Laughter—or the Act of Becoming One!

My Queen has a wonderful laugh. It lifts my soul to hear it and on occasion (often) it will cause me to laugh as well. And while I don’t know how or when it started, I now laugh like Muttley the dog! And virtually every time I laugh, it starts my Queen laughing too!! There are times when we both laugh so hard our stomachs hurt. This is a good thing. It means we are having fun together; that we are drawing closer together!

Now the other night, she started to laugh and suddenly I realized she was laughing like me. I found this hilarious and started to laugh as well! So we were laughing together both of us very similarly to Muttley! She had realized what she was doing and that made her laugh even harder! When we finally stopped, we both had tears of laughter in our eyes.

“I am around you too much,” she said. “Now I’m even laughing like your silly laugh!” And we laughed some more!

There hasn’t been a repeat (yet), but my point is really that as a couple, laughter is so important. It binds you together. It smooths and straightens the road which inevitably has bumps and sharp turns. It makes life “fun”! If you’re not laughing together then something isn’t right.

Thanks to Pinterest for the photos! It’s always nice to see people laughing!!


  1. I agree … laughter and shared humour are key, CM … and btw, you sound so joyful since you began sharing your blog with your Queen – more reason for more laughter :>) … nj … xx

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    • Indeed I am happy to not having a secret anymore. It was beginning to become a loadstone around my neck. So I am indeed pleased to be sharing it. So far we have only read about 8 months worth though. She has to be in the correct mood to listen to me read it. Thank you!


  2. Oh, that brings me such happy memories. My mum had a “Mutley” laugh, and that often had us in stitches long after whatever had made her laugh had ceased to be funny.
    For me, humour is such a crucial part of a relationship. Being able to laugh together is beautiful, and it just feels right, doesn’t it?! I’m pleased that you and Your Queen share that. 💖

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  3. I remember reading and hearing about the healing power of laughter. Not giggling, real, loud, all out laughter that brings tears to your eyes. I don’t laugh often like this, but I know the good feeling afterwards. And how good it feels to see my Wife and daughter to laugh like that. Not often enough either.
    This is such a positive post, thanks for a laugh Michael!

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