Does The Bleeding Ever Stop—or Enough Already!!

So I wrote about the period from hell. It is still going on. It did stop for about two-three days in April, but then it started again. And the flow is heavy. My Queen is having to get up in the night and change her pads. We were worrying about it so when to a medical clinic. The doctor there told us many women have one last big bleed when nearing the end of menopause and that it was “normal”. But it continued unabated. And heavy. My Queen is exhausted which isn’t surprising considering the loss of blood she is experiencing. She can’t be able to pick up her usual amounts of oxygen with the loss of hemoglobin and red blood cells. So she called her gynaecologist and arranged an appointment with him. This was yesterday. She’s still bleeding strongly. He told her that it wasn’t normal at all. He has prescribed some expensive medication to stop the bleeding. He sent her for tests and also wants to test her hormonal levels. He mentioned the possibility of cancer!

I am not too worried about cancer as my Queen has one of the healthiest diets on earth and is very fit. Still writing that word down is scary. My plan is to grow old with my Queen. She isn’t allowed to get sick! Somehow writing it down makes it all the more real.

We have become adept at sex during bleeding. Though she has bled through the towels numerous times and that has required us to wash our bedding. It is a good thing that we have a mattress pad. That needs washing too sometimes. Still she is feeling anything but sexual at the moment. Too fatigued and depressed about the possibilities. That’s ok. I’m here to support her in any way I can. Angus will be waiting in his Jailbird!


  1. I know how scary the word “cancer” can be. *hug* I’m sending good vibes and positive energy for a good diagnosis, something easily treatable without lasting damage. While I have heard that the final bleed tends to be heavier, it shouldn’t be that heavy unless there is something else going on. It might be something minor…my aunt had a similar issue, except hers was caused by the birth control implant. Once it was removed the heavy bleeding stopped. I hope your queen’s issue is something similarly simple.
    Good luck and hang in there.

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    • Thank you. She has been prescribed some heavy duty meds to stop the bleeding. Should work within two weeks. Thankfully my work plan covers the cost as the pharmacist joked about which kid I was going to offer up as payment. I’m also hoping for something simple and easy to fix.

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    • Thank you! She goes through cycles where she is upset and depressed because of her lack of energy and then at other times she is her normal positive self. But the test results are weighing on her! I hope that they come soon!

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