Wow!! What a Weekend!! Or I Love my Queen Dearly!

This past week has been amazing. I’m truly blessed to be with such a beautiful Queen–both inside and out! In my post “Aw, Come On!” I discussed a bet where my wish was for her to be more strict. I won that bet and she has been very strict ever since. I have been spanked, made to sleep on the floor, had extra strength icy hot applied, and received many many zaps. So now at the end of this weekend my number has dropped from 3075 to an even 1000. In addition I’ve received in excess of 180 smacks with THE PADDLE that weren’t part of that number.

But this weekend… our weekend started early. My Queen wanted me to take Friday off, and I was able to arrange my day so that others could cover my job and I did as she wished. We went to the gym together after sleeping in a bit. Normally I get up at 4:00. I think I got up around 7:00 Friday. Still by the time we made it to the gym and returned home it was about 11:30. I made breakfast for my Queen and myself.

We had a nice day together. In the afternoon my Queen went out to have her nails done and I stayed home. She asked me to clean the house while she was out–not a major cleaning but as our son was away this weekend, it would allow us more time to be together and relax if this chore was done. Minutes after my Queen left, my son was picked up to spend the weekend with his biological father. I texted my Queen to ask if I could clean the house naked. Or getting any response, I decided to strip down as it wasn’t against any rules or requests she had made of me. My Queen was out for roughly two hours and I worked feverishly and finished moments before she arrived home! She then went upstairs to shower. Some time later I received a call to come up stairs! This is what awaited me…

Angus was immediately pushing against the cage. We had some great sex which started with a spanking for me. In that spanking she used the flogger pictured here and also THE PADDLE–not shown in this picture. I was caged and she didn’t release me from the cage for this session of lovemaking. That added to my excitement! I used my mouth and the Palm Power vibrator! And then she asked me to penetrate her with what I call Richard the prosthetic Dick (our dildo and strap-on harness purchased for my use a couple of years ago)! To be honest I think this was only the second time we had ever used it! I was so excited. To be used for giving pleasure and yet feel nothing. It was wild. At any rate my Queen had 3 very good orgasms and then we were done. We ate supper and went out afterwards to a show (a concert of a favourite performer). Most Friday’s she has me free from the cage but this week she kept me in it. So I watched this act caged and totally aware of her. It was marvellous. When we left the show, she had me drop my pants to my knees and I drove home that way. I was excited–to say the least. Friday was fabulous!!

Saturday was another glorious day. It had been so long since we had any alone time. Our son is working regularly and because he is finishing high school much of that work is done on weekends. Hence he hasn’t been going to his father’s very often.

At any rate, we awoke without alarms. It is so nice to sleep in occasionally–which for us is anywhere from 6:00 to 8:00 am! We went to the gym and on our return had some quickie sex. Angus remained caged, so there was no penetration by him. We also used the big wand along with my mouth and fingers. My Queen had another very powerful orgasm! And then we were up and going about our day. Some time ago I ordered three t-shirts that had intriguing messages–2 for me and 1 for my Queen. Mine are below:


I have worn these but usually only in front of my Queen. It would be exciting and mortifying to be made to wear these during a normal day around town. This didn’t happen–at least yet, but my Queen decided to wear hers (shown below):

So off we went to do our errands. It was a warm day and she took her jacket off at one point leaving it in the car. I walked beside her thinking everyone knew what it meant–I know almost no one knows, but the feeling is still there! We had a great day, but my Queen started to feel a little off later in the day, so no more sexual activity happened on the Saturday.  I went to sleep still caged and as this is a rarity on weekends, it was exciting for me.

Since this is turning into a longish post, I will break it into two separate posts! Some exciting things happened on the Sunday (two can play at this game DDJennifer!).


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