I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It (apologies to The Pointer Sisters)

Well it’s just impossible to keep a good woman down. Saturday we had a short but sweet sexual interlude. Enough towels to prevent any bedding issues and 4 orgasms later for my Queen! Last night my Queen was surprised to stop bleeding. It may be a short respite, but for the first time in months, she slept in the nude! Both Angus and me were ecstatic! This morning (Tuesday) I awoke to a naked Queen beside me! Angus was very cramped as I snuggled against her. I moved over on top of her.  Angus was bulging out of his cage and I started to move Angus up and down between her legs, rubbing her Kitty each direction.  She was feeling frisky, and allowed me to continue.  She started to talk to me about how if I wasn’t caged, I could push Angus deep into Kitty and feel how wet she was.  How I might be allowed to move down and kiss Kitty tasting her moisture.  I was so excited and she was too!  Suddenly she said, “I’m going to cum!” and she started to spasm using my caged cock and her hand to orgasm.  I was close to cumming myself from the excitement even though Angus was in his Jailbird cage and all the really sensitive spots weren’t being touched.  But the mind is a powerful sexual organ and mine was highly stimulated.

She got up and I was left leaking in my cage… Frustrated but oh so excited and feeling fabulous despite the denial.  I got up and readied for the gym.  I had to wait till just before I left the house to remove the cage.  Angus had to relax before I could remove the ring.

So I’m hopeful that she won’t have to go on these powerful drugs–I picked them up for her tonight.  But if her period has finally ended, there would be no reason to take these chemicals.  We won’t know the results of the tests and the threat of cancer until a few weeks from now, but if the period is over, many negatives will disappear as well.  This will allow my Queen to start feeling normal.  Ultimately that is a great thing!

Finally, I wanted to show you a pair of bracelets we have purchased.  These are subtle reminders–to any in the know–of our lifestyle.  Feel free to contact me if you want to know where to purchase them.


    • The drugs are powerful. One months worth costs well over $400. Good thing we have insurance. She’s supposed to take them for 3 months. They are toxic to the liver though. Each month a blood test has to be done to ensure the liver is ok! So at this point, she has decided not to take them. Hopefully the period is now over!!

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  1. Nice bracelets! I’m a bit surprised that she isn’t wearing “his” with the key and you’re not wearing “hers” with the lock. After all, you are hers and she is yours.
    Praying the results come back negative.

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    • Hmmm interesting perspective. The “his” comes with the lock and the “hers” comes with the key. Which signifies she owns the key and I wear the lock but your interpretation is intriguing. I’m certain I could have a pair made like that. Hmmm.


  2. Encouraging news Michael, I am glad for the two of you.

    Bracelets look very nice, openly displayed for everybody to see, but only the “initiated” ones will know what they signify. 😎
    I had the first initial reaction as the poster above me; why not “hers” with the lock (as in “Her property”) on your wrist and “his” with the key (as in “his keyholder” on Her wrist? I guess both interpretations work.

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