Birthday Cards Can Say So Much—or Do You Mean That?

So in the past 100 days or so, my Queen and I have both had a birthday. I’m not going to count how many days ago my birthday was, but it was shortly after my last orgasm and my last orgasm was 112 days ago. At any rate we both have given the other at least two birthday cards. One a little more fun and the other a little more serious. I photographed the fun ones… it wasn’t the original plan to post them but in hindsight it seems to make sense. My card looked like this:

It’s a simple enough front–a teaser to make you want to open the card! The joke is inside:

But the interior isn’t really a joke in our house. 😂🤣😂. And our spankings are fairly vigorous! Believe me, I know! When I’m spanked, I have to attempt not to squirm or move too much. In truth I usually am squirming and sometimes moving. Pain can do that to a person! And yet I love it too. It’s that example of her dominance that I love and can’t get enough of. But I do try and behave all of the time– I’m just not quite that good–yet!

On the other hand my Queen’s birthday was just a few days ago! And as my local sex shop (Stag Shop) sells cards, I had to pick one from there. I was at the shop for another purpose (to be written about in another post), and decided to check out the cards again. I’ve purchased cards there before. They don’t have a huge selection, but there are some excellent choices.

So since this one card had a great likeness of me on the front, I had to go for it!

So here is the teaser. Don’t I look cute? I’m so sincere in this photo. The inside is pure michael!

And I do enjoy using my tongue! It’s something I think I’m very good at. And my Queen agrees. This card made her laugh and was part of the excellent morning we had on her birthday!

So both cards were amusing and yet truthful too!! We displayed my Queen’s card downstairs in the living room and the kids found it amusing. They didn’t think there was any truth to it. I can’t recall if any guests saw it, but if so they also wouldn’t have thought it any more than a joke.

We aren’t displaying my card. Too suggestive and not vague enough. But it is in our washroom where it’s safe from prying eyes!! My Queen laughs still when she sees it and sometimes when we’re doing something else, she’ll break into laughter! When I quiz her on the reasons for her merriment, she’ll suggest she’s thinking of the card. I’m not sure how long this will last, but it is amusing to me as well.


      • I sign my name countless times a day on documents for verification and approval purposes. It’s a symbol simplified due to the volume of times I sign things. As for cursive writing I rarely use it. I had horrible handwriting until I moved into this position. Now I have to complete logbooks journals by hand. To improve my handwriting I wrote out poetry books and developed my own style or font. It’s tall letters closely packed with a few simple personal touches. Now people complement me on my handwriting. Discipline pays off. 😉

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