Birthdays—A Time of Celebration and Subservience!

Today (Monday, August 12th) is my Queen’s birthday! As usual I awoke before her. I rolled over and started to caress her gently from top to bottom. I want it clearly understood though that she was stirring and showing signs of awakening. If she was deep in slumber, I wouldn’t have touched her at all. After a bit she rolled over and pulled me to her. Last night she had had me uncage Angus and he rose to the occasion! I continued to caress her body while feathering light kisses on her face, lips, shoulders and upper arms. Angus was trying to find Kitty! After a while my sleepy Queen started to respond to my kisses. I rolled her onto her back and moved down her body–kissing my way closer and closer to Kitty. Then I started to tease Kitty with my mouth! Oh what a wonderful way to start a day!! She had a couple of orgasms and I drank from her well! Reaching over to my bedside I retrieved the Palm Power vibrator and she allowed Angus to penetrate Kitty. I started to pump forcefully into her! She loves me to be strong and forceful when I have Angus inside of her. She had another orgasm and I grabbed the Palm Power and placed it over her clit. With me inside and the vibrator she had another couple of orgasms! I pulled out as the second one approached and went down to drink from her. Copious amounts of female ejaculate squirted over my face as I drank deeply from the source! She then told me to move away from her–she was finished. But I spooned up behind her! She rolled onto her back again and took Angus back into Kitty. Once again the Palm Power combined with Angus to produce another great orgasm. But then she was done. She did allow me to lick gently all around Kitty afterwards, but no more fun for Angus!! She also decided that I would remain uncaged today.

Moving downstairs, we read together until she said her feet were cold. She had me warm her coffee, refill her cold water and then warm her feet (I do that by kneeling & placing her feet under my t-shirt against my chest, and then placing my hands over them). This worked but was exciting to me (that service thing again) and the uncaged Angus again rose to the occasion. After a few moments, she said her feet were comfortable and asked me to cover them with her blanket. When I arose, there was a noticeable bump at the front of my pants. My Queen had me move beside her and grabbed Angus through my pj’s. She played with him a bit enjoying the fact that I had gotten excited simply by fulfilling her requests.

We were reading again when she told me she had to pee. Telling me to bring a glass, she had me accompany her to the washroom. I placed the glass between her legs and she easily filled it to the brim. Then she sat down to finish peeing while I drank the 14 oz glass in front of her. When you drink as much as my Queen does, you end up being a champion pee-er!! lol Once again, Angus responded. Once again my Queen was pleased!

The weather here isn’t as we expected. The weatherman seems to have been a little off on his predictions. So our plans for the day will happen another day. But I’ve really enjoyed how this day has gone so far!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Queen!! I love you to the moon and back!

On the chastity front, I’m now at 108 Days since my last orgasm. I’m certainly very horny and am not anticipating an orgasm any time soon. It works for us, though how we do things isn’t going to work for everyone–and that’s ok!

My Queen spoke with me the other day. She often feels uncomfortable telling me to do things. So I reinforced how it makes me feel to do things for her. This was after she told me to go swimming in our unheated and very cold pool with our son. I went without complaint though the water was indeed very cold. This morning was further reinforcement that she could see and feel as Angus kept popping up in response to her commands/requests. What I’m enjoying though is seeing her become more assertive on this way. I’ve told her that when we are alone she can be as abrupt as she wishes. Gradually I think she will.


  1. Wow. Do you teach classes on female worship? Every man who is into women needs to learn to worship. Very very hot. Your Queen is very lucky to be able to have so many orgasms and to squirt. Keeping taking good care of her and setting the right example for the rest of mankind. 👍👍👍

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  2. Congratulations to your Queen and kudos to you both Michael for your loving and fulfilling relationship. And for all the hot sexy stuff you do and inspire the rest of us 😀.

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  3. As my release from work approaches the halfway point I dwell upon my return home to my newly appointed Queen. I am hesitant but encouraged by your posts. I would love to hear more about your pee drinking. I’m a mad fool for anything pussy related.

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  4. The more my wife becomes assertive the more excited I get. I assume there will be a point that I fee went too far… but I’m not there yet.
    I love the second picture. I want to do more of that for my wife 🙂

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