500 000 Views!! Woo hoo!

Today I passed 500 000 views. It is remarkable how many people view my site and read my blogs. I thank each and every one of you. You come from all over the world. Many of you enrich my life by making comments which is always appreciated. Prior to January of this year, I hadn’t had a single month with more than 30 000 views, but in January I went past 40 000. February saw me back under 30 000 but every month since then has had more than 30 000 views. It’s very cool. And surprising!

Thank you!!

On the chastity front I am currently at 29 days since orgasm. My wife’s period has stopped this week. This is good as the pills she was prescribed seemed to be quite toxic. Thankfully she didn’t have to take them. We’ll hear the results of the tests in the next week or so.

On the job front, my Queen finally found a second job. She just left to undergo training. For those new to my blog, my Queen had her job cut back to four days a week over a year ago. This also meant that her pay was reduced to 80% of what it has been. That meant we were down about 1000$ a month in take home income and it has put a strain on our lives. This will hopefully help as a little more money will cover some of our extraneous expenses.

One other note: my rules have changed. For about a month now, I am required to stay caged on the weekends. Prior to that, on weekends I had been free so that my Queen had easy access to her toy. But now if she wants to play, she unlocks me and we play. When she is finished, I replace the cage and it is locked on till the next time she needs Angus! I find this highly stimulating!


    • It’s funny how that goes. I had. New high in views in Sept. and then in January, I had three days in a row where I beat that record ending with a new record of almost 2800 views. I haven’t come close to that since, but I know that one day I’ll surpass it. There will be no rhyme or reason for it. But it will happen. Congratulations on your new high!!


  1. Congratulations! That’s awesome. I hope that you can turn a lot of white men into interracial cucks. They would very much benefit from the arrangement, and so would their spouses.


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