And I Like It Too!!

So thankfully the period from hell has ended. It is so nice not to have to use multiple towels when having sex!! My Queen is still not 100% herself. She is still finding herself far more fatigued than usual. We haven’t received any of the test results yet. Some of them were going to take 6-8 weeks to arrive. The doctor should have some of the results now though. The fact that we have received no calls is likely a good sign!🙂

On the other hand, we are moving forward together and enjoying each other. My Queen has suggested I won’t have another orgasm until maybe Christmas or even my birthday!! My birthday is in May, so that would put me over a year between orgasms for a second time. Frankly she may very well do this, but she might decide to have me cum next week. I am just going with the flow! Currently it is 40 days since my last orgasm!

We are reading my entire blog together. It is interesting to read what I wrote closer to the beginning of this journey. At that time, a punishment number of 200-300 was thought of as high. Having a number in excess of 3000 a little over a month ago, 300 seems small now!😂🤣😂. Currently my number is just over 300. Punishments have been applied more regularly with sleeping on the floor, Icy Hot, spankings, and zapping all taking place in the past month! I’m loving feeling more controlled!! I’m hoping that she will eventually make some comments, but she is disinclined to sign up for her own identity. Therefore if she comments, it will be from my identity. To distinguish between the two of us, I’m thinking I will bold and use italics for all her comments.

This past weekend I had a chance to meet with someone I met here on WordPress. They were visiting our city. Unfortunately my Queen was unable to free up the time necessary to meet, so it will have to happen some other time. I was really hoping to finally meet someone from WordPress though. I fantasized that this person (a woman) might ask my Queen to see my cage and that my Queen agreed. Likely it wouldn’t have happened but it excites my exhibitionist tendencies!

I was spanked over my Queen’s lap the other day. I think that was a first. She used the PADDLE, and seemed to have no problems with the unusual position. She had gotten into bed and was going to delay this punishment to a time when she was up and about, but then thought why not now?? I gave her the paddle and she sat up in bed. I lay over her legs and she went to work. It wasn’t a long punishment but that paddle is always intense. I went to bed with some rosy cheeks!

My Queen had more than one orgasm a day in May! We had some very erotic experiences! I enjoyed myself thoroughly even though I wasn’t uncaged for some of our dalliances. Those situations where I am caged for the entire encounter are surprisingly hot for me. It is an indication of her using me for her pleasure which is always a turn on. The new rule of me remaining caged on weekends is also a turn on for me. Having my Queen unlock me and insist on me locking up afterwards excites me even more. She has had me use ice to facilitate a more rapid ability to recage as Angus sometimes takes a while to shrink after a session! These are things that are becoming the norm and I like it.

We rediscovered a toy over the month of May too!! Long ago I purchased a dildo I wear on my chin. This allows me to lick my Queen while simultaneously penetrating her. She loved this toy when we first purchased it but we hadn’t used it in quite a while. This month we pulled it out of mothballs.

It’s once again one of her favourites!! And I like it too!!😜😜😜


    • Hi Lion
      I don’t think of it as a points system but I guess it is basically that! If I break a rule, my Queen adds to my number—or rather she tells me to add to my number. Nowadays, all infractions equal an additional 50. This translates to an equivalent number of Zapps or spanks. Icy Hot takes off a number that she will tell me. It’s based on her mood a bit. She’s taken off as few as 20 and as many as 50. Some infractions require me to sleep on the floor. Other methods of punishment aren’t used as often and when used will reduce my number as she suggests.


  1. It is all good news Michael, I am glad to hear it. Regular punishment for not meeting the standards or misbehaving is a perfect reminder of who the Boss is, I know this very well. And so hot.

    About the chin dildo: it could be a nice addition to our little toy chest, my Wife loves to have Her pussy licked and eaten, but cums easier and with more powerful orgasms from penetration (and lately prefers big toys). How rigidly is the dildo attached to your chin when you wear it? Is it “floppy”, can it be easily bent at the root by your Queen’s girations? The issue is that my Wife girates a lot and grinds powerfully against my pubic bone and dick when She’s close to orgasm. So a “floppy” wouldn’t work I guess. The feeling of rigid resistance pressing hard against Her upper vaginal wall and the clit (that’s how I see it) is critical for Her to cum. It is so easy to provide with a big fuck toy in my hand (not to mention the deep penetration that She seems to enjoy). She could never reach orgasm if I was not 100% hard while She rode me.

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    • There’s flexibility at the base but the dick is not going to bend very much. My Queen says it’s the best of both worlds at the same time. They aren’t too expensive (at least ours wasn’t) so perhaps worth a try!!

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      • Thanks Michael. I agree, it could be a nice experience for my Wife, both Her favorite flavors of getting pleasured mixed together.
        I think this will be the next toy to try.

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  2. I though about getting a chin dildo a while back but we have a few and I was persuaded by the boss not to. However you have reawakened my thought processes for this :).

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