Down the Rabbit Hole–Or Is This a Cuck Clock?

Lately I’ve been fantasizing a great deal about Cuckolding and cuckolds. I’ve read a few short stories by Tom Longo (he writes cuckold fiction) that are believable and that I find erotic. Angus has gotten very cramped when reading these stories. I think what makes them more appealing is the fact that the couples become closer despite the outside sexual partners.

My Queen and I often incorporate others into our fantasies. Often a fit black man and woman join us as we play! Within these fantasies I am usually taking part though on occasion, I’m still caged and can only offer my ass and mouth. My Queen is fucked vigorously and I am required to clean her and him after he cums. Often I am licking her as he fucks her doggy style. Sometimes the woman pegs my ass while my wife performs fellatio on the guy.

I think part of the allure to such fantasies is the fact that they are mutual. It’s very cool for both of us to have the same basic fantasies. Another key for me is the humiliation aspect! I do love erotic humiliation and this scenario feeds that desire. Being “forced” to perform orally on another man & lick up his cum is hugely humiliating. Being displayed in a cage unable to erect is also humiliating and exciting.

Photo courtesy of–I’m happy to take it down if the owners would like.

The point is we have these fantasies regularly. I imagine watching someone else’s cock penetrate my Queen. I imagine her having all this pleasure in front of me. But would we ever take this step??

Both of us are afraid to open Pandora’s box. We have such a good thing that we are frightened of doing anything that might jeopardize our relationship. I know I would comply if she wanted any of these things to happen, but I can’t see them happening. Of course if we were out of the country and circumstances got interesting, then who knows?? My biggest concern is her happiness! To help achieve that, I would go down any rabbit hole she wanted me to. Even becoming the Cuck!


  1. Logan and I talked about it for a year before anything cuckold related started… but it has been good despite some early bumpiness. Sometimes the fantasies are all you need though. Yours is hot!

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  2. We too have thoughts about this. We are mono but have many fantasies including playing with others. I think if you are serious about it there are ways to test the water before going right into it. But taking that first step must be scary.

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  3. Cuckolding is something that used to make me very uncomfortable but it’s come up a few time’s lately with Loverboy (locked!) and he’s very keen to try it. Just knowing he’s excited by it makes it more than palatable to me, so I relate to the hotness of “mutual”!

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      • Ha! I really should do a full post on that 🤔 but to answer your questions: not often! He’s only allowed out when we are together and schedules/life makes that about once a week. His job is such that its best he not wear it at work but otherwise he’s always locked unless I’m playing with him or want/need him unlocked. We started by setting goals so he could get used to longer term wear but now it’s just at my whim, which he prefers, he says he feels more owned that way 🙂 he’s the best

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  4. HD and I use similar fantasies. Ours vary depending on which of us is submitting but it’s something we both find erotic. I don’t know that we will ever try it, but it’s fun to speculate about!

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  5. That is a very hot fantasy and similar to my fantasies. My Wife has been using an imaginary lover in Her teasings for a couple of years. However, when we talk more seriously about it She rejects the idea. On rational level I know She’s right but it is so very exciting to imagine it happening… The funny thing is that even though She has no real interest in cuckolding me She nevertheless has ideas about what She would definitely want and what She would never allow to happen if it were ever to occur.

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  6. You and your Queen have a very strong bond and have great communication. Trying this out on vacation sometime may be a good way to test the waters, rather than doing it near home where it would be more difficult to cut ties with the “others” if it isn’t working out. Or…maybe it will remain a very sexy fantasy….either way, your readers love reading about it!!! 🙂

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  7. I fantasize about this also. 🙂 We do role play occasionally with naming her vibrator and her telling me “Preston is coming over tonight to fuck me and I’m going to make you watch” It’s very hot and I love watching other cock shaped things penetrate her. But like you, making it a reality seems like an impossibility to make work correctly.

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    • Not yet. I bought a silicone extension once (a cock sleeve really) that didn’t work at all once I started to lose erection in it. Do you have a recommendation? It would have to be rigid enough to be useful without my hard-on and with a harness system that keeps it in its intended position. What I saw in the local erotic store didn’t look very promising.

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  8. We are a,so at the point of using fantasy and talking about play with others although we are monogamous. Like you, I worry about bout where it might go and how it might change things so I am not sure it would ever be a step we would take 😊

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  9. I have often thought about cuckolding. My partner is poly, so the likelihood of me becoming a cuckold is higher. I’m totally on board if it ever does happen, and when we went shopping for plugs the other night, S was looking at extenders and strap-ons, hinting I might be wearing those if Her cock doesn’t wake up.


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