Cage Size—Or Is That All There Is??

Caged Lion recently spoke about a new small cage that he found for a small fee of about $30 (The Nub).  For years Lion has been suggesting that caged men would do better in smaller versus larger cages.  He has experimented with many devices over the years and indeed has sent his custom made Jailbird back to Mature Metal to have it resized smaller at least two times–you’ll have to read his blog to get the whole story.  So currently he is in a 1 inch long Jailbird.  He suggests this is a comfortable length.

I haven’t as much experience with different devices.  I had two devices I purchased before deciding to go the custom route.  I went the Mature Metal way too–also purchasing the Jailbird.  I ordered their sizing rings and followed their instructions religiously.  I must have measured Angus at least 15 times (a few more than that, but they didn’t count as Angus got excited) until I was certain I had the measurements down.  Then I ordered my cage.  I can’t remember the dimensions I sent them, but my cage appears to be about 2.75 inches long and just under 1.5 inches in diameter.  That is about right as I remember my measured length was 3.5 inches flacid.  I used the sizing rings for diameter.

Here Angus is in the cage feeling some excitement.  


I’ve been quite comfortable in my cage.  I sleep comfortably and attempted erections aren’t too bad at all.  I sit to pee–it’s a rule anyways unless I’m at work.  But I sit at work too because while Angus is almost always touching the top of the cage, it curves slightly left and my urethra tends to rest on the bar just to the left of the opening.  This results in spray–so I always sit.

Since I purchased the Jailbird, I also purchased a CB6000.  I have great difficulty getting that cage on as the tube is narrow.  Still I use it when we are going someplace and I will have to go through metal detectors.  I’ve flown in it and also gone to sporting events wearing it.  I never found it a good device for long term wear as I find cleaning myself very difficult and ineffective when I am wearing it.  Thus an aroma begins to build.

Still I am curious.  With the advent of Lion’s post, I find myself wondering about these really short cages.  So with the cost being so minimal, I decided to purchase one of these nubs.  It won’t reach me for a while–3-4 weeks–but when it does I’ll give my review.  This is assuming I’ll be able to get it on! lol

I admit that it would be nice to use a urinal when out and about.  Lion finds the shorter cages always have the urethra in the center–this makes peeing standing up an easier thing to do…  Time will tell!


  1. Hi Michael:
    This time I read the entire post slowly lol.
    So you have a very large penis I think from photos you have published a year or more ago. I always love it, it looks good enough to suck..
    Anyway, I can’t believe it fits in this small cage. I do not have any experience with cages as you know. I also know you and Queen enjoy them in your relationship, that you enjoy serving queen with limited orgasms.
    How does it feel when you get aroused and your body want your penis erect? Does it hurt? I can see the FemDom excitement a Woman may know when She is turning you on and you are enduring pain as a result?
    Anyway thanks for your time, I did not want to go read anything about it just your opinion as I trust you.
    Thanks, D

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  2. Thank you, I don’t know, it seems very exciting to me. My problem is I love to have him cum. Its like I have the power and authority to have him do it. I also get off on him cleaning it up. Lol another dilemma for us.
    I went to the web site a while back, I think the one you are using but the directions to measure his balls and penis were to complicated for me.
    I thought I could make him wear it and then have him take it off to cum would maybe be the best of both worlds.

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    • My Queen likes to have me cum too. She also really likes me to clean it up. She has just decided that I don’t cum that often. I wear the cage all week but usually have it off on the weekends as my Queen wants easy access! lol. Many couples do as you suggest though. That could work for you if you wanted. Mature Metal has a set of sizing rings you can purchase that makes the sizing pretty easy. They also have complete instructions on how to measure the length.

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    • Dorinda,
      My wife and I have just stepped into this territory after dismissing it since the start of my service. I have been searching for a way for her to punish me in a way that will make me change my ways. We discussed this and she felt it was time to give it a try. We are both a little skeptical as we like having sex all the time and she likes stroking me to a raging hard-on while I massage her feet. So, We’re starting slow but it seems she likes the results.

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  3. Looks like Angus is pulling away from your body like what is happening to me.
    I have been reading Caged Lion’s cage information and will definitely be making the next one shorter.
    I’ll be interested to see how your new cage works… or if you can even get in without spilling over.

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  4. I’m also following Lion’s advice and investing in the shorter plastic cage. Thumper also wrote a review of the Holy Trainer “Nub” about the same time and noted it goes easily through airport screeners, which is a decided plus for me. Somebody also noted that the shorter cages feel much more restrictive than others.I’m very much of two minds about getting my Jail Bird shortened as well. Maybe I’ll wait and see how the plastic one works out first. Anybody else able to compare?

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      • My memory is that shortening the tube is relatively inexpensive–only about $10 or so, plus shipping. Time without is another matter, but I have old HT that can be worn for the week or so it takes for the MM folks to turn things around.

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      • I thought the cost was more than that but I could easily be mistaken. I also heard the turnaround was 4-6 weeks. I do have a couple of other cages but they are much harder to wear for even single days. Maybe one day. I should call and ask about the process. They have always been easy to talk to and very professional.

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  5. Responsible opposing viewpoint here:

    I’ve mentioned that I judge devices on four things: Comfort, Convenience, Security, and Sexiness. The last one is very subjective, so I don’t discuss it much.

    A few years ago, i mentioned to Mrs Edge about the super short cages (this was even before the Nub days). She just made a disgusted face. To her, the nubby, stubby cages are emasculating, which is not what she wants at all. Yes, she loves denying me, but she does it from a sense of power and control over me (much in the idea that women love to ride horses). My current cage – the A272, like the CB3000 before it, is generally dick-shaped and sized. She likes knowing I have one. A tiny cage makes her think that the wearer doesn’t have anything worth locking up.

    Again, it’s subjective, but I’m inclined to agree with her. I like seeing a stainless steel tube because it reminds me of what’s locked in there. I do not think I’d be happy with a shorty nubby cage.

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  6. I’d like to point you to I recently purchased a Glans Armor2 and although measuring is finicky (I have a piercing and the device must line up perfectly or its unwearable), there were two things I found to be exactly as the various reviews I’ve read promised: 1) it fit exactly as promised and is unbelievably comfortable and 2) it was made & shipped in 2 days. I had it 4 days after paying for it and I’m given to understand that is normal. MCN has an account on Fetlife; you can reach him easily with questions.

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  7. I didn’t have much luck with the version of the Nub that Lion recommended. While it went on easily and was comfortable to start with, my keyholder gave it a thumbs down for aesthertic reasons, and it chafed around the ring rather badly almost immediately. I had the same problem with the Holy Trainer, so I think there’s some structural incompatibility between their ring and the shape of my junk. So I’m sticking with my Jail Bird with the oval ring and keeping it at it’s current length.

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