Three That I Follow–Similarities and Differences!

I follow a great number of people.  Few however are living life similarly to me.  However, three that I follow are somewhat like me:  Caged Lion; Submissive Husband; and  Her Wish My Command.   These are not the only males I follow who are caged or submissive to their wives, but they are amongst the most prolific of those I follow.  I do follow some women who write about their submissive husbands–some of them caged as well, but while I love their blogs, they write from the woman’s perspective.  It is cool to get their perspectives but these three blogs above are interesting to me as I can often very easily imagine myself in their exact situations!

Caged Lion has been doing the chastity cage thing for over 6 years now. Both he and his wife write an almost daily blog post. So two posts a day, every day, makes for a lot of words. Caged Lion also is spanked on a very regular basis. He lives a life of domestic discipline and Mrs. Lion has become an expert with the large variety of paddles they own. In many ways Lion is his own worst enemy–he has over the years found and purchased new paddles and other things designed to cause pain/discomfort. He then introduces these things to his Lioness and they become part of their disciplinary process. He has also found and tried many different cages. I found him to be a very useful resource as I got into this lifestyle! Because of Lion I purchased a Jailbird cage and introduced Icy Hot to my Queen! She loves applying that stuff to Angus and the boys! I can’t recall if he was the inspiration for the zapper, but he may well have been that too! And the zapper is my Queen’s favourite!

Lion and I are similar in some respects. We both find the idea of punishment very erotic and will usually have erections at the start of our spankings, zappings , or other punishments! Those erections go away as the reality of the punishment begins to be felt! And yet we both crave the discipline and demonstrated power given to us by our wives! Indeed for me, I long for my Queen to exert her power–it’s my greatest aphrodisiac! If she tells me to do something (unpleasant, embarrassing, or out of our normality), Angus immediately fills his cage! Her exercising of her power just does it for me!

Years ago before we started this lifestyle, I was at a conference–full of high powered people all dressed to the nines! I reached into my suit jacket pocket and felt something weird. I pulled it out and it was a pair of my Queen’s thong underwear! No instructions, just the underwear! I thought she wanted me to put it on so I went into a washroom stall and made the change. Angus wasn’t caged, and he grew to maximum size! I had to keep my jacket buttoned for a while to hide the bulge. The excitement came from her idea not from wearing the women’s underwear! But the excitement was real!

Cincy34 or SubmissiveHusband is submissive to his wife. I find their dynamic to be so fun and erotic. Cincy34 is not caged, but his wife has total control of his orgasms. She does a lot of teasing and denial while he gives her orgasms as often as she wants! Cincy34 loves to please his wife. He loves the feeling of being teased and denied! This is the commonality that we share, as I also love to please my wife and I love being denied. That sense of growing horniness and that longing to explode that stays with you are feelings that exquisitely define me!

Her Wish is another fellow who “suffers” denial while pleasing his wife. She is becoming more and more dominant and he is enjoying every moment! When I started following him, he wasn’t caged, but they have been experimenting with cages bought off the shelf. Recently they ordered a Jailbird from Mature Metal. I’m not sure that it’s arrived yet, but his wife seems to be the driving force behind this change. Initially Cincy34 had brought up the idea of a cage two years ago. But recently, his wife decided that they would try a cage and see how it worked. This is exciting to me! I love to hear about women who initiate the caging of a male–those women who love taking control of a males erections!! Like all of us mentioned in this post, his wife controls his sex and the frequency of his orgasms! Again when I read his blog I feel a similarity and likeness to him. Though I don’t think he is punished by spanking!

One difference between these three men and myself seems to be my love of erotic humiliation! I do love to be displayed and humiliated! I don’t want this to be done when kids are around or when in vanilla company! But in the correct situation, humiliation makes Angus strong! lol

So I love to be forcibly exposed! I love to receive golden showers!

Being spanked in front of an audience, or being nude and performing sexually is a huge turn on! Being made to disrobe where there is a chance of discovery is exciting! Being told to drink my Queen’s champagne at a party would be heavenly!!

Thanks to Pinterest for the pics! Some stats to end with: I’m now 85 days since my last orgasm. I’ve been living the caged lifestyle now for over three years myself. It’s different from how I loved before. But some things haven’t changed. I still love to please my Queen. Her happiness is so important to me. Personally, I’m nice and horny and living the dream!!


  1. I can see why you follow them and the differences. 😊 Less than a week to see pet and I’m hoping 🤞🏼to have him caged soon after. He has gone almost 2 months no orgasm. AND thanks to your sharing we have begun a punishment spanking counter! He is only at 5 but I can see that increasing rather exponentially. 😉

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  2. We have a lot in common. I enjoy reading your blog and following your life. Yes, I do end up finding new ways Mrs. Lion can add discomfort to me. It’s because I have an insatiable curiosity. I think you did discover the zapper from me. Right at the very beginning, maybe just as the blog started, a woman suggested a training collar. Being me, I immediately got one, adapted, and the rest is painful history.

    For me, one of the most positive things about our blogs is that we have a community of sorts. We can share and learn from each other. I have fond hopes that one day we can have a conference or a weekend or something when we can share in person.

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    • It is true we have a blogging community! It would be nice to be able to meet up one day, but there would be a lot of hurdles to overcome! Perhaps one day!! Though it could be scary to have all these wives in the same room—perhaps developing more tortures together!! Aw who am I kidding?? I’d love that!!

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    • I too have also purchased some of these items, I’m not sure why, I guess I want her to feel comfortable while at the same time making it easier for me to submit or let go. At first she thought she could never use a wooden paddle, the last few times it didn’t occur to her to use the leather one.

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  3. Hi Michael. I enjoy following your blog and blogs of all the three guys you mentioned (and a few blogs of Female authors, both dominant and submissive). My hat is off to all of you guys and girls who manage to post interesting stuff with any regularity (Caged Lion and his wife are downright amazing in this regard).

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  4. Thanks for the shout out cm!
    I do enjoy reading your blog (and others) to see how I relate. We do have a lot of similarities and a few differences. As you mentioned, I don’t get spanked. We tried that but my wife didn’t feel comfortable doing it… which was fine because it hurt 😉

    since you brought it up, I do fantasize about erotic humiliation and being nude and used in front of others. My wife and I have developed into nudist and I enjoy being around other nude people. It’s calming. But I worry about doing anything that would be offensive to others so I would never do any kink D/s in that setting. If the people we were around were accepting and understanding of our situation it would be highly erotic for her to dominate me in front of them.

    BTW, this may be coming out in my next post or so but I forgot to write my lines a few days back and had to recite them to my wife as she zapped me. IT was the highest level she had used on me to date and I was extremely hard by the time we were done.

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      • Agreed. We have only been to family oriented clubs and enjoy the low key atmosphere. We would never do any public play there. I knew when I was writing that it would not sound good. 🙂
        At this point, public play is just a fantasy.

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  5. This is great! I feel like I would fit right in this group – gender aside. 😀 I have also purchased nearly all of my Master’s instruments of pain. I do a lot of edging – similar to chastity, but not the same for sure. I don’t think Master would want me to do real chastity.

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