Aw Come On!!

Well we just had an amazing weekend! I feel so close with my Queen. Though I suppose that is usually how I feel. She had a good weekend too–double digits in orgasms (for her–none for me).

I was allowed to penetrate her with vigorous force and also to perform orally on both her pussy and her ass. We also used our Palm Power vibrator. It’s the little vibrator that can and does with very little volume! Between Angus, my tongue and this powerful toy, my Queen had a great many orgasms. She also squirted in great volumes. She squirted so much that even though I was performing cunnilingus, I was unable to drink all of it. I tried, but the burst of fluid was too much too quickly. So the bedding had to be washed…😜

Our FLR has been in a relaxed place for the past few months. Every so often my beautiful Queen would add to my punishment number but I hadn’t been punished in quite some time. Recently she started to be more strict and assign punishment more often. But she hadn’t actually punished me in months. As a result my punishment number had grown to a record number. As of Saturday morning, it was over 3000.

At any rate, we were discussing Gordon Lightfoot and she indicated she was certain he was 82 or 83. I was certain he was younger and thought he might be 79. At the oldest I thought he might be 80. So we made a wager. She was certain and wanted to double my number–I already find 3000 intimidating. 6000 would have been downright horrifying. I had a few ideas for her if she lost, but in the end she refused most of my desires. She is in control and I was trying to get her to do some things I wanted sexually. However if those things happen , it will be because she wanted to do them. In the end I asked for her to be stricter should I win. Which I did. A word of advice, when one is submissive, one doesn’t gloat after winning a bet! 😇😇 So on Saturday late afternoon, as my son was out working, we had the house to ourselves. I was told to get THE PADDLE and then to drop them. I leaned over the table and received 40 smacks with that lovely paddle. I had one hot ass afterwards. That paddle is formidable. The last time she had used it, she stopped after 2 smacks because she had bruised me noticeably with just those two hits. On Saturday she gave me all 40 nonstop and without pause! I loved the demonstration of her power; though I was definitely having difficulty staying still. On Sunday we went for a walk. I was to wear the zapper as she had planned to zap me and lower my number by about 1000 (at the maximum level I might add) I did wear the zapper and I had the remote in my pocket, but I didn’t remind her. I have a hard time looking forward to maximum strength shocks around my genitals. So we finished the walk with me remaining zappless! Later she realized this and combined with a few other things I had done (gloating??), I earned another 50 smacks with THE PADDLE! I’m getting those tonight.

So punishment of me seems to be back up and running. And that excites me. I don’t enjoy the punishment but I do very much enjoy the display of power. Whenever she exerts herself, It turns me on!

On the orgasm front, I’ve had three orgasms this calendar year. One was in March and the other two were this month on the same day! Clean up duty was demanded and provided. Once from her ass, once from inside her pussy, and once from the tiled floor. That was particularly exciting as it was even more humiliating.

But why the title of this post?? I am prone to begging to continue making love to my Queen. When she has decided she is sated and we’re done, I have often said,”Aw, come on!” The hope has been that she will allow me to continue to pleasure her. She has decided that I’m no longer allowed to say this! It annoys her and is now a punishable offence. 20 of the smacks I’m getting in a short time, are the result of my using this short phrase yesterday. It likely won’t take that long for me to forget all about this phrase. Effective punishment works.

The post picture was taken this morning shortly after she announced I was to receive 50 smacks tonight. The thought excited me and Angus became cramped in his cage. However when I am actually spanked, Angus usually shrinks. The thought is far more exciting than the actual practice. Still Angus always stands tall (or tries to) when dominance is displayed! I think most of the guys who get disciplined are this way. Excited at the announcement of punishment and then less than excited when it is meted out!


  1. Wow you are really serious about your punishment. I don’t think I could get my head around it but am very pleased that it is exciting you and that you both had such a great weekend. 🙂

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    • I get excited when she exerts her power. The punishment is a clear indication of it. Therefore it excites me. However the reality is far harsher than the fantasy. So I’m the moment I don’t really enjoy it, but perversely, it has to happen that way for it to work as a behavioural deterrent and as an erotic tease!

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  2. (Giggle) Ok I can TOTALLY relate to that excitement when you feel their power pouring over you and through you…makes my nipples hard and panties wet every time! 😄😄😄😄😄

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  3. Wow, I think I would have asked for half of the count off and then being more strict.
    I know we’re on the same page with not really wanting the punishment but loving the dominance.
    I’m in a similar boat with asking for sex. I want her to know I’m interested but then she probably knows that 😉

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      • Right! We have a fine line there. If it is a question it is not appropriate (May I fuck you?) If it is a statement (I have a strong urge to fuck you right now.) it is ok and does not require a reply from her.
        We also never used to use the word fuck for our personal sex. It was always “do me” of “do it”. The answer from her was almost always yes. Originally I proposed that if I asked her to have sex using the word fuck it was her signal to feel she could say no and not feel guilty. I always ask to fuck now because she always needs to feel like she can say no and not worry.

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  4. 😯 I was just talking with a friend about the exhaustion level possible if he keeps asking for the next thing, and the next thing, and aww come on, just this one more! I like your Queen’s very clear decision!!

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  5. I have the same reaction. I find HD’s pronouncement of impending punishment erotic and arousing, but I don’t find any pleasure in the actual punishment. It’s his display of authority I find hot.
    But so many whacks with a paddle, and the beastly one at that! 😣😣😣 I couldn’t handle it.

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    • I suspect that though my punishment number is over 3000, most of that number will be dealt with by zapps and icy hot! However it does seem that any new numbers being added are being spammed away. She’s been a lot more strict the last few days. I’ve received two additional spankings and have some nice marks on my ass. Interestingly, no one at the gym has commented! They have to wonder what the hell I’ve done to myself though.

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