Introspection—Inspired By Miss Violet Grey

So Violet recently blogged about her sexuality, labels and coming out.  There was more to the post than that, and I think it is worth reading, but it started me thinking.  I don’t care about labels.  I certainly don’t care about people’s sexuality.  As long as you are only involved with adults, everything is fair game.  But as I say, it started me thinking.

I have never had a homosexual experience.  However my Queen and I often fantasize about inviting another man or woman into our sexual life.  She talks about making the other man penetrate my ass.  She also talks about forcing me to suck their cock or lick her pussy while they are fucking her.  In the latter case, I would of course also be licking his penis as it pistoned in and out of her.

These fantasies do turn me on.  I do like humiliation and being “forced” to do naughty and kinky things.  So the aspect of being made to perform orally on a male or to be forced to accept a penis in my ass really gets my blood pumping.  Often in our fantasies, I am still caged, and that added embarrassment works so well in our fantasies.  But would I actually do these things?  I have no attraction towards men.  But I long to serve my Queen in any way she wishes.  So if she told me to suck off someone and drink their cum, I think I would do it.  It would be to please her–the male involved would be just someone helping me to please my Queen.  Ultimately, we may never know.  We are unlikely to involve another person or couple in our play.  The fear is our relationship might suffer irreparable harm in such a situation.


Still, if it ever does happen, you’ll read about it here.  After all, I promised to be totally honest!


  1. Totally understand how a third person might change things. I almost did a threesome during my first marriage and looking back now, I’m glad I didn’t. I was too young then and that would have messed me up big time. It almost happened with a guy I was dating after that but he apparently hadn’t asked me first so that was a no go LOL

    Hope you and your Queen are doing well, Michael!

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  2. I don’t consider myself bi, but I feel the same as you…I have become quite a cum lover, because my wife allows me the privilege of doing my clean up duty whenever I am allowed to cum or I have an accident. After she fucks her fantasy bull, she always brings me home a nice cream pie to eat.

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  3. Well said Michael! Pet and I have a long-standing fantasy of a third man. I’m not into women sexually, just like Domming them. 😉
    Pet is bi so he would do anything I asked of him be it with me or the third party. The fantasy is amazing, in reality is when it gets a bit hairy. Lol

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