Wow!! Or I’m Feeling Pretty Good!

The title for this post is an actual quote my Queen made this past weekend. My son had gone out–he was working–and we had some time to ourselves. My Queen was feeling frisky and so she decided I should uncage Angus and we’d get busy! While I was washing up, I gave her the Womanizer Pro 2. This was a toy I reviewed a long time ago but my Queen had forgotten all about it. When I returned to the room, she was very close and enjoying this toy. I started to caress her breasts and nipples and she pushed my ace down between her legs. She had her first orgasm shortly thereafter. It was a wonderful session.

She was ready to cum!! Her orgasms were flowing and I penetrated and pumped into Kitty! She grabbed the Palm Power and used that while I pumped. The orgasms continued to flow!!

She rode me while using the vibrator and then moved up over my face. I drank deeply from her as she squirted into my eager mouth. She tried doggy style and then she lay on her side with me between her legs. The Palm Power was used off and on in this whole process. Finally I used my mouth again and she came another 5-6 times squirting into my mouth each time. This was marvellous but my Queen came to a point where she was done!! All told she had orgasmed 14 times. At that point she told me to re-cage and that we were done. As she went downstairs, she said, “Wow, I’m feeling pretty good right now!” I wasn’t feeling too badly myself! 😜😜

On another front it is 75 days since my last orgasm. I’d have to check, but my Queen may have had close to a hundred orgasms in that time. Oh and my punishment number is rising again. It is close to 400 again. And I went a couple of weeks with it at zero too…


      • Dont get me wrong. Its incredible when it just comes out but I haven’t had many either of recent times and it has felt very strong as it comes. I love the fact that she controls but with your full permission. My wife controlled. Not my choice. I was quite pathetic actually. I also love the build up of energy and sexual tension. That’s why I’m enjoying non ejaculatory orgasns with M. I can have several at a time. Used to be all over in 2 minutes if that! Lol.

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  1. How delicious you two are!! And 14 orgasms for your Queen in one session is my-God amazing!

    I have the Satisfyer Pro, which looks similar to the Womanizer that your Queen has. It’s my absolute favorite!!

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  2. Fantastic Michael, it is a delight to read your real-life hot stories. Now this time I envy your Wife on my Wife’s behalf; all those orgasms… And you on my own behalf to experience this. 75 days is longer than I ever had to endure.

    My Lady is unfortunately not multiorgasmic, when She cums more than once in a single session (three is the max so far) they are all single climaxes, separated by solid breaks in between. She cannot stand being touched down there immediately after orgasm. I have always wondered how much the ability of a Woman to have a train of orgasms depends on Her own “wiring” and how much on my performance. She never masturbates (weird, I know). Sometimes when I pleasure Her with a deep inserted large vibrator and my tongue simultaneously She kind of starts cumming continuously long before the “big one”. She describes the sensations afterwards as riding a very long (can be many minutes long) wave of a weak but never stopping extremely pleasant and addictive feeling (fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop!!!) that ultimately (but not always) leads to a super powerful and violent final climax that usually leaves Her so exhausted that She soon falls to sleep. But this is NOT multiple orgasms AFAIK. If the final big climax doesn’t happen She still feels sexually satisfied, just not as good.

    Can please other Ladies comment, do you also cum like this? Does itcfeel “multuple” to you? Can you have real multiple orgasms and do you think that any Woman can have them? I would dearly love to learn to guide my Wife to having them, just as I showed Her many years ago that She too can cum from having Her lovely pussy eaten (She claimed She couldn’t when we started dating).

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    • Your wife sounds like she is having run-on orgasms (what I call them anyways). I would consider them 1 run-on orgasm. But they are definitely only a step away from multiple orgasms. After she cums, try stimulating around the vulva without touching her clit. And after a short period of time, you should be able to return to her clit. Gently!

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      • Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it.

        I have tried everything, She cannot even stand me to touch Her nipples (fondling the breast itself is fine), but the entire genital area, Her anus included, are off limits. She pushes me away if I try anything and if I persist in trying She doesn’t appreciate it at all. I can keep my hand between Her legs, even a finger or two inside Her, but no stimulation or She rejects me. I can start gently again after a couple of minutes, provided that She wants some more, but that’s like another sex, not continuation of the previous one. And She finds it easier to get off than the first time.

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      • I will need to find try some other trick. I cannot convince (or trick) Her into letting me touch Her anywhere near Her pussy after She cums. If I want to keep my hand or mouth on the vulva after Her orgasm subsides (I absolutely keep clear of the clit and the inner labia) I have to be very still otherwise She pushes me away and it annoys Her that I still try it after She told me so many times. I can start again slowly after several minutes but no sooner. The same story as always. Every time when I read about multiple orgasms in other Women and about how all Women are multiorgasmic my hopes are rekindled that maybe I just haven’t yet found the magic that would work with my Wife. She’s also no help here, that’s for sure.

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    • My wife used to have two orgasms every time we played. She always came first and then we’d sorta caress each other a bit, snuggling and talking about her orgasm. Then she’d either have another or more commonly, I’d penetrate her and she’d grab the vibrator to have another one.

      Sadly, that changed a bit. Sometime after 40 she said that she didn’t want to have two orgasms. This was a bit disappointing to me and like collaredmichael her orgasm count was a big piece of the excitement. When I asked why, she said that her stomach hurt after the second one and it was never as intense. After seeing some real women have real orgasms on the Sybian, I can only guess that the abdominal muscles just work so hard during a female orgasm. I mean, they are seriously contracting their abs. I used to joke around with her that her orgasm was the best exercise she got.

      Anyway, that doesn’t seem the issue with your wife – it seems like she almost has a male refractory period where her genitals are just too sensitive. Why not try having a quick sex that focuses on her, maybe a cunnilingus orgasm, then go out for dinner and see if that’s enough recovery time for a second one?


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      • Thanks Sherulestherooster. Interesting experience with your Wife. What you’re suggesting certainly can and does work, but that’s not exactly what I meant.
        Yes, my Wife’s genitals are super sensitive after the orgasm, She cannot stand Her clit, labia, anus or nipples to be fondled in any way immediately following the climax. So I just hold and embrace Her with zero stimulation in the “danger zone”. She likes to be caressed elsewhere and held tight. Don’t get me wrong, it is super intimate and nice. After a minute or more we can do it again if She wants. In most cases one powerful orgasm is all She can take, but sometimes She wants more… and after another orgasm and a break… some more. I just have this nagging feeling that maybe She is capable of multiple orgasms and that She just doesn’t know how to let it happen and I just don’t know how to help Her there. Believe me, it is the ultimate sexual satisfaction and pleasure for me to make my Wife cum and to be there with Her everytime it happens. It is so fucking hot and beautiful.
        In short, multiple orgasms remain an elusive mistery to me. That’s after 20+ years of sex life with the same Womanand after 4+ of enjoying Her full sexual domination and our gradually deloping FLR.

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  3. Sexy photos! … and 75 days without orgasm! I know that’s nothing for you but I struggle getting past 2 weeks. I’m doing better and that’s what I focus on.

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