Punishment—the Number Is Zero!! For Now…

So my Queen has been working away at my number which had reached over 3000 some time ago. This despite the fact that she kept adding to it! Spanking, Icy Hot, Zapping, and yesterday hog tying me.

It’s impossible to see here, but she had applied a generous quantity of Icy Hot in addition to requiring me to wear the zapper. Then she hogtied me and left me for a while. Periodically she would zap me. So I had close to 250 zapps while lying there. It is really something else to be so unable to move.

The last time she hogtied me, she called me to come to the next room. It took a long time (about 5 minutes) and a great deal of effort for me to get there. It was only ten feet and when I got there she straddled my face and used my tongue for toilet paper as she had just peed. Then she left and I struggled to get back into the first room.

This time, I didn’t have to move from the room! At any rate after about an hour I was released and my punishment number was zero. I wonder how long it will stay that way!

On another note, my Queen has read all my posts from 2016. Well actually I have read them to her. So eventually she will catch up to what I’m writing now. It is interesting to read my thoughts and feelings from three years ago. I now feel that some of those feelings were “juvenile”?? But then again, this is a journey where we grow and learn as we go! So that is likely a good thing.

It’s kind of strange to think I’ve been caged for well over three years–and continuously for just over three years. And it still is good–getting better all the time actually!!

Currently I am 51 days since my last orgasm. Not sure when my next will be! I’m loving the trip though. Incidentally despite not really being able to see it, I am still caged on these shots. I found that the effects of the Icy Hot were much longer lasting with the cage on. Perhaps this was because there was fresh Icy Hot on the bars of the cage that might have rubbed off on Angus. Or perhaps because the cage prevented the Icy Hot from being rubbed off by the underwear.

To all the fathers out there, I wish you the best of Father’s Days!


  1. Wow. I think I can see how much you have grown in the time I have followed you. I don’t think we notice at the time but your dynamic deepens. Good luck with reaching zero. Let’s hope you can remain there a while 😊

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  2. That is an interesting punishment. I’m not sure how I would handle it.
    How is your Queen taking your blog posts? I assume it is giving her insight into your thoughts and feelings.

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