kink’ screen. You can then enter an email address and create a password, which will allow you to add a link.

        It’s kind of a pain in the ass, honestly. (Not Missy’s fault; it’s the data-mining built into the link widget.) I’d recommend using whatever your blog email is and then you can easily login to the linkup in the future.

        (The other option is to sign in with social media, but I don’t believe in social media so I can’t help you there.)

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      • If it still doesn’t work, Missy should be able to add your post administratively. Meanwhile, you should definitely drop the link to this post in the comments section of “Tell Me About… Orgasms” so other people can find it. 🙂

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    • Truthfully the connection is the thing!! We all need one. Those of us fortunate to have one bask in it. While everyone else continues to search. I think sometimes people discount others as unsuitable far too early. If only they would open their minds to possibilities they might just find that connection!

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  3. Really interesting post, not going to lie reading the bit about your Queen saving your seed and kissing it back to you made me a little queezy lol but that’s more my vivid imagination. I love reading how devoted you are to your Queen, thanks for sharing.

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  4. How did you try to masturbate if you were caged and how did your queen came to know about it?
    Are you released out of your cage only in her presence? What about when you are released for cleaning, do you go into bathroom alone?

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    • That was prior to this caging. I jokingly told her that I tried to take the cage off to masturbate and she was really upset. I hadn’t actually tried but was just trying to tease her. It was a bad idea. I am generally only out of the cage when she is with me—except for when I’m at the gym. The Jailbird has bars so I use a soaped up shaving brush to clean the cage and Angus when I shower with it on. I think I have a post on cleaning while caged somewhere! lol


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