Damn That Was Tough—Peeing Standing Up??

So I ordered the nub from DHgate.com. I thought I’d try out a shorter cage like Lion and others recommend. The process was easy and the cost cheap. It was also fast. I received the package Friday. It came in such a small box. I photographed the box and the contents to show what exactly you get. The photo is below:

There are several things I like about this cage. I like that it has four rings though I can’t see anyone able to wear the two smallest ones. I like that the rings are solid and unhinged. I have tried a couple of cages that had a hinge and that always led to pinching. The ring would open a little and some tissue would move into the gap only to suffer as soon as the gap closed–and it always closed! So a solid ring is preferred.

The plastic is nicely finished. No sharp edges to irritate Angus and the boys–until you go to remove it (and more about that later). The ring is an interesting shape but seems comfortable to me. Like any solid ring, the wearer must put his testicles through the ring and then push his penis through. It just doesn’t work the other way!! 🥵. That instruction is given for anyone who has not worn a solid ring. This cage does not come with instructions! lol

I admit that I have only been wearing this for about 6:00 hours now. It was actually really difficult to get on. Angus was resistant to being squashed so much. Still I was persistent and eventually I was able to lock the cage on. Typically on a Sunday I’m free so that my Queen has easy access to Angus, but that also makes it one of the only days I can try this out. My Queen doesn’t know about this new cage yet. She’ll find out if she chooses to get busy or when we go to bed tonight.

My first thought once I had this cage on was–“Wow, it’s really light!” My Jailbird is comfortable but substantially heavier. This cage is not only much smaller, but the plastic doesn’t weigh very much at all! The next thought was concerning how the boys were accentuated while Angus almost disappeared.

One of the pluses according to several wearing these short cages was the ability to use a urinal.

In the picture above, you can see the opening of my urethra is clearly visible in the opening of the cage. With the way Angus is squeezed in there, there is no way that Angus will move from there!!

Still I’m not sure I will be able to use a urinal. Sitting is still the safest way to go. I’ve gone to the washroom twice now. The first time I had spray. So it was just as well I was seated. I think it may be due to the higher pressure on Angus. The second time, I pushed the boys backward and had more success with far less spray. Still I had to use paper to deal with drips and to keep the scrotum dry/clean. And since urinals haven’t any toilet paper, wiping is difficult–and also an unusual occurrence in the men’s room!

I hope to sleep in this tonight–depending on my Queen–so I can speak about how sleep is. I also want to get sexually excited to see what happens. I’ll ask my Queen to give me some help there.

So a night has gone by. This cage was very comfortable to sleep in. It’s almost as if you are wearing nothing at all. I’m a stomach sleeper and there was absolutely no issue with it on at all.

I did come to the conclusion that sitting to pee is still a better option. Angus is so compressed that the boys are in front of him and thus as the urine stream dwindles, some seems to grip onto the scrotum. If the boys are held back, then less of this happens, but having access to toilet paper is a help.

When I awoke in the morning I snuggled with my Queen. I wasn’t really excited but usually there is some growth in Angus. I didn’t have that sensation in this cage. More testing is required. 😜. Possibly the extremely small size that Angus was compressed to meant that not enough blood could enter him to cause even the beginnings of an erection.

So after about 21 hours, I removed the cage. I found the ring a bit tricky to get off. While there are no sharp edges when putting it on or wearing it, there are two sharp points when removing it. Care is necessary to protect a male’s nether regions.

Now Tom was looking at this cage and in a recent post of mine he commented on the look of the device. He and his wife find aesthetics a consideration when purchasing a cage.  They find the short cages to be emasculating.  Personally, I did find the Nub to be less than pleasing visually. The difficulty of compressing Angus to get it on was one thing, but when compressed, Angus has virtually disappeared. It’s a weird look and I didn’t find it very appealing. I’m not yet certain what my Queen thinks of it. She reserved judgement. But I can see some women liking it while others wouldn’t.

Cleaning in the shower this morning was far more difficult than cleaning in my Jailbird. The bars of the Jailbird allow water and soap to hot every part of Angus. The closed nature of the Nub make getting water and soap to Angus a bigger challenge. I think if I wore it regularly, I would have to remove it daily for proper cleaning.

