The Itch!! No Not What You Are Thinking!!

Well the punishments are once again happening in our home. It’s true my number hasn’t dropped very much–only by 50–however all new infractions have been dealt with swiftly. I have been spanked twice in the past week and also had to sleep on the floor a couple of nights ago. The spankings have been vigorous and indeed the one I had two nights ago left a very distinct mark on my left cheek! I was very conscious of this today as I showered after my workout at the gym. I was thinking about how I would explain it if someone asked about it. I honestly don’t know what I might have said. But no one asked and truthfully who is going to ask another guy about their butt??!! So I have been feeling my ass all week. Sitting was a little tender after both spankings but after a day or so that residual discomfort was more or less gone.

However I can still feel my butt. And I’ve never seen or read about this before. I have an itchy butt. Yup!! It seems as it heals, it itches. It is really annoying! Some might say it is a burning feeling but ultimately it is itchy. Now if I can manage not to be spanked for the next couple of days, I’m sure I will heal and the itchiness will go away!

This feeling isn’t new to me. For some reason I never wrote about it on earlier blog posts but after having a couple of fine spankings in a short period of time the itchiness seems worse than at other times!

As I know many spankees will read this post, is this common to you? Come on, enquiring minds want to know!!

Picture courtesy of Pinterest.


  1. Oh yes!! The deeper the welts and bruising goes the longer the itch happens. The decomposition of dead cells skin/blood aka the lovely red and purple bruise causes the itching sensation. So just as an incision itches as it heals so does our lovely bottoms. Some people’s sciatic nerve goes farther down the gluteus and can also send off weird signals as well.
    Happy healing to your keester! 😉

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  2. Your butt itches because your body releases histamines to help the healing process. It’s the same effect you get when a wound becomes itchy as it heals or when you get an insect bite. You could try taking anti-histamines but you should consult your GP before taking them on a regular basis.

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