An Unusual Quickie!! Or Hot Damn, Did That Just Happen??

Yesterday our son went out to do a two hour job. My Queen suggested we get busy because she was feeling horny! “Welcome to my world!”, I said😜😜. She was going to shower while I was to prepare Angus and get ready! She unlocked him from his cage, and I then removed the cage and started to apply Stud100. I got towels out and covered the bed–made sure there were extra towels. I put Richard the Prosthetic Dick into hot water to warm, pulled the chin dildo out and left it handy and waited for my Queen. I also pulled out her two favourite vibrators! I didn’t pull any more of our equipment out and that turned out to be a mistake. So I was asked by my Queen to get our flogger, the feather and our Van Wartenberg Pinwheel! In fairness she had mentioned the pinwheel and feather to me when she had wakened from sleep. It seems she had dreamed of them last night. The flogger was added because I was going to be punished for failure to anticipate her needs.

So I was flogged for not having these items ready and then my Queen started to tease me. My eyes were closed on her command and she used the pinwheel and feather along with her hands and feet to tease me till Angus was blue with desire! Then she wanted some action.

I started to caress her body using my hands, breath and mouth! I wasn’t allowed to remove her panties so I blew through them while kissing her inner thighs. I grabbed the Palm Power and turning it on at high, moved it over her clit in circular motions. She gets really turned on teasing me and the vibrations started to work! I pushed her gently backwards and pulled her breasts free from her bra!

I teased and caressed her breasts as she took the vibrator from me and placed it exactly where she wanted it! I continued to caress her body, to kiss it and blow on some of it. She wouldn’t let me move her panties to the side so I couldn’t access Kitty. So I worked around the vibrator and on her inner thighs. Angus was as hard as he can get and was brushing against her whenever I was worshipping her upper body! Eventually she had a massive run-on orgasm! It lasted for quite some time!

And then she gathered herself and said, “That’s it!! We’re done!!” She smiled wickedly as my face must have shown my dismay! I wasn’t even going to see her Kitty, much less lick it or penetrate it! That’s a definite first!! “Recage”, she told me, “And put everything away!” I was so horny that it was going to be a while before I could do as she asked as it is impossible to cage oneself while sporting an erection! So my Jailbird went into my pocket while I went downstairs with my Queen to prepare her breakfast!

Something else that came up numerous times yesterday was how horny I was. She wants me even hornier and has suggested I may not cum again until Christmas or my Birthday next year! (My birthday was this week). She has said this to me numerous times now but yesterday she must have said it 4-5 times! Hmmm. Maybe I’ll go a year again…

So the key thing about this session, was I didn’t see or feel Kitty in any way when we made love yesterday! This is a first for us, but despite that, my Queen had a massive orgasm. I wonder how often this will happen. I was incredibly horny for the remainder of the day! Indeed I’m approaching hyper horniness!


  1. I just had a similar but not as intense situation. We were having morning sex and my wife was telling me how she was debating if she was going to let me cum again on vacation or not and the next thing she said was “go start my breakfast.” I was caught off guard and did ask if she meant right now… and she did. I immediately pulled out as I didn’t want to make her feel I was disobeying but I was definitely not done. It took a while for that erection to subside. 🙂

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  2. Nice, very nice, it is stimulating to read about other submissive husbands restrictions and sex duties.

    It will be a while before I can get direct access to my Wife’s pussy, ass, breasts and feet again and a lot longer before I can enter Her and cum again. I am being punished because I had an unauthorized ruined orgasm last week. From masturbation, which my Wife strictly forbids unless She orders it. I am ashamed that I lost control again after nearly a year. 😣

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      • No, my Wife refuses to lock my penis up. I asked for it. We use an honor-based system, since the very beginning (more than 4 years now). I have to report all transgressions and I don’t cheat on this.

        I experimented with some edging video (I know I shouldn’t have). I would really like to improve my fucking stamina for those rare occasions when I get a chance for PIV sex. I am a quick shooter, have always been one. Definitely not my strong point. One stroke too many and voila… I couldn’t prevent it, but I resisted the urge to finish. I felt like shit, both for the frustration of ruined orgasm and for disobeying my Wife. Not that my regrets mattered to my Wife. I blew a nearly year-long streak of strict obedience of the no-unauthorized-orgasm-and-masturbation rule.

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      • I get it. I should buy stock in the Stud100 company. I go through that stuff so quickly! But it makes me able to please my Queen and refrain from cumming. I use far more than they recommend and I start to apply it early in anticipation of my wife’s desires. I find it takes 30-40 minutes to get the desired effect. And then I reapply to maintain that state. Might be worth considering if you’re about to do the PIV thing!

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  3. Thanks Michael. I don’t think that’s for me. My Wife prefers the combination of my tongue an a large dildo/vibrator. PIV sex became exceedingly rare. I would like more of it (even though providing oral sex is my favorite kind of sex), but it is not up to me and it is impossible to predict when I will be allowed PIV.

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  4. That was a hot recounting of a female lead unexpected sex session. Thanks for sharing. My wife comes great just for the over the panty vibrator and frankly it’s so hot when I’m sporting an erection as she has her orgasm. I also like the “we’re done” declaration. Sexy photos too.

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  5. Happy Belated, Michael. *bowing to your SEXY queen* and omg, virtual kisses to Angus! xo
    Stop by my blog on the lonely intellectual males post, I’d love to hear your unvarnished, frank thoughts on the topic. I was pissed. lol! xo

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