So my judgement is as follows. I think this is a great beginning cage! It is really comfortable. The ring shape is unique but it didn’t slip on me at all. I slept easily in it. I hope at some point soon to get really aroused when wearing it to see how that feels. Perhaps that will force the ring to move a bit but somehow I don’t think it will. Urination is still safer sitting down but I think a urinal is not out of the question as long as you push the testes and scrotum backwards from the head of the penis. Visually, it really made it appear that I had no dick–and that felt weird to me.  So I don’t like the aesthetics.  But then again, perhaps Angus might exert himself when aroused and make that look go away…  lol


  1. Very interesting! I cannot believe how it makes your rooster disappear! I will be curious to hear what your Queen’s final ruling is, as your friend made a good point about it being emasculating. I would imagine that women who are trying to feminize their men might like this option. Keep us posted!

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  2. Good review, I have found it ok to pee though sitting is definitely the way to go , just a slight pressure on the nub can result in steady stream or spray, you are evidently slightly larger than myself or I would guess some others who I have seeen blog about this, it certainly looks more squished on you than me.

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    • Thanks for the comment. I don’t know about size but it was difficult to get on. I didn’t try putting pressure on the Nub. I put pressure on the boys and scrotum. That moved them back and allowed Angus to protrude a little more. But still the problem is the dripping at the end.


  3. I have found the plastic cages to be less hygienic than my steel cage. The odor from the Holy Trainer II I started in was pungent at times. I also find that sitting to pee is just easier no matter what cage type too. But short tube is the best we have found. I may look in to a nub in steel if it comes out. Right now I wear a cage with about a 1 inch long tube. Never a problem. It was also a DH Gate deal that I do not regret. Check us out sometime.

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  4. Wow, that second photos (side shot) does look like you have nothing there. I can imagine it took some pushing and squeezing to get in there.
    I can relate to your comments about sitting to pee now that I have a few caged days under my belt. I am probably a rare male who typically sits to pee unless there is a urinal available. I never liked having people hear my pee splashing into the toilet and then there is the added mess of the splash. However, with the cage, I find it best to reach around from the side and hold my testicles out of the way for the reasons you mention. Then the thought hits me that yes women have to sit but they don’t have to hold themselves out of the way when they go 🙂
    Thanks for the review and photos of how it looks on.

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  5. Seems like the tiny cages are the new wave of excitement for us chastity guys. The fun part is is that with the low cost devices available now it is easy to try them out. I will definitely be getting one soon!
    Although my wife does not have such interest, I really like the idea of emasculation so find the idea of a device that makes my penis disappear to be exciting.
    I always sit to pee unless I am in a men’s room that has urinals. Having a cage on would likely require sitting at all times, how feminizing is that?!
    Thanks for sharing.

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  6. I find it very interesting you are caged (most?) (all?) of the time! I can’t imagine wearing a chastity device all the time. And it’s impressive that you go without orgasming for so long! I get it though because I feel like if you get to be in this dynamic, it’s like a small price to pay for what you get out of it

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  7. Most times my penis retreats into my body and cannot even be seen in my Jailbird. Since the wife decided no more orgasms for me, it has been almost 5 months without any type of orgasm and my penis seems to stay retreated more and more. Peeing has become a problem because my penis stays recessed in. I have ordered the real deal Nub hoping that this can solve my problem. I do were 24/7/365 and have been for 7 years. Lately my penis just flops out of my 1 1/4″ Jaibird most of the time unless I wear tight compression type underwear. I do remove my cage when I shower. For us the device is not the major focus. It is complete orgasm denial and locked or not, I do not orgasm. The cage if mostly used for a speed bump to give me pause before I give in to my carnal lust. 🙂

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  8. Thanks for the review. I am sort of late at finding this blog/site. It has been very informative to me. I hope to buy a “Nub” in the next week or so. But like Harry above my penis retreats back inside itself. I am now wondering if the Nub might even be to large for me. I am also looking at a “Nano”. I have a few questions. Are you still wearing it, still like it?

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