The Period From Hell and An Update on The Nub.

So my Queen is going through menopause! Obviously a favourite time in all women’s lives…(cough, cough). She went without a period for three months but started her most recent period on March 11th. It was a very heavy period and it went on and on and on! It just ended a couple of days ago–more than three weeks of heavy bleeding. My Queen doesn’t like to have sex when bleeding but on March 31, she was so horny that she decided we would have some fun. We lay several towels down on the bed and had an additional two towels to wipe ourselves down before moving to the washroom to clean up. I couldn’t believe the quantity of blood–fully two weeks after it had started and it still was going very strong. We played and she had 5 orgasms and then we went and cleaned up. A week later she was still bleeding. Heavy too! We talked about her going to see a doctor because there was so much blood but then it finally stopped very abruptly on Wednesday. More than three weeks of heavy bleeding. So glad it’s over. Can’t wait till the hysterectomy–I’m hoping that all will be well afterwards. They offered my Queen a date at the end of April, but she wants to wait and have it done in the Fall!

On another note, I wore the Nub for a week. It was during my Queen’s period so there wasn’t a lot of action but a few more thoughts on the device… There are two sharp edges on the base ring. They disappear when the Nub is attached, however when removing the cage I had to put a couple of fingers under them to avoid pain. There does seem to be something about Caged Lion’s theory that a small cage is less of a problem when sexually excited. But more experimentation would be needed for me to fully buy into that. Still what I’ve experienced suggests he is correct.

So I am likely to only wear the Nub on rare occasions. Once on, I found it comfortable, but I had so much difficulty getting it on. It took way too long to do. I am considering shortening my Jailbird but I won’t go quite that short. It’s too short for me.

As to orgasms for me, it has been 41 days since my last orgasm. So this year I have only had one orgasm so far. I know I’ll be allowed more in the summer–or at least I suspect I will. My Queen likes to see me cum and clean it up. 😜


  1. My wife also had a prolapse which led to hysterectomy. It took a while for her to recover, but she felt much better after. Great to not have a period anymore, but she still has menopause. Those hot flashes are really annoying!
    After reading about the nub on CAged Lion’s page I bought one also from DHgate. It is really small! I have a fairly small steel cage that I also bought from DHgate, but this thing really completely makes my cock disappear.
    I had nocturnal erections with the steel cage, the main discomfort was due to the excessive stretching of the skin on the scrotum. I wore the nub to sleep last night, had a nocturnal erection and my cock erected, push the cockhead in the nub and my balls out to the end of my cock. It was weird, uncomfortable, and no way I could pee like that, so I took it off.
    THere are more sharp edges that dig in to my scrotum and I don’t think I will likely wear it for any prolonged time beyond a few hours.

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  2. I have said it many many times, having a hysterectomy was THE BEST thing I’ve done medically speaking.
    Yes, the recovery is long and frustrating, although some of that depends on the method, abdominal (which I had) vs vaginal.
    But, follow the guidance, register on “” and they will put you in a group of people who have the op at the same time, help you through with advice and guidance on what to expect and at the end of the recovery no more periods, no more cramping, no more feeling like your insides are dropping out…. heavenly 😊

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  3. I always thought menopause meant less and fewer until they stopped. As we have come to find out it is like a bachelor party…. one last massive fling before it ends 😦

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  4. I find peeing a pain with the nub, also agree about those sharp edges though as you say once on – problem gone. I don’t have to squash my cock to get in though so I suspect the smaller the better,

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  5. Re: the sharp edges on the Nub and other plastic devices:

    You can file them off with a metal knife sharpener (or anything sandpaper-ish). I did that with mine and it’s a lot easier to get one now.

    Also…I’m kinda disappointed they made the tube so short and more pointing down. It forces you to use a higher ring size and the tube’s length makes it super easy to slip out, making the Nub more jewelry than anything.

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    • I didn’t have to use a larger ring. And once I got in, I seemed ok. It was just difficult to compress Angus that much. And while my urethra was centred in the opening, peeing was a pain.


  6. Before my current partner, period sex was what looked most forward to. It could get intense and messy, which I think was the biggest turn on for me. My current partner, however, had a hysterectomy done a while before we met, so no more of that, but the sex we do have is just as amazing, even though I never last more than a couple minutes due to not being allowed to cum unless She allows it.

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