Sunday—or Part 2 of a Wonderful Weekend!!

So Sunday morning we slept in again (we were up at 7:00). My Queen took hold of Angus and played with her caged toy. This hits me deep in my psyche–I love it! Angus tries to stretch but the cage does it’s job and prevents any potential erection! “We’re going to go on a long walk and we’re going to reduce that number substantially while on it. Make sure you wear the zapper and give me the remote! Oh and bring me the Icy Hot too!” These instructions started my day! So it was a nice day and we went out for a longish walk. We enjoy walking together as we are burning calories and finding the time to speak with each other. Sunday we walked nearly 8 km. This is a long walk for this early in the season but by September we’ll be walking 12-14 km. I had a great deal of extra strength Icy Hot rubbed into Angus and the Boys. Also into my anal crease and on my nipples. Wearing the Zapper we set off though just before we left I also received 20 vigorous spanks–this was because I had neglected to remind my Queen of the remote I was carrying for her the day before. I don’t think I’ll make that error again.

At any rate we had a nice walk though I was glad when she said she was through zapping me for now!! Her thumb was getting tired. By then the Icy Hot had diminished greatly too! It was strange but I felt the Icy Hot for much longer than usual. When we returned home we cleaned up and had breakfast. Then there were a few errands we needed to do. My Queen decided to wear her Keyholder shirt again as she had only worn it for a short time the day before. However as it was warmer on Sunday she went without a jacket. This meant the messages was out there for all to see–this both excited and caused me concern. Overall I think the excitement won out! 😜

As she pointed out to me when we got home, most people wouldn’t have any idea what her shirt meant, and few would ask a complete stranger about it. However we could have run into friends and they might have made questions an interesting event…

When we returned we received the good news that our son was staying away over night which gave us another night alone. BONUS!!!

At any rate, we sat together and I finally decided to tell her about this blog. This was very difficult though I’m unsure why. I guess it was another layer of myself that I was opening to her and I was worried she’d be angry or upset with me. She took it really well and then of course wanted to see it. It really was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I had hated to have this secret when she knew everything else about me. So I read my first two months of posts to her. These are posts I haven’t looked at in years!! But it was fun to read them together with her. I suspect over the next several months I’ll read my whole blog to her.

This was a big thing for me!

So after this, she decided she wanted to be pleasured and she went upstairs.

She dressed up in one of my all-time favourite outfits!! And then she called me upstairs to join her!

She wanted to pleasure Angus with her mouth! It certainly isn’t my place to argue with her!😜

So she took the key, unlocked and removed the lock! (I love when she does this), but before we did anything, she told me I needed some smacks for infringing on her rules. So I leaned over the bed and received some smacks. Despite what she’s carrying in the picture, she used THE PADDLE! Afterwards she took Angus into her mouth! The teasing had begun!

My Queen brought me to the edge several times and then pulled my face to her Kitty! She was sopping wet and it didn’t take long for her to orgasm on my tongue! We got our favourite toy (the Palm Power) and along with my fingers and tongue she came again! She wanted to be penetrated and my blog had reminded her of a toy we haven’t used in a while–the dildo I wear on my chin! It is similar to the one shown below:

So I put that on and fucked her with it while continuing to lick her clit and she came again!

She wanted to suck on Angus some more so she moved me and took him into her mouth. Again she brought me to the edge!

This went on for a while. She had a few more orgasms while I used the toys along with my mouth and hands. It seemed like just after each orgasm she would use her mouth on Angus and bring him to the edge a couple of times! After one such time, she decided she wanted penetration.

So I started to use Angus on her, but after too short a time, I had to stop. I had been edged many times by this point and was afraid I might not be able to refrain from cumming! So she got frustrated and for the second time in one weekend, I was told to put on Richard the Prosthetic Dick! Once again I started to vigorously pump into her. As I wasn’t caged at this time and as Angus was excited, it was a bit more challenging. Eventually I just held Angus out of the way!

So when all was said and done, we had an epic session! My Queen had 8 orgasms while I had none. But I had a ton of fun! Still the most important part of the weekend was telling my Queen about this blog!


  1. I’m so glad you both had such a wonderful weekend and especially that you opened up more by sharing your blog. Kudos to you!

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  2. Congratulations for telling her about the blog. I’m so glad she took it well! It’s scary to let someone into that aspect of ourselves, I know I was soooo nervous when I told HD I wrote my own blog. I’m sure that once she’s caught up, she will keep close tabs on what you write (and enjoy every bit of it) 😀

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  3. Funny, I was just thinking about you not telling your wife about the blog the line before I read that you did tell her. Several times in the past when you haven’t posted for a while I wondered if you did tell her and she closed you down. SO glad to hear she was ok with it. I’m sure she will learn a great deal about you after getting through all of it and you may get even more strictness from her.
    I’m glad to hear you opened up to her and she is accepting of it. As you know, I got approval from my wife prior to starting my blog and she reviews each entry prior to me publishing it. It feels good to know what I write is known to her and accepted.

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  4. What a hot and memorable weekend Michael, good for you and your Queen, it all sounds like outrageous fun. Your Wife looks fantastic, both in black and red, but I would pick the black outfit too. Keeping Her stockings on is a nice touch too. Who could resist and not kneel down when facing such a beautiful Lady holding the implements of correction? 😀
    Guys, you are an inspiration.

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  5. Well done Michael! You were very brave! I remember rex showing me his first posts! God! I was so shocked! But I loved reading them because they were about him (and me!!!) and they were from him. Sometimes I’ll go back and read some of them again and we laugh and cry at them. You’re a special man. Theres no way I could every talk Rex into having a cage!

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