It Slipped Past—Three Years Later—Orgasm Totals And Other Thoughts!

So last June 6th was the third anniversary of my life in chastity. And it went right by without me remembering. I was super busy with work that week and so it wasn’t till 4-5 days later that I realized we had moved past that small milestone. However that means I’m in my fourth consecutive year being caged. I did have a brief spell of 2.5 months where I was caged earlier and we tried things out so to speak (from the end of November 2015 to mid February of 2016). I enjoyed it and my wife got into the mindset. When that brief contract was over, my wife wanted to think about things. So it wasn’t until June 6th that we resumed my caged lifestyle. Still I’m that short time period, my Queen had 61 orgasms. She wasn’t used to denying me and I had 10 full orgasms with another two ruined orgasms.  While most guys would consider this incredibly difficult, I actually thought she was giving me too many.   I don’t think I was made to clean up any of them with my mouth but perhaps I did with one or two of them. I’d have to read my journal to see, and I don’t want to bother doing that.

So a major goal of mine is to have my Queen average an orgasm a day. Unfortunately I’ve never quite reached that goal. Still I can always keep trying. lol

Since our second contract started, orgasms are substantially more lopsided–and that’s the way that it should be!! I used to follow a blogger named Robert Anthony. He lives in England and his goal was always to have a ratio of 10 orgasms for his wife for every one orgasm for him. He approached this goal regularly and I think made it occasionally. Unfortunately his block disappeared and I no longer have any way of contacting him or reading about his adventures. My goals are definitely different. Besides my goal of giving my Queen orgasms, I have no goal for orgasms for myself.

The orgasm totals in our home are as follows (remember since June 6, 2016):  My Queen has had 1056 orgasms in that time.  I have had 23 orgasms and 3 ruined orgasms and I have had to clean up all but one of those orgasms with my mouth.  So while my goal is to give my beloved Queen an orgasm a day, I’m not quite there.  As of this moment (June 20, 2019), we’ve been doing this for 1109 days.  Therefore though I’m close to reaching my goal, I still have room to improve!  Of course, we only have sex when my Queen desires it, so my goals are dependent on her in part as well…lol

My Queen has suggested it will be a long while before I orgasm again–perhaps as much as a year.  Currently I’m 55 days since my last orgasm, and she seems inclined to continue this streak for awhile.  I know I can do a year if she requires it, but she has also been known to change her mind.  In other words, I have no idea when I may orgasm again.

Living wearing a cage is something I am quite used to now.  After over three years of being caged, sleeping and working caged has become something I don’t usually think about.  I drive to work and come home and I haven’t a key on me or even at work.  I often wonder what the medical professionals would say if ever I was in a car accident and taken to the hospital.  I can see them calling their custodial staff and asking for bolt cutters to be brought to the OR… lol

I enjoy the feeling of getting excited and feeling Angus try to expand only to be stopped by the cage.  I’m enjoying the new rules which stop me from being free on the weekends.  My Queen is now removing the lock if she decides to use Angus and then insists I re-cage after she is satiated.  I’m used to sitting to pee.  I’m loving the fact that even as we approach the end of our contract, I think we’ll continue without formally agreeing to a new end date.  This would mean we are ensconced in this lifestyle and I might expect to be caged for the remainder of my life.  I love that thought!  Hopefully my Queen enjoys this lifestyle as much as me!  But I guess time will tell.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Michael.
    Congratulations on the anniversary.
    And great to hear that your Queen has had an amazing number of orgasms.
    I appreciate that my own husband tries to do everything possible to give me as many orgasms as possible 🔥🔥😘😘


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  2. In many cases the husband is in love with the kink/lifestyle instead of with his wife. I would not like to live without IR cuckolding (and I don’t think that I could, and neither could my husband). But I think that our love for each other is more important than anything else. 😘😘


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  3. Congratulations Michael. Compared to you my Wife and I have a long way to go. Your beautiful Queen is incredible to like so much sex and you are a great loving husband to provide it. From your posts I know how well you two tick together. I admire your FLR.

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    • Thank you Tom. We both enjoy sex together. As my Queen is multi-orgasmic, it is seldom that she only has one orgasm at a time. It does happen, but usually she has at least two or three. On good days she has many more. So while we may only have sex once or twice a week, she may have 8-9 orgasms or more in that week. As it is, some weeks we get busy often and some weeks maybe only once. It is up to her to decide. I just go with the flow!! (But if it were up to me, we’d be busy every day—lol).

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      • Nice. My Wife’s not multiorgasmic. Or I still haven’t figured out how to turn Her into being multiorgasmic. Once She cums She cannot stand any further stimulation for a while and pushes me away if I try. One She has more than one orgasm in a single session it’s always spread out with breaks in between.
        I hear you about wanting to get busy everyday. Same Her bro and like you I follow Hrt and obey. 😁

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  4. Over 1000 orgasms for your wife… I am envious of that!
    On the flips side, my jailbird has shipped and should be arriving shortly. We’ll see what that brings to our relationship.

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  5. We had a contract for the first six months. That was back in 2014. Before the contract expired we agreed we wanted to continue indefinitely. We’ve had no more contracts and I have no escape clause. We are both very happy this way.

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