The Visual Treat—and The Naming of Goober!

My Queen doesn’t understand how much I enjoy looking at, feeling, and tasting her!  She looks in a mirror and sees all these faults.  I just see beauty!  I look at her and Angus cramps his cage!  I touch her and Angus tries to break his cage!  I taste her and Angus does all he can to straighten the cage!  But stainless steel is very strong, so Angus loses out!  And yet there are obvious signs of my excitement.  One of these signs is an excessive production of pre-cum!  My Queen has named this lubricating fluid “Goober”.  “You better not goober on me”, she’ll say.  But I do it all the time!  Most times I’m asked to clean it up off of her.  Sometimes I receive other punishment for goobering all over her!  But when I look at her, I do get excited!  And excitement equals Goober!Reclining in the Sun

On the chastity front, I’m nearing 100 days since I had an orgasm.  Today is the 95th day.  I am not sure when I’ll be told to cum, but I am very excited almost all the time now!  I love this feeling of horniness.  It makes me goober!  lol


  1. There is not much to add to what others already said; a beautiful sexy Lady and one lucky subby hubby!
    Michael, what you’re describing is sooo familiar to me; from the Wife’s self-conscious attitude to Her own looks down to the perpetual reactions of the male’s body and soul to his Woman’s looks, tastes, scents, whatnot. Except that I am not caged.
    I goober so much that it can easily show on my pants. On the outside! And when I’m denied for weeks and teased a lot there is sometimes semen in it (traces of milky stuff in addition to clear sticky precum). Does this happen to you?

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      • It’s quite amazing how much abstinence from orgasms we can take. Five years ago I wouldn’t think it possible. I am getting less than 5% of orgasms I was used to and my Wife is getting probably about 3-400% of what She was used to. And guess what, I am fine with it all even if She decides to further limit my releases.

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